Styles: Whimsical CD / DVD Packaging

  • Add a touch of whimsy to your packaging!

    Let your artistic side show! Let your creativity flow! Your whimsical notions allow you to glow! At Megalodon, we offer high end options and artistic direction even before you start your project. We can help your creativity to blossom and make the package of your dreams a reality! Do you need a special feel to the project? Is it a soft & flowing music CD? A creative art package? A dark movie? A special effects fx film reel? Let us know, give us some adjectives and we'll make recommendations.

  • A spot here and there... Spot Gloss

    Spot gloss is a lot of fun. Need waves? Need drops of ink or water? How about using a lack of spot to make it worn in areas? You can draw attention to lettering, or create textures. Our clients have had all kinds of good ideas - what can we come up with for your project?

  • Full Impact Printing - using PIPS

    When your disc packaging needs to convey a consistent artistic impression throughout, you need PIPS. What is PIPS? PIPS stands for Printed Inside Pockets & Spines. (Our other term for this is RIP= Reverse Inside Printing, but it's a bit morbid-sounding for some folks. Oh, and we did think of LIPS — Lovely Inside Pockets & Spines — but happily PIPS won out.)

    When we print the reverse side of the paper, you get a continuous coverage across the inside spines of the package and inside pockets — there is no white, glaring spine to interrupt that flow (which in our opinion is like having your slip showing...or maybe that's fashionable now? Maybe not.) Don't break the feel of the packaging. If you are trying to convey a vibrant image, you don't want a white break. If your art needs to reach across the panels, why interrupt it? Let us help you set this up, it's a powerful feature and helps keep that artistic feel.

    digipaks come with PIPS, by the way, but it's an extra feature on jackets. Talk to a project coordinator to get this feature.