Wrapped Box Sets, Linen or Material


Fabric, Linen Wrapped Box Sets
Cloth, Hemp Material Multidisc CD DVD USB Video Panel Packaging

  • Fabric Wrapped Boxes- Linen, Hemp Cloth
    and Leather Material Wrapped Box Sets
    Made for Deluxe Multidisc Set Collection - CD DVD Discs, Vinyl Records

    fabric wrapped box set multidisc cd packaging linen boxesLinen wrapped cd box set chipboard box for multi cd set  matte art cards and digipaks

    Available also in 12inch vinyl record covers:

    Linen Wrapped Vinyl Box Set Record cover cloth over chipboardFabric Record Box Set linen chipboard foil stampingBox set Record vinyl linen wrapped or hemp fabicLinen Boxes Vinyl and CD Box Setcloth fabric green blue
    Don't forget too, that if you need full color printing, a good approach is to do a 4C slipcase with regular stock, over a fabric wrapped book - like this title did:
    Linen Fabric wrapped cd book full color printed slipcaseFabric cd book with full color slipcase

    linen wrapped LP blue fabric gold foil
    linen LP album packaging

  • Examples of Leather Box Sets / Material Leatherette Wrapped Chipboard Boxes

    Options options besides fabric (or the conventional 4C printed paper) include leatherette types of material and vinyl. This beautiful title uses a leatherette wrap over a chipboard box. Leatherette can't be printed, so good options include debossing or foil stamping, and if desired a 4C bellyband for a splash of color.
    Leather ete box set  vinyl like material with debossed wrap multidisc cd dvd collectionleather multidisc cd box set cds or dvds 5inch debossed bellyband digipaks
    Leather Vinyl CD DVD Multidisc Box Set PackagingLeather Wrapped Box Set Multidisc Packaging CD DVD CollectionDeluxe cd dvd collection box set leather vinyl wrapped digipak set packaging

  • Printing on Linen Fabric - Usually Foil or 1C Black Silkscreen

    On of the considerations for choosing fabric versus paperstock might be your artwork. 4C print is very hard on fabric. Usually we recommend foil or doing a 1C black silkscreen. Stickers have also been done. Here are a few examples:
    Linen Wrapped CD Book with linen fabric wrap 1C black printCD book green linen cloth black printFabric CD Book green linenlinen dvd book with swinging sleeve fabric linen wrappedGold Foil CD BookCloth Box Set linen wrap cd dvd multidisc
    See Hot Foil Stamping for more examples of printing with foil
    You may also want to see metallic ink printing and embossing / debossing

    Adding an OBI strip or Belly Band - a color band that wraps around the box
    Belly band on leather box box vinyl material multidisc packaging cd dvd

  • Binding Cloth - Not quite Fabric, Not quite Paper

    Another option for 4C art is something we can binding cloth. It is less porous than something like linen, and can be printed on, unlike leatherette type materials.
    Printed cloth dvd book binding cloth with string tieCloth DVD book printed  two disc die cut foil string
    DVD book cloth bound 4C printing two discs insideCloth DVD book with string tie binding cloth fabric wrapped

  • Examples of Printed Chipboard - 4C Wrap Laminated

    These are examples of 4C Printed Wraps, laminated onto the chipboard.

    printed chipboard box multidisc set packagingchipboard box set for three disc setprinted chipboard box cd packagingPrinted chipboard box LP set two cd and bookChipboard Box LP Box Style Packagingprinted chipboard box LP CD Box SetLP Album Box Set Chipboard Core with hinged pull out sleeves

    Custom USB Box Set Packaging USB or Disc chipboard core with foam wellCustom USB Box Packaging Chipboard core metallic ink printing inside foam well for mediaChipboard Box CD DVD Pacakgingprinted Chipboard Box with 4C Kraft Paper Wrap
    chipboard box printed kraft wrap Vellum cd sleeves in box set packgaing

    CD Fiberboard Box Set
    Chipboard Box Sets
    to hold cds or DVDs

    See also Chipboard Boxes with Printed Paper Wraps
  • Examples of Hardbound Books Made with Chipboard Core- DigiBooks

    Hardcover Books have such a strong a sturdy feel to them, and so can your cd books! But what is it exactly that books are made of that is so sturdy? Chipboard! The rigid chipboard core is wrapped with a printed paper and laminated. Book binding is also the same technique used to create the original LP albums back in the day.
    CD Book chipboard core book binding constructionrigid cd packaging, chipboard core with book bindingDVD Book Hardbound Chipboard CoreDVD Digibook for 4 dvds and perfect bound book

    See also CD Books and DVD Digibooks

  • Examples of LPs made with Chipboard Core

    Megalodon can made your LP style cover in "cd size" or approx 5inch, or 12inch for vinyl. We do not manufacture vinyl records, but we can drop ship them to your manufacturer.CD LP chipboard core rigidCD LP spine chipboard core book bindingrigid cd LP thick chipboard paper stockCD LP inside showing laminated wrap across insideCD LP book binding chipboard core rigid retro albumclose up cd LP inside showing laminated wrap
    See also CD LPs made with Book Binding

  • Slipcases made with Regular Paper Stock (not chipboard material)

    Slipcases are generally made of cardboard that is somewhere between 15/16pt and 21pt. They are made to go around other types of packaging, such as digipaks or jackets.
    Slipcase for multidisc set 14dvdsDVD slipcase doublewall matte lamination Thick slipcase for dvd with die cut and debossingCD Slipcase with die cut lettering cut out spot glossslipcase box set multidisc set packagingCD Slipcase for multiple jacket collectionslipcase 4cd setSturdy Slipcase for dvd set double wall lined insideDVD Slipcase 4disc set packagingDVD Slipcase foil spot gloss embossingFiberboard Slipcase for tall dvd digipakTall Slipcase for 10inch dvd packaging die cut holeTall DVD Slipcase Tube for 10inch DigipakSlipcase set packaging 10inch height multidisc cd dvd workbookmultivolume slipcase 9disc box set
    See also Slipcase Sets

  • CD & DVD Software Boxes made with Regular Paper Stock

    Software boxes are traditionally not made with a rigid core and can be unfolded and collapsed. They are available in the traditional sizes, as well as sizes you specify. They can be made with or without front flaps and internal disc trays. You can even specify diecut windows.
    You can add Inserts and Laminated Cards, Postcards, Reply Cards, that you print as needed, along with printed inserts we print for you.

    Software box cd dvd packaging
    software box open top 1