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The Organic Look

  • Eco Friendly Disc Packaging & Replication...beware the hype!
    We offer Real Options.

    There's a lot of hype out there about eco options, but we think you'll agree that we have some real options. Not just fluff. There are a lot of nonsensical terms floating around and there is a terrific new term for it...."green-washing".

    We started with eco options a very long time ago (well over 10 years ago for recycled stocks). It was simply the right thing to do. Our contribution was to push our printers to find these stocks and buy them in bulk for us, and we offered the recycled stocks upgrade to clients at no charge. Quite frankly we feel we drove the replication market in the eco direction. While we would applaud our competitors for being more eco conscious in their purchasing decisions and marketing, we have to give a big fat boo/hiss to those that try to pull the wool over clients eyes.

    "Recyclable Paper" is an interesting term. Most papers are able to be that the same as recycled paper stock? No. Is it easily confused by clients as the same thing- sure. Mission accomplished. Is it as recyclable if you slather a thick UV coating on it? No. Mission accomplished. Don't get us wrong, we enjoy doing all kinds of high end special effects and not all of those projects are as eco as they could be - we leave these decisions to our clients. But we do insist on honesty.

    "Recycled Paper: is another interesting term. It's very easy for a replicator or a printer to promote using recycled paper stocks, when actually, all they are doing is using a standard stock. Did you know that most paper contains some amount of recycled content? Does that mean that you can call it recycled? Not in our book, and not in the EPA's. The EPA defines recycled paper as paper having over 50% recycled content. If using recycled content is important to you, you should check the percentage of the recycled content in the paper stock, to see if it is really recycled.

    We set our practices to meet our eco conscious's needs, and that means that we want our standard stock with a decent amount of recycled content and our standard finish as eco friendly as possible, and also our packaging choices as eco as possible (there are not many plastic jewelcase on our site, did you notice?). You will see more eco oriented features here than on any other site, and the photos to prove it. Beware that hype....

    TED Conferences - packaging spec and details

  • Recycled Paper Stocks:
    Percentages Available, Coatings, Post-Consumer Waste, FSC

    What kinds of Recycled Paper to we work with?

    To start with, We have our Megalodon Standard Stock. It's a good white paper stock, nice and firm, and yet contains 20-30% recycled content. We chose this as our standard because it does have a respectable amount of recycled in it (it actually has more recycled content in it than some of our competitor's special "recycled paper stock"! ) and it's firm enough to support any type of special component or printing we want to throw at it. All around, it's a good all-purpose paper, and it meets our requirements.

    We also work a lot with a higher percentage stock - we call this our Truly Eco Stock. This stock contains a whopping 70-80% recycled content with very high post consumer waste. It actually exceeds the EPA's requirements and should be any eco - enthusiast's dream. It is, however, not for every client. The higher the recycled content and post consumer waste, the softer the stock is. So this stock is less firm than our standard stock. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it should be taken into consideration by those that want a firmer stock.

    Can we go higher than 70-80%? Yes, but out of all of our many, many eco jobs (and you can see the many photos - we definitely have experience with it), clients very rarely choose the 100% recycled paper. It is almost always too soft to be usable. We do however have a 100% recycled paper tray that uses very compressed paper and cork hub - we do recommend this feature!
    100% recycled paper, compress paper tray, cork hub

    Our Megalodon Standard & Truly Eco recycled content paper stocks are available coated or uncoated, for an especially matte effect. FSC certified papers used.


  • Paper Coatings - Uncoated Stock, Coated Stock
    Aqueous Varnish compared to UV Coating

    Our Megalodon Standard Stock (20-30% recycled), and our Truly Eco Stock (70-80% recycled), are both available in coated and uncoated stocks. Coated stocks are what you are probably most familiar with. The coating seals the paper so inks are more "true" and "crisp", and there's a little bit of a shine. However, uncoated papers are becoming quite popular on the market. Uncoated papers result in a very nice, matte effect. It's a softer look. The paper is going to be more absorbent because it is not coated, and the colors tend to blur just a little bit. This makes uncoated stock a bad choice for art with very fine details or print. If you do have detail in your art that you are afraid might get lost, but want that soft look, other options include a matte aqueous finish. We can also go with a stronger matte lamination, but you might be losing some of the for eco matte, we recommend uncoated stock or matte aqueous finish.

    UV coatings can certainly be done, and they are pretty, but we don't use this as our standard finish. We set our practices to meet our eco conscious's needs, and that means that we want our standard stock with recycled content and the standard finish as eco friendly as possible (and also our packaging choices as eco as possible, not many plastic jewelcase on our site, did you notice?).

  • Fiberboard Packaging: Unbleached, Pulp Material

    Fiberboard is another great eco choice. It uses end of chain, pulp material that cannot be used elsewhere. Because it's made out of bits and piece, it's texture is quite fibrous. It's unbleached and a nice brownish color. This type of paper stock gives you a very organic look with texture.

    Check out this beautiful children's title we did for Magic Mama - Fiberboard Stock, Foam Hub, Spot White

  • Printing with Soy Inks

    Yes indeed, soy inks are available — process color (CMYK) and Pantones. here is an example of a beautiful title we made with soy inks and uncoated, recycled paper stock.
    Molly's Vintage Scrapbook- soy inks, uncoated, recycled stock

  • Retailing an Eco Friendly Package - Alternatives

    Can you retail an Eco package well? What do you do if all the others are packaging in jewelcase and amaray type cases? You stand out, that's what. (You also Stand Firm -- on eco) . Here's one of our favorite bands, STS9. Hats off to them for always going eco. They even won some packaging awards in Europe. Verrrry trendy. Good job!

  • Going with Packaging without any Plastic

    You are already 95% of the way there by staying away from heavy plastic boxes, but if you'd like to eliminate the last bit of plastic, we can do that too! Consider
    ~ Foam hubs, or
    ~ Foam trays, or
    ~ Paper Trays, or
    ~ Packaging using pockets, such as disc jackets or mailers.

    To seal your package, ask about
    ~ Non-toxic shrink wrap and Poly wrap alternatives, or
    ~ Tab seal, rather than a complete overwrap.

  • Recycled Packaging Components

    If you need plastic packaging, but still want your project to be Earth-friendly, consider black DVD boxes and disc trays, made from recycled materials.

  • Eco Disc Replication & Manufacturing, Half the Plastic, Flexible DVD!

    Go light. Go thin. Go flexible. Reduce your project's "carbon footprint." Learn more about the latest in green DVD manufacturing, the recyclable, flexible, Eco Disc!