Styles: CD/ DVD Retro LP Styles—The Mini LP


Visions of The PAST In Time for The FUTURE — Put your Brand New Sound in a Vintage LP.

  • LP Style

    Defining the LP style is a bit of a challenge, there are many different looks over the years of vinyl releases! But we can agree on some common features. LPs almost always are a substantial weight or thickness, have a spine, and have at least one tube pocket. How should we customize this for you?
    Have a favorite album you want us to look at? Send us a photo and we'll try to spec it for you!

  • Special LP Features

    We can go as retro or vintage as you want to go on your LP. Consider some of these special features for your LP look:
    ~ Book binding - this uses a thick board covered with a 4C printed, thin paper wrap glued on. This is very authentic and how LPS were made back in the day.
    ~ Extra thick stock- if you don't want to go with book binding, consider an extra thick stock and simulating the book binding in the art.
    ~ Pockets opening outside - we can make the pockets in any style and open in any direction or even pass through, but it seems like most LPs had the pockets opening outside.
    ~ Free swinging sleeves - just in case your LP isn't retro enough, consider a 78-style floating pocket that swings back and forth.
    ~ Inner Sleeves - we can do inner sleeves, color like black or parchment, or printed 1C to 4C. Put your lyrics on them.
    ~ Vinyl Discs - how cool is that for completing the look? Simulated record grooves really complete the look.
    ~ Paper stocks & Effects- depending on whether you are doing book binding or a thick stock, we can play with stocks on the LP. Fiberboard is a fun option. For booklets, an uncoated recycled stock might be the way to go. Consider options like die cuts and embossing too!

  • Inserts and Posters, Stickers, Limited Edition Options

    We can do any range of booklets styles - gatefold, accordion, stapled, or for the larger ones, perfect bound. Booklets can go in opposing pockets, or you can glue them on.

    Limited Edition? Yes we can serialize your discs or provide you with special stickers. Stickers are available in any size, full color and in colors. Let us know what you need. If you need the packaging serialized, we can do that too using areas w/o spot gloss and black ink.