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Vinyl Disc Cds - Vintage Record Album LP Look

"Vinyl CDs": Are they really vinyl? Well, no, they're not really vinyl. They sure look the part, though.

How do you make a CD (or a DVD, for that matter) look like it's a little vinyl LP? There are a couple of ways, and we have art masks to help.

  • CD Grooves - Opaque Color for the Label, Transparent Color for the "grooves"

    A CD or DVD's data areas don't look a lot like record grooves, but they do refract and refract light in a "circular" way, which resembles the reflection we're used to seeing on vinyl records. You can darken the data area with tints of ink. The label is made by using spot white under the label art.
    vinyl cds LP style grooves

  • Vintage Vinyl CDs

    This is one of our favorite examples of a viintage look cd. Vinyl Album Look - - Nailed It.
    vintage vinyl cd vinyl cd vintage artwork

    And in case you'd like some ideas for vintage packaging, how about these ideas?
    vintage LP record album cd sizeCD LP vintage packagingVintage LP CD pacakging retrovintage scrapbook cd jacket packaging

  • Some other Retro Vinyl Examples....

    Here are a few more examples in case you'd like to see what other clients did:Retro Vinyl cdvinyl cd retro lookVinyl CD LP record lookvinyl cd LP album disc and packaging

  • Black-on-Black Approach

    Another way is to use two coats of black -- one as a flood over all the disc (except the "record label," of course)—the other as a halftone, again suggesting the groove pattern.vinyl disc printing

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