Featured Project: USB Dongle Pack

  • Custom Foam Tray: What a great solution!

    Our client needed something that would securely hold two USB dongles, along with an install disc and a user guide, with a form factor matching that of a standard tall digipak.

    Our solution: A Custom Foam Tray!

    Perfect for disctributing discs with USB dongles and flash drives, memory sticks, KeyLocks, download cards...custom made to hold your retail products!

  • Project Specification

    • DISC = 12cm Recordable DVD
      Disc Art Notes:
      • Disc Colors: Process Color (CMYK)
      • White Basecoat: yes
    • PRINTED DISC PACKAGING = 4pp Tall Foam Tray package
      with diagonal pocket
      • Paper weight: 310 gsm
      • Colors: Full color front and reverse side of paper - PIPS
      • Finish: standard aqueous
        Foam Tray Construction
        Two custom diecut foam layers, bonded together to give a one-disc tray and thicker USB Dongle compartments.
      • Client will create and insert booklets as needed.