Mini CDs and DVDs

  • Mini Disc, 80 mm diameter CDs and DVDs

    Producing a short presentation or demo?

    A mini CD and DVD may be what you need. The packaging is just the right size to fit a shirt pocket, so they're great for promotional videos or EPs.

  • 5C Offset Printing - Put the white where you want it!!

    The CMYK process color inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yello, Black) are somewhat transparent—that's how you can get so many colors from just halftones of those four colors. A flood of white is put behind most CMYK printing to give it a nice opaque look.
    What if you didn't want the opaque white everywhere? That's where "spot white" comes in. You can define areas on your disc printing that you want opaque and areas you want to show the disc surface.

  • Every Packaging option is available to you

    Just about every packaging type available for full-sized discs is available for mini discs—only smaller
    Another interesting optiuon is the mini digipak, which looks like a full-sized digipak, but is designed for the roughly 3 inch disc.

  • Test Discs for Recordables

    Test discs for recordables are printed using the same methods as for pressed CD or pressed DVD. You get a sample of the media, printed using the same method as will be used on the final discs.

  • Mini CD and Mini DVD Capacity and References

    How much data CAN be put on a mini DVD or CD? Find out on our CD Capacity and Play Time Chart and DVD Capacity and Play Time Chart.