Featured Project: Christ Tree CD Set

Cross-Shaped digipak Packaging for Christian Artist

With our digipaks, you can put a disc almost anywhere! And with Megalodon, you're not limited to the standard row of panels. This unique creation unfolds to the shape of a cross, and folds to a box shape.

  • Retail Friendly Features

    Height and width is the same as standard packaging - These are meant to fit with other disc packaging in a retail setting.

    The top spine allows you to print your title on the top as well as the side, which will really catch the eye of a browsing music shopper. The bottom spine could be a great place for your barcode! (every project comes with a complimentary barcode—we'll even make the symbol for you).

    PIPS for a consistent look - PIPS (our acronym for "Printed Inside Pockets and Spines") puts color everywhere you can see. It comes with every digipak order. This title uses black, but you can have full color -- even with matching artwork -- here.

    christtree1 10pp x shaped multi disc digipak christtree3 10pp x shaped multi disc digipak christtree4 10pp x shaped multi disc digipak

    Here are more examples of unusual shapes and folding for CD and DVD packaging.

  • Project Specification

    • DISC = Multi Disc Set - 4 CD Set
      Disc Art Notes:
      • Disc Colors: 5C Offset Printing
      • White Basecoat: yes
    • PRINTED CD PACKAGING = 10pp digipak, 4 clear midheight trays
      on outer panels, cross-shaped folding
      • Paper weight: 310 gsm
      • Colors: Full color (4C) outside and inside, plus reverse side of paper (PIPS)
      • Finish: standard aqueous
      • Special Notes: Booklet to be loose on center panel
    • INNER PACKAGING or INSERTS = 12pp 12cm square saddle-stitch booklet
      • Paper weight: 150gsm
      • Colors: Full color printing (4C/4C)
      • Finish: aqueous coating
  • More Multi Disc Box Set Options

    This package was designed to client specifications. You could always change features of this type of package to suit your project needs.

    Some other multi-disc sets:

    We can make this with any number of trays or foam hubs or to some extent, pockets (center pocket would have to be glued on). Panels can be added and removed for different shapes.

    Slipcases or Velcro closure can be added. Call and talk to a Project Coordinator to discuss options.

  • Cross-Shaped CD Jackets

    For a slimmer package, you can opt for a cross shape with only pockets—completely plastic-free and light weight!

    nash1 VernGosdin 10pp cross jacket PIPS 4disc booklet slipcase
    nash2 VernGosdin 10pp cross jacket PIPS 4disc booklet slipcase