Clear Substrate CD and DVD Manufacturing

  • Clear Discs—What would you like to do with the space?

    Producing a short presentation or demo? The clear substrate CD / DVD has the data area of a mini disc in the physical package of a full sized disc. Beyond the mini disc metallization the disc is perfectly clear. Simple, eh?
    How much Data do they hold -
    Capacity CD 191 MB (see Mini CD on Wikipedia)
    Capacity DVD 1.4 GB (see Mini DVD on Wikipedia)

    You see, CDs and DVDs differ from LPs in that they start from the middle. No playability issues or slot drive compatability problems , because the disc is full sized.

  • Spot White—white where you want it!!

    No, we're not channeling Elmer Fudd, we're talking about using white in some spots but not in others.

    The CMYK process color inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yello, Black) are somewhat transparent—that's how you can get so many colors from just halftones of those four colors. A flood of white is put behind most CMYK printing to give it a nice opaque look.

    8pp tray pk hyperspace4 disc white basecoat comparison
    White & No White
    What if you didn't want the opaque white everywhere? That's where "spot white" comes in. You can define areas on your disc printing that you want opaque and areas you want clear. On a clear substrate CD or DVD, you might want to put your white over the metallized area, and leave everything else clear.
  • Need disc packaging with that?

    We specialize in high-end disc packaging—Packaging you can't get just anywhere. Take a look on our site for dvd and cd packaging styles or featured replication projects.

    For a detailed look at all the basic packaging types, visit our
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  • See-Through Packaging Options (die cuts windows)

    Imagine a disc package with a diecut window on the front panel, and through the window you see another window—with daylight showing on the other side. And in the window you see something floating there. What you're seeing is some art "floating" on the clear substrate. Add spot white ink behind the art to make it more opaque.

  • Mini CD and Mini DVD Capacity and References

    How much data CAN be put on a clear-substrate DVD or CD? Find out on our CD Capacity and Play Time Chart and DVD Capacity and Play Time Chart.