CD / DVD Children's Titles + Publishers

  • Packaging Ideas Especially for Children's Titles

    Children's titles have a unique requirement in that they need to be both eye catching and kid friendly. Some of our especially eye catching designs include the 3-dimensional pop-up-pak and the clear substrate disc. Texture is an important element in children's packaging. And a warm, fuzzy fiberboard or a nubby foam hub can do the trick. Trays made either from a recycled plastic or *NEW* foam are especially durable.

  • Options for Book-on-Disc CDs

    We can suggest packaging for you to suit the number of discs you have and the size of the book or booklet you need. Perfect bound books are available for sizes 28 pages or bigger. Slipcase sets are a great way to hold multiple volumes. Books or booklets can be companion style, glued in (Book digipak), or placed in many different types of pocket.

  • Need to include a toy or a sticker?

    Thinking of including a yo-yo or Rubic's cube? How about a small collectible. We can help with special box-size shelves and compartments or foam inserts.

    We can also include full-color stickers for you.