Embossed Packaging or Debossed, CD DVD USB


Embossing = Raised Relief, Debossing = Recessed / Indented

Embossing, or raised relief, is a great way to make your title stand out, or just to highlight certain features of your artwork. Debossing is doing the reverse process and instead of raising the paper up, the paper is recessed. Guess we could call it Recessed Relief, but let's just say it goes down instead of up, for us simple folk. Male and female dies are used to press the design into the paper accordingly.

  • Photos of Embossed Debossed CD DVD Packaging -
    Embossing (Raised relief) and Debossing (Indented)

    embossed packaging embossing printing cd dvd usbembossed cd packaging indented recedded printingDebossed material packaging box set cd box set leatherette wrap materialDebossing packaging dvd debossed image
    Embossing on Tall CD digipak Packaging, with spot gloss and matte laminationDebossed dvd packaging, spot gloss, mate lamination, gold foil

    embossed debossed printing on cd packaging with spot gloss and matte laminationEmbossing DVD Packaging hot foil stamping printingembossed packaging embossing metallic ink
    Embossing on business card dvd packagingEmbossed cd packaging custom cutEmbossed cd digipak spot gloss on lyrics wood toneEmbossed dvd packaging spot gloss on slipcaseembossed fiberboard packaging die cut black printed

  • Embossed Accents for Certain Artistic Features

    Embossing creates raised areas in your packaging. This look is particularly effective when combined with hot foil stamping, metallic Pantone inks, or spot gloss effects.

    Embossing cd LP jacket vintageembossing cd packaging - combined with spot UV gloss and matte lamination

  • Embossed Lettering to Accent a Title

    Here are a few examples of embossing on titles:
    embossed digipak spine raised lettering embossing printing raised relief

  • Debossed = Recessed, Indented, Pressed

    Debossing is simply embossing in the other direction. Debossed items are pressed into the stock. Here is a closeup of the slipcase we made for the "Leonardo, The Complete Codex" DVD showing the debossing of the drawing of Leonardo.

    Debossed packaging debossing on dvd slipcase
    debossed slipcase dvd packaging indented
    Debossing dvd slipcase packaging,
    deboss close up on dvd or cd slipcase, debossed artwork printing
  • Combining Embossed or Debossed with Spot Gloss, Foil, or Metallics

    Embossed pacakging cd dvd slipcase
    Alcatraz Reunion slipcase - Matte Lamination, Spot Gloss, Pantone Metallic Ink, foil stamp and embossing

    In Alcatraz Reunion, the slipcase has Matte Lamination with Spot UV Gloss, and it uses both Pantone Metallic and hot foil stamp, AND embossing. The face outline is done with tints of Pantone 877 Silver Metallic, with overprinting black images. The title "Alcatraz Reunion" in foil stamped "into" the, glossy, embossed name board at the bottom.

  • "Disc Embossing" - Spot Color Knockouts under Matte on the Disc

    As you might have guessed, this is not really embossing, but This is a really beautiful effect—features that knock out to the disc surface, when seen under a matte coating, seem to take on a 3-D effect. Simple colors are key to pulling this off. Here's a particularly nice example:

    Embossed CD is actually spot gloss UV disc face with matte varnish flood
    "Embossed CD Disc"
    disc face with spot UV Gloss and matte varnish

    Send us your art and we can help you set this up. CHECK OUT Our Disc Printing Page (www.megalodon.com/graphics/disc-printing.html) for some more tips on this.

  • Setup of Special Effects in the Disc or Packaging Artwork

    The majority of special effects can be easily set up as separate layers in your favorite graphic design or layout program. Whatever color you use for embossing, have everything that needs the effect in a single color, at 100% ink. Email to be walked through the process depending on your program of choice, or have a graphics specialists set up the special effects for you (may incur additional cost). Here are some pages that may help you with ideas:
    Special Printing Effects
    Hot Foil Stamping
    Embossing and Debossing
    Spot UV Gloss
    How to set up Spot Colors
    How to set up PIPS or reverse side printing
    Custom Die Cuts
    Unusual Folds and Shapes
    Metallic Ink printing
    Spot White Ink on Fiberboard Stock
    Special Disc Printing
    Uncoated Paper(Matte)
    Fiberboard Paper (brown, kraft)

    One of our favorite titles for show & tell is the Deva Film Reel as it actually has all of the effects; hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV glass & lamination. Be sure to check our the full spec for the special printing effects on Deva's Featured Title page.
    Embossing Printing packaging spot gloss foil stampingembossed packaging with foil stampingembossing debossing printing packaging cd dvd slipcase set with foiling and spot gloss

  • Ready to Manufacture? Request a Quote!

    If you know what you want to manufacture, send us the specifics and we can help you with the costs. Send us an email with your spec. If you need some help defining your spec, please feel very free to attach a sketch or a title you saw that you liked.

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    Assembly: insertion & shrinkwrap
    Shipping: standard 5 days, US address (let us know if different)

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