Double Disc Books, Hardbound CD DVD Sets
CD / DVD Sets Manufacturing and Replication

  • Double Disc CD DVD Books - Hard Cover Books, Fabric or Printed

    Available typical "cd height" 5 inch, or taller "dvd height" 7 inch, or custom height
    ~ Hold the discs with trays, hubs, swinging sleeves, or pockets
    ~ Any number of inner pages, intervals of 4pp
    ~ Printed 4C Wrap
    ~ Fabric Wrapped - Linen, Hemp, Cloth

    double disc cd dvd book cloth wrap hardbound set double disc cd dvd book custom sleeve string tie
    2 Disc DVD Book, Cloth Bound
    Custom swinging sleeves & String Tie

  • Using Trays to hold Discs -
    Plastic, Paper, and Foam Trays

    Trays are a very popular option for folding the disc. You can choose from the following types:
    Clear Plastic or Solid Color
    Clear Plastic: 5", 7", 7" Dbl disc ...and you can use two 5" trays to make a 10"
    Paper Trays: 5" only, 100% recycled paper cork hub
    Foam Tray: awesome for creating a well for the disc or a usb, custom made in any size
    hardbound cd book clear tray left side perfect bound inner pages right sidehardbound CD Book tray clear plastic left sidehardbound CD Book tray right side clear plastic linen wrapped bookhardbound DVD book tall tray right side book
    hardbound CD DVD Book double disc tray dbl multidisc book set

    Paper Trays
    A variation on the plastic tray is the Natural Paper Tray. Paper trays are made from 100% recycled paper and have a cork hub. It's a very earthy look:
    paper tray cd book dvd book plastic free recycledPaper tray dvd book cd book recycled paperRecycled paper tray in cd dvd book packagingrecycled paper tray cd book digipak jacket packaging

    Foam trays are a fun way to hold discs and we can create a custom size package. Black is a popular option but we can also apply a printed wrap over it. Check these out:
    Vinyl Sized hardbound CD Book Foam tray to hold two discsHardbound CD Book 12inch size foam tray to hold two discs

    Foam tray disc usb pacakging cd dvd book optionFoam tray  usb pacakging option cd dvd book packagingfoam tray usb packaging custom retro cassette
    Printed foam tray dvd pacakging cd book option
    printed foam tray cd dvd digipak book packaging


  • Swinging Sleeves, Glued on Sleeves, Foam Hubs
    Other ways to hold Discs

    Sleeves are a variation on the pocket, being made from thinner stock, and either attached to an inside cover or made to swing freely like a book page. Multi-disc sets can be made this way, with two discs per page. You can make the sleeves from coated or uncoated stock. You can print them as you would your other book pages or you can have them a single color, like a vintage '78 box set


    hardbound CD Book swinging Sleeve

    hardbound Book Swinging Sleevehardbound Book swinging sleeve
    hardbound CD DVD Book swinging sleeve die cut holehardbound CD dvd book packaging swinging sleeve no die cut hole
    Swinging sleeve cd dvd book option die cut holeswinging sleeves multidisc jacket cd dvd book option two to four discs
    Glued on Sleeve pocket cd dvd books packaging option
    Glued on Sleeve pocket cd dvd books packaging optionglued sleeve pocket cd dvd books pacakging option black kraft paperhardbound 2 cd book glued sleeve pocket lp cd dvd books packaging option two disc setve pocket lp cd dvd books packaging option two disc sethardbound 2cd book glued sleeve pocket cd book pacakging option dvd book oversized two discHardbound 2 CD Book glued on sleeve pocket dvd book packaging optionswinging sleeve cd jacket cd dvd book option custom packaging

    Oversized Hardbound book record Swinging sleeve vinyl retro vintage LP set

    Foam hubs are a great way to mount your disc, showing it off in its full glory. Hubs can stick on any surface and are available in black or white. We can also do clear gel hubs. Hubs are great alternative to plastic trays.

    hardbound 2 cd book foam hub packaging double dischardbound cd book foam hub double disc two cd packagingfoam hub hardbound  cd book packagin double disc
    Cork hubs are another option:
    cork hub cd books packaging dvd book option

    Pockets are a popular way to hold the discs in many types of CD and DVD packaging, since the standard jacket construction style inherently gives you both sides of a pocket. Pockets in a book package are generally up-facing or out-facing. The out-facing pocket style is also very popular in LP disc packaging / cd albums.
    CD LP packaging outward facing pocket

  • Options for your Book's Pages - Booklet Glued to the Cover,
    Attached to Wrap at Spine, Part of Fly Sheets or Covers Glued under Tray

    There are a number of different ways we can build in your inner pages. Inner pages greater than 28pp can be perfect bound (ie has a spine), anything fewer in pages needs to be stapled. CD DVD Books booklet glued to back cover close up photo
    cd book perfect bound booklet spine inner pages glued to back panel side viewcd book perfect bound booklet glued back cover top view
    DVD book perfect bound booklet back cover under tray
    cd book stapled booklet inner pagesdvd book stapled bookletcd book packaging inner pages attached to swinging sleevecd dvd book booklet inner pages glued to front covercd dvd book inner pages fly sheetscd dvd books packaging inner pages booklet attached to wrap at spinehardbound cd book dvd book perfect bound inner pages spine top view tray

  • Examples of Other types of 2 Disc Packaging - Double Disc Sets

  • Disc Options - CD, DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, Recordables,
    USB, Mini Disc, Clear Substrate

    Replication can be with any combination of the following disc types: CD, DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, Recordables, Mini CD, and speciality versions of these such as clear substrate or vinyl discs.
    Recordable discs are also available, if you have a special need to burn thee yourself.
    Disc replication includes a glass mastered test disc for each master (fully printed) so you can verify that the discs play as you intended them to, and that the art is as you intended.
    Disc printing is up to 5C offset or silkscreen.

  • Two Disc Digipak Packaging for CDs or DVDs

    Available Midheight digipaks / 5 inch or Tall digipaks / 7 inch
    ~ Choose from 4panel and up depending on your art & booklet needs
    ~ Includes PIPS (Printed Inside Pockets & Spines)
    ~ Special Eco Friendly Recycled & Fiberboard Options.

    double cd tray pack with two trays fiberboard stock
    double CD fiberboard
    Standard Height
    tall double dvd tray packaging diagonal pocket slipcase set
    Tall Double Disc Tray pack
    Using 7inch Tall Traystall double dvd tray packaging diagonal pocket slipcase set
    Tall Double Disc Tray pack for 4 discs
    Using 2 Double Disc Trays
    See our Multidisc DigiPak Page

  • Two Disc Jacket Packaging - 2 pockets or foam hubs

    Available Midheight Jackets, 5 inch or Tall Jackets / 7+ inch

    2 disc jacket with two pockets thumbholes
    2-Disc Pocket Jacket
    2CD jacket with foam hubs
    2-Disc Hub Jacket
    2disc tall jacket multi disc set two slit pocket
    2-Disc Slit Pocket Jacket
    See our Jackets page

    ~ Special 3 inch versions for mini discs.
    ~ Choose from 4panel and up depending on your art & booklet needs
    ~ Many pocket styles or foam hubs
    -- Special paper stocks including fiberboard
  • Two Disc Portfolios or Folders - Perfect with Notebooks

    Available any height
    ~ Frequently used with 8.5 x 11 literature
    ~ Pockets or hubs to hold discs
    ~ Literature pockets available

  • Foam Tray Packaging - Perfect for CD and USB Drive

    Perfect for additional merchandise such as USB items

    USB and CD packaging with foam tray
    USB and CD Packaging with custom cut foam tray
    ~ Custom made for your specification
    ~ Choose from 4panel and up depending on your art & booklet needs

  • DVD Cases / Plastic Amaray Cases available with Slipcases

    If you're looking for traditional case-style packaging, we have that covered as well. To make the best first impression, add a slipcase.
    ~ Double jewel cases, slim or with tray card, or multiple volumes
    ~ Amaray type cases, disc on each side, or flipper style or two overlaying
    ~Black cases available with recycled plastic
    ~ Clear or frosted cases available

    Clear 2disc plastic case, 2 dvd discs
    Double Disc Clear Case
    2 disc set

  • 2 Disc Box Sets

    Custom made boxes, any shape or dimension, such as hexagonal or like hat boxes

    multidisc box set packaging with vellum sleeves
    multi disc box set
    fiberboard wrap
    vellum sleeves

    cd dvd usb box set packaging
    Customizable CD DVD USB box set

    ~ Rigid or lightweight material
    ~ For deeper boxes, discs can be held with foam hubs or foam tray inserts
    ~ For thinner boxes, discs can be held in paper sleeves

  • 2 Disc Slipcase Sets

    Made for any height or width, to hold one or multiple titles

    2cd packaging 8pp with two clear trays 8 panel double disc
    slipcase set for 2cd packaging
    cd slipcase set collection with 3 volumes

    ~Single or double walled
    ~ Top, side, or bottom loading
    ~ Box with one or two walls or tube
    ~ Thumbnotches available
    ~ Available with inside lining or printing
    ~ Die cuts & Special Printing Effects are frequently used like embossing, foil, spot gloss, and either matte or glossy lamination.

  • A Few Conceptual Sketches

    Please note that ALL of our projects are customized, so any feature or size can easily be adjusted and we likely have already done it once. If not, you just made our day! These are just a few sketches that come up a lot as starting points.

    4PP 2CD tray pack toned icon
    4PP 2CD tray pk
    4PP JACKET 2disc
    4PP JACKET 2disc half moon Thumbs
    4PP JACKET 2disc hrgls
    4PP JACKET 2disc hrglss
    4PP JACKET 2disc wide
    4PP JACKET 2disc wide
    CD LP 2 disc book binding
    4pp miniLP 2disc w sleeve bookbind
    4pp LP 2disc with sleeve
    4pp miniLP 2disc w sleeve
    DVD box 2dvd flipper
    DVD box 2dvd flipper
    pop up mailer 2 disc
    pop up mailer 2 disc
    Portfolio 2 disc card slot
    Portfolio 2 disc card slot
    tall tray pk 8pp 2disc Ctr
    tall tray pk 8pp 2disc Ctr
    tall tray pk 8pp 2disc Outr
    tall tray pk 8pp 2disc Outr
    tall tray pk 8pp 2disc R
    tall tray pk 8pp 2disc R

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