Styles: BLING! CD / DVD Special Printing Effects

  • Special Effects to Make Your Packaging POP!

    Have a disc packaging idea that's a little over the top? Well, you've come to the right place. Megalodon specializes in high-end finishes and effects. You can use any or all.

  • Embossing Metallic Ink & Lamination Finishes

    Embossing & Debossing are a great effect if you want a raised or relief surface on your project. Try embossing with metallic inks as shown here. The effect can be really stunning. Matte Lamination can give a deep satiny finish for a very high end look. Technical Tip: You can create embossed areas in your art by creating a custom ink color just for those areas. Metallic inks also make a great finish, when you set the ink or color to overprint the objects underneath it. Print some positive color separations to make sure everything is set up just right. These inks contain actual metal particles and create a finish not possible with regular ink. Gold and an assortment of silvers are available. Technical Tip: When creating metallic areas in your artwork, choose an ink from the Pantone Metallic Library. If you need a mirror-like finish, consider choosing hot foil stamping, instead of metallic inks.

  • Custom Designs & Die-cuts

    Diecuts are like a planned hole. It can allow underlying artwork to show through. The example to the right shows a very cute little bug peeking out. Die cut features are frequently used on slipcases, but can be used on any jacket or custom tray.

    Technical Tip: You can create diecut areas in your artwork by using the spot color called “dieline”, that you can find on most of our templates. When you add custom diecuts, set the dieline ink or the objects using the ink to overprint the colors below. Print some color separations to check that the lines don’t knock out your other art.

    Choose reverse printing when you don’t want to see the raw white paper between the inside panels or inside pockets. The reverse of the paper stock is printed, either with a solid color or a 4C continuation of your interior imagery.

    Technical Tip: For wide multi-disc sets, you can use “lined spines” — spines which have two layers of stock instead of one.

  • Metallic Foil & Spot Gloss

    Spot gloss over matte lamination gives you the silky smoothness of matte finish with high gloss areas that really pop. Deva is a great example of Spot Gloss and matte lamination. Try combining these effects together. The foil will give that extra WOW factor you may be looking for. Also looking to the left: Notice the lotus on the front cover. This project used metallic silver ink. Matte lamination and Spot Gloss! Shiny metallic foil is bonded to the printed surface. This gives a mirror-like finish you can achieve no other way.

    Technical tip: You can add foil stamped areas to your artwork by creating a custom (spot) ink color just for those areas. The color you use doesn't matter. To check that everything is correct, try printing color separation. The areas that use that custom color should appear on a separate plate.