Featured Project: Déva Demo Reel

—Custom DVD Packaging

This demo reel package has it all - Embossing, Debossing, Matte Lamination, Spot UV Gloss. Plus, there's gold foil stamp on every piece.

  • A Special DVD Printing Effects Extravaganza!

    Cutting Edge Packaging to showcase your Demo Film Reel

    If presence is what you’re after, use these special effects on your DVD and DVD packaging to “wow” your audience:
    ~ 6pp Tall digipak with Slipcase
    ~ Matte Lamination w/ Spot UV Gloss
    ~ Embossing and Debossing
    ~ Gold Foil Stamping
    ~ Disc Printing to Center
    ~ Knock-out to Silver on disc
    ~ Additional business cards and stationary -- Create your Identity - Perfect for Image Branding!

    A Full Service Identity Pack!

  • Slipcase Sets

    A slipcase is a marvelous finishing touch. It tells the client "this product is special". Slipcases can be single walled, doubled walled, with die cuts or special printing effects, and on different types of paper stocks. Slipcases can be added to digipaks or jackets. Deva's slipcase has just about everything. It has embossing AND debossing. It uses matte lamination overall, with spot UV gloss. And each one comes with a cherry on top! (ok, it's actually hot foil stamping on top!)

    For more examples of slipcase sets, see also:

    Slipcases for digipaks and Jackets CD or DVD

  • Tall digipaks, very popular DVD packaging!

    The most commonly used DVD height is 7 1/2 inch, and DVD Trays indicate an expensive product. Generally we use clear trays so that the printing underneath shows through, but black, white, or even natural recycled paper disc trays are available. Trays are traditionally used in the vertical position, but they can also be used horizontally in a "widescreen" disc package or dvd book approach. Deva's package is described as a 6pp tall digipak with a clear tray and diagonal pocket.

    deva11 6pp tall digipak foil gloss emboss deboss matte lam, filmreel
  • Special DVD Disc Printing

    THe Deva disc uses full color printing over a white basecoat, with a knockout to the silver disc surface. Custom disc knockouts don't add any cost to your project.

  • Gold Foil - Hot Foil Stamping

    Hot foil stamping. Wow, there’s nothing like a little gold foil to really help a package to stand out. Or if gold isn’t your color, silver might be your choice… bronze? red? Basically any color you can think of (we also have a selection of multi-colored rainbow foils) we can do.

    More about hot foil stamping for cd or dvd disc packaging, stamped silver foil, gold foil, red foil etc.

  • Project Specification

    • DISC = DVD5 and DVDR (recordable)
      Disc Art Notes:
      • Disc Colors: 5 color, CMYK + White, offset printing
    • PRINTED DVD PACKAGING = 6pp Tall digipak, diagonal pocket, clear tray (one per disc)
      • Paper weight: 310 gsm
      • Colors: 4C/4C CMYK process
      • Reverse Inside Printing: yes
      • Special Finishes: Matte Lamination
      • Special Effects: Emboss/deboss/gold foil/spot gloss
    • INNER PACKAGING or INSERTS = 2pp Tall Insert
      • Paper weight: 300 gsm CS2 stock
      • Colors: 4C/4C CMYK process
      • Finish: matte lamination both sides
      • Special Effects: foil/spot gloss both sides
    • OTHER PACKAGING = Side loading Slip case X 2
      • Paper weight: 310 gsm
      • Colors: 4C CMYK process
      • Special Finishes: Matte Lamination
      • Special Effects: Emboss/deboss/foil/spot gloss
    • OTHER PACKAGING = Business Cards
      • Paper weight:300 gsm
      • Colors: 4C/1C (black) with changes to black plate
      • Finish: Matte lamination both sides
      • Special Effects: Foil on both sides
      • Special Effects: Spot gloss on both sides
      • Black plate change to allow four different names to be printed from the same artwork.