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Hardbound Books with Discs, Book Binding, Heavy Chipboard Core


There are many ways we can make CD & DVD Books. We can vary the dimensions, vary the booklets or inner pages, change the material, and we can hold the disc in a multitude of ways; plastic trays, paper trays, glued on sleeves with printed paper or uncoated solid color, swinging sleeves, or hubs (foam or cork). Did we forget any ways? You let us know if we did! Almost all of our books have some sort of customization. After all, did you really want it to look like everyone else's? We didn't think so. Let us know what you have in mind!

  • DVD Digi Book Packaging Examples

  • CD Books with Clear Plastic Trays, 5 inch Height

    CD Books are usually requested in a 5inch height to go along with the 5inch tray. We can of course make it any way you'd like! Here are some examples of cd books with clear, plastic 5inch trays:

    digibook with tray gold foil chipboard core
    cd digibook with traydigibook binding packaging with tray

  • DVD Books with Clear Plastic Trays, 7.5 inch Height

    DVD Books are usually requested in a taller, 7.5inch height and we use the clear dvd trays. Of course any variations are possible!
    Dvd digibook digibook packaging with two tall traysdigibook dvd book with chipboard core materialdigibook with black uncoated slipcaseTwo dvd digbook with bookletdigibook binding dvd packaging two dvds
    DVD Digibook Tall dvd book made with chipboard coredvd digi book spine heavy chipboard stock materialdvd digbook tall plastic traydvd book binding close up showing inner wrapdvd book printing with chipboard core

  • CD Books / DigiBooks / Vinyl Books - Types of Trays
    Clear Plastic Trays, Paper Trays, and Foam Trays

    Paper Trays are eco - friendly substitute for plastic tray. They are 100% recycled paper stock with a cork hub. They look like this:Trays are a very popular option for folding the disc. You can choose from the following types:
    Clear Plastic or Solid Color
    Clear Plastic: 5", 7", 7" Dbl disc ...and you can use two 5" trays to make a 10"
    Paper Trays: 5" only, 100% recycled paper cork hub
    Foam Tray: awesome for creating a well for the disc or a usb, custom made in any size
    digbook cd dvd book clear tray left side perfect bound inner pages right sideDigibook CD Book tray clear plastic left sideDigibook CD Book tray right side clear plastic linen wrapped bookDVD Digibook tall tray right side book
    DVD DigiBook double disc tray dbl multidisc book set

    Paper Trays
    A variation on the plastic tray is the Natural Paper Tray. Paper trays are made from 100% recycled paper and have a cork hub. It's a very earthy look:
    paper tray cd book dvd book plastic free recycledPaper tray dvd book cd book recycled paperRecycled paper tray in cd dvd book packagingrecycled paper tray cd book digipak jacket packaging

    Foam trays are a fun way to hold discs and we can create a custom size package. Black is a popular option but we can also apply a printed wrap over it. Check these out:
    Vinyl Sized DigiBook Foam tray to hold two discs

    Digibook 12inch size foam tray to hold two discs

    Foam tray disc usb pacakging cd dvd book optionFoam tray usb pacakging option cd dvd digibook packagingfoam tray usb packaging custom retro cassette
    Printed foam tray dvd digibook pacakging coption
    printed foam tray cd dvd digipak digibook packaging

  • Hardbound CD Book and DVD Book Packaging - Basic Features

    Keep in mind that everything we do is custom built. There are no pre-existing units sitting on a shelf, waiting to printeries doesn't work that way. These are manufactured to your spec so you can change most features. But, the "classic" hardbound book has a few basic features:

    • Thick Chipboard Core
      The cover is a lot heavier than the cover on a paperback or a jacket. We use a thick chipboard core. Construction can be one pice or three piece depending on the other features and wrap material. Thickness can be 390gsm, 24oz or 32 oz.. It all has to work together!
    • Inner Pages / Booklet
      The inner pages can be flush with the book or smaller. They can be stapled and attached to the spine, or glued to a panel. They can also be part of the sleeve mechanism, If you have enough inner pages, you can do a perfect bound book so the booklet has a spine. You need at least 28pp to have a perfect bound book.

    • Outer Wrap
      The outside material that covers the chipboard can be a paper wrap (120gsm) printed 4C with a matte or gloss lamination, kraft paper, uncoated paper, or fabric. Fabrics come in many different types and textures. Linen, leatherette, hemp, etc etc etc. Printing on fabric can be silkscreening, metallic inks or foils depending on how well the fabric can take the print.

      Holding the Disc
      Lots of options here:
      Trays, plastic or paper
      Hub, foam or cork.
      Sleeves, glued or swinging.
      LP style Pockets

      Don't they vary! As a very general rule, cd books are about 5inch and dvd books are about 7.5 inch.

  • Simulated Book Binding -- a Budget Friendly Alternative

    Simulated Bookbinding is a good alternative approach if the budget will not allow for actual bookbinding. Actual bookbinding uses a chipboard core which is very rigid and a 4C wrap is glued to it. An alternative is to use a heavy stock (18pt or 21pt) and make double wall panels. The main art for all inside and outside panels is printed onto one side of the stock, then, after die cutting, the cover is made by folding panels over and gluing, resulting in double thickness panels (aka: DOUBLE-WALL CONSTRUCTION). Of course, with this method, you can use the double thickness to create disc pockets, or (as in the case of the plum colored example below) a clever way to hold the book in place you still allow it to be removed. If you want to, you can put the inside border that looks like the 4C wrap into your art, like our "Natural Sound of Japan" project!

    Simulated Book Binding
    (the burgundy Edge is in the artwork)

  • Cloth, Fabric, Leatherette Covered CD / DVD Books — Limited Editions!
    Silkscreen Printing or Foil Stamping

    We can do your CD or DVD book with binding cloth and make you a stellar "Limited Edition" release. Printing on binding cloth or binding paper is a lot different from printing on standard paper. Ink is generally silk screened, rather than offset printed, so solid-color designs are generally recommended over art containing halftones.

    The inks available include the Pantone™ metallics, or you can even choose hot foil stamping!

    cd dvd fabric wrap book cloth binding paper samples fabric leatherette vinyl
    linen colors available cd dvd book box wrap fabric

    binding paper and cloth samples:
    fabric, leatherette, and patterned styles
  • CD & DVD Fabric Wrapped Books

    Fabric wrapped hard bound book packaging can give your release just what it needs to get the attention it deserves! (Fabric can also be printed on)
    CD DVD fabric wrapped hard cover packaging
    Fabric wrapped CD DVD album coversFabric wrapped book binding CD DVD packagingCD DVD fabric book binding packagingCD DVD hard cover book packaging

  • Perfect Bound Books vs. Saddle Stitch / Stapled Booklets

    Saddle stitch is the traditional way to create booklets for disc packaging. Basically, saddle stitch means "stapled". Typical page count for saddle stitch is 8 to 24 panels*, but twice that is not uncommon. The page count for saddle stitch almost always includes the covers. If the cover needs to be a different stock, the inner pages can be run separately. Most of our booklets are full color throughout, including Pantones, although black-only is an option, too.

    Perfect binding is the process of creating books by gluing a block of pages at the spine, which gives a square back. As any reader of Dune on paperback can confirm, a perfect bound book can have a nearly unlimited number of pages, but for CD and DVD projects, the higher-end page count is 100 to 200 panels. As an entry point, we'll say 40 panels and up make a good thickness for this type of construction. It gives a square spine and has at least a bit of bulk to it. Page count for perfect-bound books excludes the covers, as the covers are made from heavier stock and provide the spine.
    *Note: "Panel" or "Page" both refer to one side of a printed sheet. A single print spread will typically contain 4 panels.

    Perfect Bound Book
    See more examples at our Perfect Bound Book and Spiral Notebook Page

  • Options for your Book's Inner Pages - Stapled Booklets, Glued Booklets,
    Fly Sheets, Booklets as part of a Swinging Sleeve

    . CD DVD Books booklet glued to back cover close up photo
    cd book perfect bound booklet spine inner pages glued to back panel side viewcd book perfect bound booklet glued back cover top view
    DVD book perfect bound booklet back cover under tray
    cd book stapled booklet inner pagesdvd book stapled bookletcd book packaging inner pages attached to swinging sleevecd dvd book booklet inner pages glued to front covercd dvd book inner pages fly sheetscd dvd books packaging inner pages booklet attached to wrap at spinecd book dvd book perfect bound inner pages spine top view tray

  • Adding Foil Stamping to your Digibook
    Foiling available in many colors - gold, silver, red, teal, copper, etc etc

    CD Book with perfect bound book insideCD BOOK with hot foil gold stamping on front cover, spine, back panelCD-Book-Hardbound-Book-Binding-Closeup

    You can also do some fun things like die cuts and embossing - check this book out, done on a cloth cover:

    Here's a sample sheet we have from our foil manufacturer:
    Foil stamping colors cd dvd book packaging

  • Alternative to Trays - Sleeves, Pockets or Hubs

    Sleeves are a variation on the pocket, being made from thinner stock, and either attached to an inside cover or made to swing freely like a book page. Multi-disc sets can be made this way, with two discs per page. You can make the sleeves from coated or uncoated stock. You can print them as you would your other book pages or you can have them a single color, like a vintage '78 box set


    DigiBook swinging Sleeve

    DVD DigiBook Swinging SleeveDVD DigiBook swinging sleeve
    CD DVD DigiBook swinging sleeve die cut holeCD dvd digibook packaging swinging sleeve no die cut hole
    Swinging sleeve cd dvd digibook option die cut holeswinging sleeves multidisc jacket cd dvd digibook option two to four discs
    Glued on Sleeve pocket cd dvd books packaging option
    Glued on Sleeve pocket cd dvd books packaging optionglued sleeve pocket cd dvd books pacakging option black kraft paperglued sleeve pocket lp cd dvd digibooks packaging option two disc setglued sleeve pocket cd book pacakging option dvd digibook oversized two discCD DigiBook glued on sleeve pocket dvd book packaging optionswinging sleeve cd jacket cd dvd digibook option custom packaging

    Swinging sleeve vinyl retro vintage LP record set

    Foam hubs are a great way to mount your disc, showing it off in its full glory. Hubs can stick on any surface and are available in black or white. We can also do clear gel hubs. Hubs are great alternative to plastic trays.

    cd book foam hub packaging double disccd book foam hub double disc two cd packagingfoam hub cd book packagin double disc
    Cork hubs are another option:
    cork hub cd books packaging dvd book option

    Pockets are a popular way to hold the discs in many types of CD and DVD packaging, since the standard jacket construction style inherently gives you both sides of a pocket. Pockets in a book package are generally up-facing or out-facing. The out-facing pocket style is also very popular in LP disc packaging / cd albums.
    CD LP packaging outward facing pocket

  • Making Chipboard Box Set Collections

    We can also make a box set for you. This is a great solution if you have multiple discs, a large book, or need strong shelf presence.
    CD Box Set Collection with two discs and book

    Check out our Box Set Collection page for more examples.

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