CD Capacity, Sizes, Formats, and Playing Times

  • A moment for CD Basics...8cm Mini CD and 12cm Full Size CD

    CDs come in two standard sizes. The most common is the full-sized 120 mm disc. Its little offspring, the Mini CD*, has a diameter of 80 mm and about a third the capacity. Variants of the mini CD include the clear substrate cd, and shape CDs such the popular business card CD.

    For reference, a standard 120 mm CD-ROM holds about 650 megabytes, which is 0.64 gigabytes or 0.68 billion bytes. Mini CDs hold about 185 MB.

    Comparison of mini cd to full size cd
    * Some people refer to mini CDs as "Mini Discs"—a proprietary SONY magneto-optical format.

  • CD Capacity Table

    Designation   Diam,(mm) Capacity,MB Capacity,(min)
            (Std PCM audio)
    High Density CD   120 700 80
    Standard CD   120 650 74
    Mini CD   80 185 21
    Business Card Hockey Rink 80 x 65 40 4.5
    Business Card Rectangular 86 x 58 30 3.4
    Business Card Rectangular 86 x 56 18 2
    For more info, see Compact Disc on Wikipedia
  • Mini CD Photos and Packaging

    Mini CDs (or DVDs) can work with either 3 inch/80mm packaging (we call this "mini dsic size") or regular "cd" size 5 inch/120mm packaging. They can also work with custom size or a taller "dvd height". The discs can be held with foam hubs, pockets, or trays. Booklets can be a more standardized size, or also made especially small in the 3 inch/ 80mm size.
    Photo of mini disc, 5C offset printingPhoto of mini disc in 6pp jacket with foam hubClose up of Dice mini dvdPhoto of Dillards promotional mini cd, holidayPhoto of Warner Brothers DVD, vinyl sleeveClose up photo of Warner Brothers DVD, 5C offset printing Photo of mini cd in 4pp jacket, Bible SchoolPhoto of mini cd in 4pp jacket, outside, Bible School Photo of mini cd in 4pp jacket with thumbholeImage of mini disc in 4pp jacket with thumbholePhoto of mini disc packaging, 4pp jacket with thumbholeMini cd photo, 5C offset printingPhoto of mini cd packaging, 4pp jacketMini cd in presentation jacket photo Photo of mini cd in 4pp presentation jacket - closedPhoto of cd in mini jacket, 4pp presentation style - inside showing pocket Photo of Extra Wide mini disc mailerMini disc mailer photoMini disc mailer image Photo of mini cd jacket, 4pp jacket with foam hub - insideePhoto of mini cd packaging, 4pp jacket - outside Photo of mini disc 6pp jacket with foam hubImage of mini disc packaging, 6pp jacket with foam hub, 3 inch heightPhoto of mini cd packaging, 6pp jacket with foam hub, 3 inch height Photo of portfolio with foam hubs for mini cds Photo of 6pp mini disc jacket with mini cdImage of 6pp mini disc jacket, foam hub, booklet, mini cdPhoto of retro style art, mini cd with 6pp jacket, 3 inch size Photo of hockey rink, business card cdPhoto of rectangular shape cdPhoto of rectangular cd, American Express

  • Clear Substrate CDs and DVDs

    Clear substrate discs are made by using the mini disc mold (so the same data size as a mini disc!) and clear substrate rather than the metalized substrate out to the edge of the disc. The result is a partially see through disc. The physical size is the same as a normal, full size disc, and as a result, it never gets stuck in a slot player! You can have a lot of fun with the art. Photo of award winning clear substrate cd, international Photo of clear substrate dvd, clear dvd case with paper insertImage of clear disc next to clear case with paper insertPhoto of children's title, clear substrate discClear substrate cd with jacket, children's bedtime songsImage of clear substrate cd next to 4pp jacket

    Image of clear substrate cd, yogaClear substrate cd image, yogaClear substrate cd- yoga cd

    Photo of clear substrate cd - house shapeClear substrate cd - house shape cd

    Photo of clear substrate cd - shark