Matte Uncoated CD & DVD Packaging Paper Stocks:


Recycled white or unbleached fiberboard, kraft, and thick heavy board stock

  • Examples of Matte, Uncoated, or Fiberboard CD DVD Packaging

  • Uncoated Matte White Paper Stock for CD & DVD Packaging

    Uncoated paper has a lovely natural, matte finish. It's great for those projects that need a very "earthy" feel, but need a white printing surface. The standard weight for our uncoated stock is 310gsm (or about 15pt/87#).

    mayday3 4pp digipak diagonal pocket uncoated recycled poster mayday3 4pp digipak diagonal pocket uncoated recycled poster molly zenobia4 4pp jacket recycled uncoated patagoniaMOS1 dvd 4pp jacket wideTH uncoated eco recycled pips benstix 6pp digipak rip tube matte lam inside InLakEck 4pp digipak 10pp folder eden 6pp tall digipak diagonal pocket 2 LosOsos1 4 pp tray pak pack uncoated

    Because uncoated stock does not have a coating on it, it does tend to be more absorbent that coated stock, so colors will bleed a little. If your artwork is not a good candidate for uncoated stock (too fine of text or colors), you may want to consider a matte aqueous flood varnish, or a matte lamination.

  • Thick Uncoated Stock Paper Weight- measuring gsm density versus pt stock thickness

    Measuring thickness of papers can get a little tricky. Thickness does not directly equate rigidity for example. We have found that referring to paper stocks by "gsm" is a bit more accurate as it reflects the density.

    Recycled content does not affect thickness, but it has a big effect on the rigidity. 16pt recycled paper with a high pcw recycled content will have the same thickness when calipered as a lower recycled content. But if you hold the paper stock with high recycled content and bend it, you'll find it is definitely more flexible. The higher the recycled content, the softer the fibers (they've been used!), and the less rigid the paper feels. Some clients are ok with this and some are we offer two types of recycled stock; 20-30% pcw and 70-80%pcw. The higher the recycled content, the less rigid.

    Patagonia CD Jacket with high percentage post consumer waste
    Recycled Content 70-80%

    Coatings also have a big impact on the gsm. For example, CS2 (coated 2 side) 16pt is about 400 gsm, but C1S (coated one side) 16pt is about 310gsm. We have a great table that lists out common paper stocks we use in pt stock thickness and converts to gsm measurement.

    21pt Thickness or 380gsm
    Uncoated Paper Stock

    Ink saturation has an additional effect. If you use uncoated both sides stock, and apply a lot of ink, saturation can occur and the paper feels less rigid.

    Construction plays a big part in the end thickness as well. If panels are created by folding over paper and gluing it down, then the panel thickness is increased, as opposed to single wall /slab panels. The below title uses standard stock fiberboard but feels very thick because of it's special construction. This jacket has a magnetic closure in it and we craftily hid the magnets within the panels. A side benefit is the extra thick feel!
    Thick fiberboard dvd jacket with foam hub and hidden magnets

    Special construction panels in Fiberboard DVD Jacket to hide the magnets
    Increases the packaging Thickness

    Thick dvd packaging resulting from construction of panels used to hide magnets

  • Uncoated Stock or Matte Aqueous Finish for CD & DVD Booklets

    Booklets use a thinner stock paper and can either be uncoated or finished with a matte aqueous. Matte aqueous is more common as it is better suited to the smaller type.

    magicmama4 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal magicmama4 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal magicmama5 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal magicmama6 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal magicmama7 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal
  • Fiberboard Paper Stock - End of Chain Pulp Material, Unbleached Uncoated

    multi 5 disc box set fiberboard wrap vellum sleeves
    CMYK over White
    fiberboard stock cd jacket with 2x white ink
    Black + White
    RileyBunn8 4pp jacket fiberboard 2disc miniLP
    Garvey1 dirtyGuvnahs 4pp fiberboard hub jacket 8pp poster custom diecut

    Fiberboard is a great unbleached stock with a natural look to it. It may be brown, but it's probably as probably as "green" as you can get! The standard weight for our fiberboard stock is 310gsm (or about 15pt/87#).

    See also Printing White Ink on Fiberboard, Fiberboard digipaks, Fiberboard Jackets.

  • Kraft Paper CD & DVD Booklets, Matte & Uncoated

    Another fun option for a booklet is to use kraft paper instead of white paper. Let us take a look at your art and guide you on the best options.

    Kraft paper booklet and fiberboard cd jacket uncoated
    Fiberboard CD Jacket with Kraft Paper Booklet
    Uncoated and Very Matte
  • High Percentage Recycled Paper Stock (20 -30% PCW and 70-80% PCW) Packaging

    What's "Truly ECO?" For most replicators, "recycled" means a post-consumer content of 10% or so. Our standard is a bit tougher. Our standard paper stock is 20%-30% post-consumer waste and our Truly ECO recycled stock contains 70-80% post-consumer waste. The weight for our Truly ECO recycled content stock is 305gsm (or about 14pt/82#). Because of the high percentage of recycled content, the paper has a softer feel to it than one with a lower recycled percentage. We have experimented with 100% recycled but have not found the results to be to our liking. So for a high percentage recycled content paper stock, 70-80% is our recommendation.

    See also Eco Jackets, Eco Friendly Options.high percentage recycled content packaging

    Our Standard Stock = Recycled Paper 20 - 30% PCW Content Our standard paper stock contains 20 - 30% recycled content, which is actually more eco than many of our competitors' special eco / recycled stocks! Always be sure to check the details if you are looking for recycled stock to see just how much post consumer waste is in the paper. The standard weight for our standard stock is 310gsm (or about 15pt/87#). The thickness of this stock is what we feel is ideal for good, solid packaging, and holds up well to various special printing effects and finishes.

    Both percentages are available coated or uncoated.

    See also Eco digipaks.

  • Extra Thick, Heavy Board Paper Stocks

    Extra thick paper is available in all stocks, this can really help beef up your packaging. Up to 400gsm (or about 21pt/110#). Chipboard / board stock can also be used and wrapped with a printed wrap of about 150 gsm. We do this technique for products that need a book binding look - common on old style LPs or digi books. Consider also, alternate construction methods such as gluing two 15 pt stock panels. Depending on what your needs are for pockets or die cuts, we can help you create the best solution.

    This title uses 18pt thick stock with uncoated matte paper. The booklet has a matte aqueous coating and has it's back page tucked into a pocket.

    Matte CD packaging with thick stock 18pt uncoated paper
    Matte cd packaging with uncoated paper stock Matte cd packaging with reverse side printing on paperUncoated paper cd packaging with matte aqueous bookletMatte cd packaging using uncoated paper
    Matte DVD packaging using fiberboard stock Matte fiberboard dvd jacket with magnetic closure
    Fiberboard dvd packaging matte uncoated Matte dvd fiberboard packaging with magnets
  • Book Binding Style Albums - Chipboard Core w/ Paper Wrap, Matte Lamination

    Chipboard w/ a printed paper wrap is great for the vintage look—this is what was used for old vinyl LPs up through the '60s. Our chipboard comes in a variety of thicknesses—from 0.7mm to 2mm. Generally we recommend a 150gsm paper wrap (about 7.3pt/40#).

    Book binding close up inner wrap
    Matte CD Album with thick chipboard core paper stockCD book binding detail showing inner wrap booklet and tray Matte CD Book packaging with foilUncoated paper cd book packaging cream color
  • Setting up Special Printing Effects

    Although most professional-level graphics programs allow the use of spot colors, we find that the easier way to create spot effects is to create a new layer (or layers) in the program, then create art in one of the standard process colors. This allows you to work with your CMYK or RGB art without the limitations created with multi-channel files.
    The majority of special effects can be easily set up as separate layers in your favorite graphic design or layout program. Whatever color you use for embossing, have everything that needs the effect in a single color, at 100% ink. Call or e-mail to be walked through the process depending on your program of choice, or have a graphics specialists set up the special effects for you (may incur additional cost). Here are some pages that may help you with ideas:
    Special Printing Effects
    Hot Foil Stamping
    Embossing and Debossing
    Spot UV Gloss
    How to set up Spot Colors
    How to set up PIPS or reverse side printing
    Custom Die Cuts
    Unusual Folds and Shapes
    Metallic Ink printing
    Spot White Ink on Fiberboard Stock
    Special Disc Printing
    Uncoated Paper(Matte)
    Fiberboard Paper (brown, kraft)

    One of our favorite titles for show & tell is the Deva Film Reel as it actually has all of the effects; hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing, spot UV glass & lamination. Be sure to check our the full spec for the special printing effects on Deva's Featured Title page.

    gold foil photo with spot gloss and matte lam, dvd film reel packagingDVD packaging with gold foil stamping, embossing, and spot UV gloss matte lamination contrastGold foil on DVD slipcase set,  disc, digipak, special printing effects