CDR Discs (Recordable CDs) - Ready to Burn

  • Recordable CDR Discs - Fully Printed, No Data / Duplication

    Megalodon offers fully offset-printed CDR media—just the thing for your software title or other changing content. You burn them yourself, but they look like they're mass-produced (or let's say"Megalodon-produced").
    If you do have the data ready, or all of your discs will have the same content, you may want to consider doing a pressed/replicated CD. Replicated cds are less expensive than recordables and generally less work for clients.

  • Printing on CDRs - Printed 5C Offset or Silkscreen, Full Color

    There's no reason a CD-R has to look like a "home-burned"disc! Have your DVDRs fully offset-printed, using the latest finishes.
    You have the complete palette of color and special effects—and don't forget printable coatings!

  • Serialization Options for Discs - Unique Serial Numbers

    If you have a special need such as unique serial numbers on a disc, we can help with that. For more info, see Disc Serialization. This is a feature that will definitely welcommed by your users.

    Serialized discs are printed in the normal way—offset printed or silk screened—then the serialization printing is done as a final step. You get all the quality you've come to expect from Megalodon, but with the convenience of serialization right on the disc.

  • Proofset for Recordable Disc and Packaging—Test Discs and Match Prints

    Every order comes with a full proofset—matchprints for the packaging and a fully printed test disc. That means that you not only get to preview the disc printing as it will be done on the final discs, but you also get the printing on a working recordable disc, so you can try it for yourself.

    You also get a full set of matchprints (24 panels of your choosing, for longer books). These give a good preview of overall color and they are great for constructing mockups.


  • CDR Capacity and References

    Capacity for CDRs is the same as for pressed CDs—approximately 640 MB, or 74 minutes of audio. 80 minute discs are available, too. Here are links to capacity tables for recordable CDs and DVDs:

    CD Capacity Table with data size, physical size, playing time, data storage or capacity, mini CDs, and clear substrate CDs.