Fiberboard CD DVD Packaging


Eco Friendly, Unbleached, Recycled, Organic Paper

Fiberboard Paper is a very Eco Friendly Paper Stock. It is made with End of the Chain, Pulp Material that is normally discarded as well as recycled paper. It is an unbleached, unvarnished, matte paper that is brownish in color and fuzzy in texture. You can have a lot of fun with this paper stock, as well as feeling good about environmental impact.

  • Photos of Fiberboard CD DVD Packaging
    The Ultimate Organic Paper - Unbleached, Unvarnished, Eco Friendly, Recycled,
    End of Chain Material, and Fun to Design On!

    fiberboard paper cd dvd packagingfiberboard paper digipak tall dvd packagingfiberboard paper jacket cd packaging
    fiberboard paper talle digipak dvd packagingfiberboard paper recycled digipak cd packagingfiberboard paper packaging cd dvd foam hub magnet closurefiberboard eco friendly cd jacket 2 disc pocketsfiberboard recycled paper cd jacket foam hub die cut out shapefiberboard cd jacket eco friendly recycled paperfiberboard packaging tall dvd jacket eco friendly recycled paperfiberboard cd dvd pacakging recycled eco friendlyfiberboard paper cd jacket brownish unbleached papercd jacket fiberboard paper unbleached recycled paperfiberboard paper cd jacket recycled eco friendly packagingfiberboard packaging recycled paper eco friendly cd dvd fiberboard dvd packaging tall digipak recycled paper

  • Printing White Ink Printing on Fiberboard Packaging

    Printing on the brownish fiberboard stock results in a somewhat muted color, as opposed to printing on a white, coated piece of paper. If you need the colors to be more "true" (ie closer to if you printed on white stock) you may need to apply a spot white ink first, or even a flood. If you want white ink in the design, you will also need to print a special white ink. Remember that on white paper, you get the white for free, on fiberboard, you have to add it. Check out out Spot White Ink on Fiberboard Page for more examples and instructions.

    fiberboard paper spot white ink printingfiberboard paper with flood white spot white ink printingfiberboard paper with spot white ink printingfiberboard paper flood white printing on cd vd packaging
    fiberboard paper spot white ink printing
    fiberboard paper spot white ink printing cd jacket packaging
  • Printing Fiberboard Paper a Solid Color

    You can print fiberboard a solid color as well. Check these titles out:


     fiberboard packaging 1C printing foam hub die cut shapesfiberboard packaging cd dvd jacket printed solid color
  • Vat Dying Fiberboard as Opposed to 1C Printing

    Many people ask for black fiberboard. it doesn't come that way, it comes as a natural paper made from bits and pieces that are normally discarded, and recycled paper stock. You can however print it black or dye it black. Dying fiberboard in a vat does give you supersaturated black color, but it also softens the it depends what you want!
    black fiberboard silver foil stampingblack printed fiberboard packaging die cut windowsfiberboard packaging 1C printing black

  • Foil Stamping on Fiberboard, and Spot Gloss

    Shiny Foil Stamping is a wonderful contrast to fibrous fiberboard. Foil is available in many colors.
    black fiberboard foil stamping silver foilingfiberboard packaging silver foil stamping foilingsiberboard paper silver foiling foil stamping

    Spot Gloss is also an option on fiberboard, but keep in mind that the effect is a bit more subtle that on crisp paper. Should you want to, you can actually varnish the entire package. We have a contrast example a bit below you can check out.
    Fiberboard spot gloss varnishfiberboard uncoated and coated comparison spot gloss

  • Printing PMS Colors on Fiberboard Stock

    When you have a specific PMS color you want to use (or end up with), you'll need white underneath it if you want it to be truer to the color you would get printing on white paper. Pantone inks are generally more opaque then the process inks, so you might want to consider adding 2x spot white as a base—especially with the lighter colors. Even with 2x hits of white ink, though, you can expect some effect on color.fiberboard paper packaging cd jacket PMS color ink printingfiberboard recycled paper packaging pms ink printingfiberboard packaging recycled paper eco friendly

  • Organic Fiberboard Looks - Paper Trays, Cork Hubs,
    Kraft Paper Lining, Uncoated Paper Booklets

    Fiberboard goes so well with paper trays, cork hubs, and uncoated paper stocks. Let us show you some fun combinations:
    fiberboard packaging cd jacket cork hub eco friendlyfiberboard box packaging cd setrecycled paper uncoated cd booklet

  • Setup of White Ink in the Disc or Packaging Artwork

    TO create artwork using white ink, you have a couple of options. You can create a spot color (spot channel in Photoshop) and set it to display as white. This may work fine for simpler files, but with Photoshop, it can be a headache to deal with. If you do use a custom color, make sure the name is the same in all files you are using, and try test separations on the art as a sanity check.

    You can "theoretically" create a custom color, called "white Ink," and set its display color to white, and it will come out on its own plate in the separations.

    Our preferred, but arguably old fashioned, method is to use a separate layer for your white, and make all "white" items there, filled and stroked (vector art terms!) with the same single process color. We will place the art you provide, and bring out the white layer to a different page of the layout, so that the areas to take white ink can be clearly seen.

    Here are some pages that may help you with ideas:
    Special Printing Effects
    Hot Foil Stamping
    Embossing and Debossing
    Spot UV Gloss
    How to set up Spot Colors
    How to set up PIPS or reverse side printing
    Custom Die Cuts
    Unusual Folds and Shapes
    Metallic Ink printing
    Spot White Ink on Fiberboard Stock
    Special Disc Printing
    Uncoated Paper(Matte)
    Fiberboard Paper (brown, kraft)

    One of our favorite titles for show & tell is the Deva Film Reel as it actually has all of the effects; hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing, spot UV glass & lamination. Be sure to check our the full spec for the special printing effects on Deva's Featured Title page.

    gold foil photo with spot gloss and matte lam, dvd film reel packagingDVD packaging with gold foil stamping, embossing, and spot UV gloss matte lamination contrastGold foil on DVD slipcase set,  disc, digipak, special printing effects