Featured Project: Leonardo— Custom DVD Packaging

A DVD activity set based on the award-winning short film.

Academy Award® nominated Pixar director and A.CW founder Jim Capobianco needed packaging for an activity set based on his short film Leonardo. The set includes the disc in a 6-panel oversized DVD digipak with matte lamination and spot gloss for great looks and durability.

  • Overview of the Project

    Custom DVD Pacakging, 6pp tall digipak with paper tray, die cut window, slipcase, perfect bound notebook, velllum flipbook, spot gloss, matte lamination

    This package includes a recycled paper disc tray, which perfectly matches the perfect-bound animation flip book with fiberboard covers. The flip book has vellum inner pages and it slides into a slot above the tray. There's also a custom pencil with its own pencil loop. The jacket, along with a perfect-bound companion notebook made with recycled, uncoated inner pages, is housed in a fully lined, debossed slipcase made with extra heavy stock. Custom diecut windows in the jacket and slipcase line up to reveal inner art elements in fun ways.


  • Custom Design Features— Die Cut Windows, Pencil Loop,
    Paper Tray Cork Hub, Custom Pocket, Debossing and Vellum Flipbook

    In the film, Leonardo studies birds in flight at the window of his studio. The packaging echoes this with diecut windows in the digipak and in the slip case. If you empty the slipcase, you'll find yourself under study! Check out the detail we did on the pencil loop:

    DVD packaging with paper tray, eco friendly 100% recycled paper with cork hub, pencil
    die cut window on dvd packaging, custom shape custom die cut window in dvd packaging dvd slipcase with diecut hole knockout with double wall construction, debossing, matte lamination diecut dvd slipcase, double wall construction with inside printing, matte lamination


    Because the set contains a workbook, Jim wanted to include a pencil, and we created a pencil loop in his digipak to hold it. (happy factoid: a standard wooden pencil just happens to be exactly as long as a standard tall DVD package is high!)

    Visit our CD and DVD with Custom Die Cut Packaging-Unusual Folding Custom Sizes and Shapes page!

  • Debossed Printed Area (Debossing vs. Embossing) on DVD Packaging

    Debossing is a great way to add a touch of authenticity to your title. Here, debossing is incorporated into the DVD slipcase for most of the text and the drawing of Leonardo. Click for more information on embossing or debossing for CD or DVD packaging. Roll over the images below to see more:

    deboss on dvd slipcase, debossed area printing debossing on dvd slipcase packaging with die cut hole DVD slipcase deboss closeup, indented relief Debossed DVD Packaging, slipcase with deboss or reverse emboss
  • Perfect Bound Vellum Flip Book and Uncoated Stock Notebook for Drawing

    The flip book is made with vellum pages and fiberboard covers. On it is printed the frames from an animated sequence from the film. The flip book lives in a slot, above the matching paper tray.

    vellum flipbook, perfect bound, animated
    vellum flipbook, 1C printing in dvd packaging

    Vellum is a great material for this project—it's translucent to show the previous frame, it can be written on with pencil, and it imparts a very "old school" look.

    In the slipcase, next to the digipak, is a 100m page, perfect bound notebook. Its covers use matte lamination to match the digipak and provide extra durability. The inner pages are uncoated, off-white recycled paper, selected to allow writing and erasing, and to give a more authentic vintage look. And look, there's animation on all 100 pages, too! Roll over images below to get a peek!

    perfect bound notebook uncoated paper stock, animation flipbook 1C black printing, cream color pages dvd packaging notebook uncoated paper stock for drawing flipbook animation DVD Notebook with perfect binding and uncoated, cream colored inner pages perfect bound notebook manual with uncoated stock paper, cream color, for drawing animation in dvd package DVD manual, erfect bound book with uncoated stock, 1C printing, made for writing or drawing in notebook uncoated animation flipbook notebook uncoated animation flipbook notebook uncoated animation flipbook notebook uncoated animation flipbook
  • Eco-friendly Paper Tray DVD Packaging, 100% Recycled Paper with Cork Hub

    Leonardo uses a paper disc tray—a clever uses of natural materials, and a great choice for a title about Leonardo da Vinci. The tray color and texture matches the flip book, for a consistent look. Paper trays are made with 100% recycled, compressed paper, and a cork hub. VERY eco friendly!

    Eco Friendly DVD Packaging with Paper Tray, 100% recycled paper and cork hub

  • Belly Band / OBI Strip, Bar Code & Retail Info for DVD Packaging

    Belly bands are a great way to add marketing elements to your project—such as barcodes and testimonials—which can be removed after the purchase. Leonardo uses a simple belly band containing the barcode (on the bottom) and other information useful for marketing and retail sale. The band can be discarded after the set has been purchased. In fact, some of the art can only be seen if the band is removed.

    Bellyband OBI Strip on CD DVD Packaging, Bar Code Retail Information over DVD Slipcase OBI Bellyband Strip on dvd packging

     be sure to check out our page on Belly bands and OBI strips for more information: CD DVD Packaging with Belly Bands and OBI Strips.

  • Project Specification

    • PRINTED DVD PACKAGING = Custom 6pp digipak, 1 paper tray, pencil loop, diecut windows
      • Paper weight: 350 gsm (18 pt)
      • Colors: 4C/4C CMYK process
      • Reverse Inside Printing: yes
      • Special Finishes: Matte Lamination, Spot UV Gloss
      • Paper weight: 350 gsm (18 pt)
      • Colors: 4C/0C CMYK process
      • Special Effects: Debossing
      • Special Finishes: Matte Lamination
    • FLIP BOOK = 40pp Perfect Bound Booklet, 2.5 x 5 inches
      • COVERS
      • Paper weight: Covers 200 gsm fiberboard
      • Colors: 1C/0C black ink
      • Finish: matte lamination
      • Paper stock: Covers 7pt vellum
      • Colors: 1C/1C black
    • COMPANION BOOKLET = 100pp Perfect Bound Booklet
      • COVERS
      • Paper weight: Covers 200 gsm C1S stock
      • Colors: 4C/1C CMYK process and black ink inside
      • Finish: matte lamination
      • Paper stock: Covers 100 gsm uncoated, recycled, off-white stock
      • Colors: 1C/1C black