Styles: Custom CD / DVD Packaging

  • Think Outside the Box - Unique and Specialty Packaging

    Watch your vision come to life! Megalodon is the right place for professional, high quality unique & custom disc packaging... Think Outside The Box! Tired of boring packaging? Want something as unique as your title? Megalodon is the right place. Look at some of these photos and you'll see what we mean! Packaging Sells! Let us show you how we can let your creativity flourish. Our only limit here is your imagination. Our representatives are ready to give your project personal attention and we’re glad to send you samples featuring the elements that you want on your project.

  • Special Orders Don't Upset Us...

    We custom manufacture packaging to your specs - vary the die, vary the paper, vary the finish - go ahead, special orders don't upset us! Eco Friendly paper Stocks, Recycled & Fiberboard, High End Deluxe Printing Effects, Custom Die Cuts, Creative & Cost Effective Solutions.

  • Serving Suggestions

    Ask your Project Coordinator about your options — there are lots:
    ~ Special die cuts - you don't actually have to have a square or rectangular package. Feel free to vary the shape. Round edges, or make it circular.
    ~ Knock outs - make a window or a peekaboo cut out, make a special thumbhole, make cut out lettering...go ahead! You can do it.
    ~ Effects - how about some spot UV gloss & matte lamination contrast? Jazz it up with some hot foil stamping. Emboss areas you want to stand out (like your name!), or deboss for a more subtle effect (one client used this to make a wood background). Metallic inks for a modern look - silver (tinny!), very matte, very Apple.
    ~ Shine- we have shine, do spot gloss or gloss lam it.
    ~ Paper stocks- what can you do with texture? Want fuzzy? Try fiberboard. Looking for a muted or matte effect, uncoated stock can be very elegant. Want pronounced? Try a lamination.
    ~ Need to hold retail merchandise? We have solutions. See what clients have done with yo-yos, USB dongles & flash drives, art cards, stencils, stickers.
    ~ Books & booklets, from small to large. We can do perfect bound and book binding.