Die Cut CD DVD Disc & USB Packaging…
Custom shapes, knockouts, lettering



Die cuts are some of the neatest things one can do on a project. The possibilities are almost endless. You can make the shape of the packaging a custom shape ( a flower, a cloud, a music note a cross), you can make squigglies and holes, you can knock out letters, you can make a curve pocket. We'll show you some of the great ideas our clients have had!

  • Die Cut CD DVD Disc and USB Packaging

    Custom cd packaging / die cut to vertically hold disc with tabs and slotsdie cut usb packaging
    Custom dvd package set / 6pp tall tray pack with paper tray, perfect bound notebook, vellum flip book, and slip case
    dvd custom packaging / special effects die cut
    custom dvd packaging / die cut out special effectdie cut usb packaging
    dvd - custom packaging - spinner dial - diecut window- fiber board stock
    Custom die cut knockout on cd packagingDie Cut Circle for coin on custom dvd packagingDie Cut Slipcase, Lettering Cut out on custom cd packaging

  • Are custom die cuts expensive?

    At Megalodon, no. In general, yes - very and you are cautioned against it frequently. Heaven forbid you would want to change the die! When you look at our product photos, you'll notice that there are a huge number of variations in the dies. This is because we encourage dies here - we want you to think outside of the box. To help with that, we subsidize the cost. On a selfish level, we want clients to look at our site and say oh wow, these projects are incredible. Not, oh look, they used catalog/part # 123z. We like to be challenged and to see new and interesting things so please, be creative.
    cd custom packaging die cut packaging knockout

    Here's the best part, and your insider tip: once you have decided to create a custom die, you can change any and all features and it won't affect the cost. If you are going to slightly change the pocket shape, you might as well do the fun squiggle cut out in the front. It won't cost any more. If you add a lot of paper and weight, or if the change will requires additional gluing or hand assembly, then sure the price will go up. But if it is in the die only, take advantage of the unique die and go for it!

  • How Custom Die Cuts are Made in CD DVD Packaging

    A die is a little like a cookie cutter. It is a shape that is used to cut out the packaging. Once printed and cut out, the packaging is then a glued/assembled and ready for disc insertion. If you change a feature of the packaging shape, you need to change the die. Here is what a die looks like:

    die cut mold, knife cutting and scoring, diecut fixture printing manufacturing production process custom
    Die cut CD DVD Packaging - how are die cuts made- knife front view, diecut fixture packaging manufacturing production
    die cut machinery- knife scoring blade, diecut fixture cd dvd disc packaging manufacturing
    How custom die cuts are made, cd dvd disc packaging Knife side view, diecut fixture printing manufacturing
     how die cuts are made - knife back view, diecut machinery fixture, cd dvd packaging manufacturing
  • Die Cut Lettering Knock Outs on CD DVD Packaging

    Do custom dies include lettering knock outs? Oh sure! Have fun with it—your company logo, your band, or the big guy Himself:

    diecut cd packaging, die cut lettering knock out
    cd with custom die cut lettering knockout - close up example
    die cut lettering on cd packaging, 6pp tray pack singlewall
    Lettering cut out on custom cd packaging, god
    lettering knockout, custom die cut cd packaging slipcase with spot gloss matte lamination
  • Die Cut Windows, Holes and Shapes - Custom Packaging

    Looking to showcase a cartoon character or a logo or part of your booklet art? Windows can come in all sizes and shapes, take a look:

    die cut circle and notch of cd slipcase, doublewall, embossing and debossing printing with matte lamination
    Custom cd slipcase packaging, fiberboard paper stock, doublewall with die cut circles, debossing and embossing images
    Die-cut dvd packaging, slipcase with circle hole, belly band retail strip
    Belly band retial strip on Die-cut dvd packaging, slipcase with circle hole
    custom dvd packaging with die cut features notebook paper tray and slipcase
    Die cut dvd slipcase, circle cut out, debossing - sideways view
    die cut out in custom dvd disc packaging, bird shape
    DVD Slipcase packaging with inside printing, double wall, die cut circle matte lamination and debossing
    custom disc packaging with die cut holes slipcase booklet tube pocket 10inch tallSlipcase for dvd tall 10inch height die cut circles 4disc packaging with bookletspot uv gloss over bug image on custom dvd packagingdie cut circle with bug printing showing through spot gloss matte lamination on dvd packagingcircle cut out dvd packaging slipcase 4disc set

    die cut retial box dvd packaging - holds yo-yo and disc
    diecut window cd slipcase packaging
    cd packaging with custom die cut shape window in slipcase
    cd packaging with die cut window, 6pp jacket wih traydie cut window, custom cd packaging
    diecut window, Matte Lamination, spot UV, digipak, ,
    custom die cut window slipcase3, diagonal pocket, diecut window, Matte Lamination, spot UV gloss
    die cut holes on custom dvd packaging, tall slipcase with cut outs

    Cellophane is an option too:

    disc mailer with 3D pop out, diecut window cellophane pop up pak mailer
    cellophane window dvd mailer with die cut 3D disc holder
    custom die cut dvd mailer with cellophane window
  • Custom Thumb Notch Cut Outs on CD DVD Jackets

    We all think of thumb notches on jackets as "roundish", sometimes elongated, but what about special shapes? Oh yes!
    custom thumbhole notch guitar shape fiberboard cd packagingguitar thumb notch shape custom cd fiberboard packagingfiberboard cd packaging with silver foil and guitar die cut thumb notch cut out
    cd jacket with die cut square thumb notchcd jacket with custom notch thumbhole square shape cut out

  • Die Cut Windows to allow for Personalization - Booklets, Photos or Business Cards

    You can even use a die cut to allow something else to personalize the product - like a photo or a booklet or a business card. maybe even the cd itself. This allows for a very cost effective run of generic company packaging that can be customized per client. You can put in your client's booklet or photo in the front pocket. Perhaps put a business card slot on the inside along with the disc. This is a great option for photography studios, video production/video post companies, Realtors—anyone who produces small quantities of discs and printing, but who wants to do so while presenting a professional image.

    And speaking of small runs with a professional look, you might want to explore our pre-printed CD-R and pre-printed DVD-R options!

    Custom dvd packaging with die cut window allowing booklet to show through
    Booklet window in die cut dvd packaging
    window cut out for booklet, custom cd packaging
    DVD packaging with die cut window cut out for booklet or photobooklet inserted in die cut window dvd packaging
    Personalized Tall disc jacket with die cut window for business card personalization
    Custom fiberboard disc jacket with die cut window for logo and business card name
    Fiberboard jacket, 1C black, embossing, die cut windows and business card holder - name shows through

     Customized Photo Disc Jacket, die cut window for photo
  • Custom Shape CD & DVD Packaging - Fun with Folding

    Do you want these to fold up in a certain way? Not a problem. Crosses and pluses are popular.

    cd cross shape packaging or plus shape with one disc tray
    cross or plus shaped cd packaging unique folding
    fold up cd packaging with one disc tray full color printing
    unique folding cd dvd packaging cross or plus shape jacket with disc tray
    custom folding cd jacket cross shape with booklet and slipcaseunique folding cross shape 4disc jacket with four cds in pockets and booklet center panel
    4cd multi disc box set unusual folding, ministries
    Folded 4cd set with cross or plus shape packaging and 4 trays booklet in center
    custom fold cd packaging with x cross or plus shape one to four trays
    unique 4 disc set fold up box set packaging
    4cd set packaging with four trays and booklet folds to box set
    unique cd jacket vertical folding custom packaging die cutcd in unique packaging cut out wheel for disc die cut packagingcustom die cut cd packaging tab flap foldvertical folding cd jacket packagingcd jacket folding vertically disc packagingcustom 4pp jacket vertical folding
    custom fold cd jacket packaging
    custom shape and fold dvd packging vertical fold and side pocket
  • Pop Up, Fold Out, 3D Disc Packaging

    Oh yes, we can do this too! In fact for us it has become almost like a (gasp) part number. Even our custom pop up pak has variations, dies upon dies. Feel free to vary the heights or pockets or add or subtract features. We may need to play with the pop up bit to make sure it doesn't stick.

    cd pop up pak mailer shedd3, pop up children business promo
    cd pop up pak mailer shedd3, pop up children business promo
    cd pop up pak mailer shedd2, pop up children business promo
    cd pop up pak mailer shedd4, pop up children business promo
    dvd pop up pack chang3
    FFAMiami6 4pp tall popup pak diecut window cello mailer ripstrip pocket, 4pp, cellophane, diecut window, mailer, pocket, tall, FFAMiami 0408
    FFAMiami7 4pp tall popup pak diecut window cello mailer ripstrip pocket, 4pp, cellophane, diecut window, mailer, pocket, tall, FFAMiami 0408
    relevantWaypoint1 pop up pak velcro dvd5
    glynndevins3 4pp popup mailer
    glynndevins2 4pp popup mailer
    glynndevins2 pop up mailer with card
    glynndevins1 pop up mailer with card
    malayna popup, 4pp, mailer
    PopUp VelcroTab Mordicus2
    PopUp Mordicus4
    PopUp Awakening2
    Pop Up Pancom, children
    pop up pack cd gloss lamination earthtechTracer1
    pop up jacket shedd2, children business promo
    popup pack dvd capeaches5, iPhoto Edited, pop up
    popup pack dvd capeaches6, pop up food

    Roll over clockwise, from the top left, to see the popup jacket in action.

    cd flip pack anim6, 4pp, pop up
    cd flip pack anim6, 4pp, pop up
    cd flip pack anim5, 4pp, pop up
    cd flip pack anim4, 4pp, pop up
    cd flip pack anim1, 4pp, pop up
    cd flip pack anim2, 4pp, pop up
    cd flip pack anim3, 4pp, pop up
  • Custom Shaped Pockets on Disc Jacket Packaging

    It is very easy to vary the shape of the pocket. If you don't see what you want - ask. If we don't have it, we can make it. You do NOT want to ask how many thumbhole variations we have.


    Our packages are two-ply thick at the panels, but are only one-ply thick at the spines. This allows the spines to move (and so that the front cover of the package won’t always be open when set flat on a table). RIP or PIPS will print on the reverse side of the stock at the spine and/or inside the pockets, so when constructed the spines will be beautiful! Say goodbye to white inside spines! RIP or PIPS will be setup by your graphics specialist if it is included in your project specification.

  • Playing with Cut Outs - Fun Squiggles

    Can the shapes be odd? Oh yes. Have fun.

    die cut bird cut out on dvd packaging
    smaller version custom die cut close up, bird shaped cut out on dvd pacakge
    side view bird shaped die cut opening on dvd packaging
    custom cut hole in dvd slipcase showing printing inside
    custom slipcase for dvd discs with die cut circle
    cd jacket with die cut bird wings on end panels
    close up of die cut bird wings on cd jacket 8panel
    custom pocket with bird wing cut out on cd jacket 8panelcustom die cut mushroom shape on fiberboard cd jacket
    die cut opening on left side of custom cd book packaging
  • Custom Die Cut Packaging for Retail Items or USBs

    USBs are very easy for us. Let us know the details of what you need in the USB and we can manufacture it. Foam helps too. It is also die cut to hold and cushion the retail item.

    Need to hold your yo-yo?...bet you didn't see that one coming. We can do that too.

    custom retail box packaging for disc and toy
    retail box packaging for discs and toys

    Pencils or pens? Coins? Not a problem.

    dvd packaging with pencil custom die cut creationcustom dvd packaging made to hold coin

    Oftentimes we can also provide the retail item. Let us know the details.

  • Die Cut Discs? Custom Shape Discs versus Clear Substrate Discs

    Well, yes and no is the answer. Custom shaped discs have almost gone by the wayside. We can make a disc from the sized mold that is closest to finished dimension, and cut it to a special shape. However, as technology has progressed, disc drive speeds have increased and that means that your disc has to be incredibly balanced to play at fast speeds. If you really, really want one, we can probably do it. Be warned, it will be time intensive and expensive. What we recommend instead is a clear substrate cds. Let your art be the die cut. The clear substrate is a lot of fun to play with and best of all - no playability problems. Second best of all, they are not expensive to make.

    Megalodon clear substrate CD sample
    Megalodon clear substrate CD sample
    Megalodon clear substrate CD sample back view
    ClearSubstrate DVD, children
    SweetDreams Clear Substrate CD, children
    SweetDreams 4pp jacket Clear Substrate CD, children
    tsehai clear substrate clear amaray box 3, children
    clear substrate cd sacks2, rip PIPS
    clear substrate cd nitekk1, business promo
  • Packaging Only? Minimum Quantity?

    We generally do complete projects including the disc manufacturing. If you absolutely want packaging only, we might be able to do it for you. However it will not be as cost effective as if you did it all under one roof, and we can't complete the project for you and shrinkwrap the final product. We do not accept other plant's discs.

    A minimum qty run is about 500 - 1000 units, and you'll find the cost is pretty close between those two numbers. We can do 300 as well, but it's not particularly cost effective. If you are looking to sell these items and need a low cost per unit, you want to manufacture a many as possible. If it is a limited or test market, a small amount might make sense. With offset printing and pressed discs, there are certain set up costs involved (these are large presses) so manufacturing is better suited to large commercial runs.

  • What type of packaging do you want a die cut on?

    You can do a die cut on almost any type of paper stock packaging. Here are some common packaging choices to add a die cut to:

    Jackets - 5inch
    Tall Jackets - 7 inch
    Taller Jackets & Tallest Jackets
    Pop Up Paks Jackets
    Digipaks - 5inch

    Tall Digipaks - 7inch
    Packaging especially for Multidisc
    USB Packaging