Disc Printing - Disc Varnish

  • Disc Spot Varnish & Matte Special Effects Printing
    Metallic, Substrate, Clear, 5C, 6C, Glossy / Matte Contrast, Matching Foil

    Solid color on disc is quite glossy. You can easily add a flood or spot matte varnish on the disc.

    disc varnish matte printing disc face cd dvd special effect
    disc face Printed with flood matte varnish
     Spot Gloss matte lamination digipak
    Spot Gloss matte lamination on Printed Packaging
     matte varnish disc printing spot UV
    Spot Gloss & matte Disc printing

  • 6C Disc Printing can mean 5-color plus spot varnish on discs

    You can add a 6th color or varnish very inexpensively to the standard 5c printing. Give us a call and we'll help you decide what you need to achieve the special look you're after.

    EMarketing3 thirdfloor 4pp landscape tall digipak straight pkt, 4pp, Matte Lamination, rip PIPS, spot UV, straight pkt, straight pocket, tall, digipak
    Spot varnish & Matte on disc
    Spot Glass & Matte Lamination on Packaging
  • Comparing White Flood 5C to no White Flood 4C

    You can print either directly on the silver substrate or onto a white flood. Here are some test runs we did for a client with both versions. Both are pretty fun.
    disc white flood versus silver substrate 4C 5C printing

  • A Note About Disc Glossiness

    The UV-curable inks used for disc printing have a naturally shiny appearance—especially when printed at 100% (solid color). Tints of an ink, in comparison look rather matte in comparison. You'll want to consider that when planning for spot gloss effects on your disc.

  • Special Effects Disc Printing - Coordinating Disc Art & Packaging Art

    Here are some great examples of titles we made for clients with coordinated disc and packaging art:
    gold metallic ink disc printing
    disc printing using silver substrate in art
    silver metallic ink spot printing on cd jacket foam hub gold metallic ink on cd packaging 6pp digipaksilver metallic flood on tall dvd packagingsilver foil stamping tall digipak slipcase setspecial disc printing to match foil stamping on packagingspecial effects disc printing matching packaging foiling

  • Using the Metallic Substrate in your Disc Art

    Don't forget that the disc substrate is naturally very shiny. You can have some fun with this. Check out what these clients did:
    disc printing metallic ink and substrate knockoutsilver substrate in disc printing art design

  • Clear Substrate CDs

    We can make clear substrate cds! These are made using a mini cd mold with clear substrate poured out to the edges. You can do some really cool things with this.

    There are a few limitations to this cool product:
    -- The injection mold is a Mini CD (Pressed)
    -- Not available in recordable format (pressed mini cd only)
    -- Not available in DVD format
    -- Mini CDs format is up to 191 MB of data, so it is not ideal for a full size album

    BUT it is ultra cool, and because it is the full physical size, it won't get stuck in a slot drive.

  • Ready to Manufacture? Request a Quote!

    If you know what you want to manufacture, send us the specifics and we can help you with the costs. Send us an email with your spec. If you need some help defining your spec, please feel very free to attach a sketch or a title you saw that you liked.

    Qty: (300/500 is the min order)
    ...Paper Stock:
    ...Special Printing Effects or Die Cuts:
    Assembly: insertion & shrinkwrap
    Shipping: standard 5 days, US address (let us know if different)

    Email to us: hello@megalodon.com