Advertising & Branding: CD / DVD Demo Reels

  • Reel in your clients using Designer DVD Packaging!

    Youy're wildly crreative. Let that wild creativity show in your packaging AND in your reel! Get your work seen. Megalodon replication and high-end packaging and effects will put your work in the best possible light. The packaging is that gorgeous.

    Production at Megalodon Manufacturing is as custom as you want it. Make your portfolio package as unique as your demo reel. Call us to go over your spec or email us your artwork and we'll help with ideas!

  • Make your DVD Demo Reel BIG!

    Get it? reel big? (Oh, we KILL us!) Showcases your portfolio with "tall" dvd packaging. For most demo reels, the platform of choice is the Tall digipak, which has a height and width similar to traditional Amaray-style "DVD" boxes, but with far greater flexibility for the designer as it can be customized.

    Or you can even go taller than the standard "tall height". If you have multiple discs in your set, consider a "Mega Tall" where we stack the discs on one panel.

  • Special Printing Effects - Spot on Unique!

    Special Effects, such as embossing or debossing, spot gloss, matte lamination, diecuts, foils and metallic inks, all play an important part in conveying a sense of quality and uniqueness. Ask a Project Coordinator about special effects options.

    If you'd like to see an example of a project that's really packed with effects, take a look at the Deva Demo Reels.

  • Custom Packaging & Discs - made especially for your needs

    Packaging options include business cards, brochures, perfect bound books and smaller booklets discs of any kind including recordables. We can make the packaging out of any kind of paper stock (recycled, uncoated, soy inks, fiberboard... lots of Eco Friendly / green options!), and make trays using recycled plastic, foam or compressed paper.

    Disc options include DVD5, DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, Enhanced cds, recordables, mini discs, and (new!) recyclable dvds. We can do special disc varnishes & knockout printing to achieve that designer look. As always, we include a fully glass mastered and printed test disc for you to test out, so you can be sure all aspects of your discs are exactly as you conceived.

  • Full Impact Printing - using PIPS

    When your disc packaging needs to convey a consistent artistic impression throughout, you need PIPS.What is PIPS? PIPS stands for Printed Inside Pockets & Spines. (Our other term for this is RIP= Reverse Inside Printing, but it's a bit morbid-sounding for some folks. Oh, and we did think of LIPS — Lovely Inside Pockets & Spines — but happily PIPS won out.)

    When we print the reverse side of the paper, you get a continuous coverage across the inside spines of the package and inside pockets — there is no white, glaring spine to interrupt that flow (which in our opinion is like having your slip showing...or maybe that's fashionable now? Maybe not.) Don't break the feel of the packaging. If you are trying to convey a vibrant image, you don't want a white break. If your art needs to reach across the panels, why interrupt it? Let us help you set this up, it's a powerful feature and helps keep that artistic feel.

    digipaks come with PIPS, by the way, but it's an extra feature on jackets. Talk to a project coordinator to get this feature.