Vintage Look CD / DVD Packaging Albums and Covers
Distressed Paper, Matte Uncoated, Old Fashioned, Antique Retro


Vintage, Distressed, Old Fashioned, Antique, Retro—How to Make that Look!

A vintage look in disc packaging is not hard to achieve with a few special effects and the right choice of materials. How old do you want to go?

  • Examples of Vintage Look CD DVD Packaging, Distressed & Retro Album Covers

    vintage cd packagingvintage cd album LPdistressed cd packaging with vintage look paperdistressed vintage cd jacket with matte uncoated papervintage cd cover packagingvintage cd jacket with distressed paper booklet and stencilantique cd packaging look with distressed matte papervintage cd album with picture cornersembossed cd packaging photo cornersembossed cd phot corners scrapbook packagingvintage cd packaging with retro wood lookretro cd packaging with spot gloss matte laminationretro cd packaging with spot glossembossed cd packagingretro cd packaging vintage lookvintage retro cd packaging with wood toneretro cd packaging with discvintage dvd packagingvintage dvd jacket with foildistressed dvd jacket packagingvintage old fashioned cd pacakging matte papervintage cd packaging with sepia poster printingvintage antique cd packaging matte uncoated papersepia printing cd poster vintage packagingantique vintage cd jacketvintage cd printed packagingvintage cd discs vinyl printingvinyl CD disc in parchment sleevedistressed paper cd jacket packagingvintage distressed cd jacket with sepia tonesvintage cd packaging with inner pagesvintage cd book packagingvintage double disc cd packagingvintage retro cd jacket 6panelvintage cd LP jacket with parchment sleeve vinyl discvinyl disc in parchment sleevevinyl cd disc printing vintage lookold fashioned cd jacket sepia tone printingCD LP vintage look sepia tone printingvintage cd LP jacket  spine printingretro vintage cd jacket with sepia tonesold fashioned vintage dvd packagingvintage dvd packaging collector setantique cd dvd packaging with spot gloss and foilold fashioned dvd packaging school letter 1950 to 1960sdvd packaging school letter shapevintage cd book packagingvintage cd book with cream papervintage printed disc packaging with spot gloss and foildistressed dvd packaging setvintage distressed look dvd packaging setantique cd book packagingdetail cd book printingmatte paper vintage cd packagingvintage cd book packagingvintage cd packaging with thick paper and bookletretro cd cover packagingvintage cd cover packagingold fashioned cd cover packaging
    vintage cd LP packaging

  • More Examples - Vintage CD Albums using Swinging Sleeves, Very Retro!

    retro cd LP cover with swinging sleeveretro cd LP sleevesoft book cd packaging with swinging sleeveretro dvd sleeve packaging

  • And More Examples -Book Binding Construction, CD DVD Books & LPs

    retro cd book packagingantique cd book packagingdistressed cd book packagingcd vintage packaging hardbound bookvintage disc book packagingthick cd packaging vintage bookcloseup vintage cd packaging constructionthick cd book packaging with inner bookantique cd jacketantique cd cover vintage antiqueantique cd LP vintageCD LP constructioncd  LP book bindingvintage cd LP with book bindingretro cd LP with book bindingvintage LP cd packaging

  • Make Use of Color - Parchment, Sepia

    Parchment colors, worn appearance works well for something "aged", perhaps 100 years plus. Thick stock, non glossy, is good for something circa 1940's plus. Sepia tones, black & whites certainly convey an era prior to our World of Color. Retro (1950s-'70s) can be achieved by mimicking old LP album styles.

  • Uncoated Stock Paper - Matte & Recycled for that Vintage Feel

    Recycled matte, uncoated paper is one of our favorite looks and feels for starting the "old" appearance. Old things usually aren't shiny.
    Photo of vintage cd album, WW2 look with uncoated stock
    Optionally, we can do a matte aqueous varnish on the packaging. Uncoated stock paper is not for all types of artwork as the colors can blend together. Crisp wording and fine knockouts don't do well with uncoated paper, for instance.

  • Distressed Paper Features - Cuts, Wears, Nicks, Tears, Cracks

    Distressed features, such as old, torn pages, wear, breaks, cracks, etc can all be added in with creative artwork.
    distressed paper cd packaging with cracks and tears
    Matte vintage CD Album uncoated paper
    This Vintage scrapbook book used uncoated stock paper, with some special features to create the look. Check out the full spec here: Molly's Vintage Scrapbook Featured Title. Look at the fun photo holder corners....embossed to stand out.

  • Texture - Tricks with Embossing and Debossing

    Using embossing or debossing can give an item a definite texture, such as distressed and "dented" look, or wood grain. See more examples and instruction on how to set up embossing or debossing on cd or dvd printed packaging.
    Photo of dvd pacakging with embossing and foilDVD packaging, tall, with texture created by emboss/debossTall dvd digipak with emboss, deboss, and foil
    cd packaging with texture spot gloss matte laminationcd album with texture spot gloss matte lamination

  • Sepia Tones -- 1C Black to 4C Sepia

    Sepia tones are usually simulated in process color and are ideal for WWI or WWII imagery.
    Antique cd packaging lookPhoto of vintage, antque look cd albumWW2 era cd album, sepia tones, uncoated stock

    Photo of old time cd packaging

  • Going Retro...LP Style, Vinyl Looking Discs, CD Albums

    If you don't want to go too old, retro can be achieved by features like book binding (chipboard covered with a paper wrap) on the old vinyl LPs. See 1950s and '60s Verve or Blue Note LPs. for some great examples of the art. You could dgo earlier yet, like the 78 style sleeves (swinging sleeves). For retro on a budget, may we suggest some inner sleeves (colors like parchment, or printed 1C or 4C) for the discs, and just using a thick stock with pockets opening to the outside. Here are some examples - and also see our page especially for Retro LP Style CD Albums.

    Featured Title Oria Blue - Swinging style sleeve

    Complete with some authentic old titles.....

  • Show us! Uploading your Preliminary Art,
    Going over Photos or Sketches, Looking at Features

    If you have art you'd like to show us, we'd be happy to help you with suggestions on how to achieve the look you are after. Either email it to us ( or use our upload page. Alternately, if you have a photo of something you want to emulate, let us see that too and we can work from that. If there are certain titles on our site that you like, we can tell you about the features that help create that look.