Custom CD Digipak Packaging, 5 Inch Trays
Die Cuts, Shapes, Special Effects Printing, Matte Paper Stocks

  • Custom CD Digipak - 5inch Tray Packaging with Special Features:
    Die Cuts, Lettering & Shapes
    Special Printing Effects - Foil, Spot Gloss, Lamination, Metallics, Emboss, Deboss
    Recycled Paper Trays & Foam Trays (Great for USB Sets)
    Perfect Bound Books, Slipcase Sets
    Special Cross Folding Configurations
    Vertical or Wide Tray Orientation
    Special Paper Stocks (Matte Uncoated, Fiberboard, Extra Thick)
    Fabric Wrapped Digipaks

    custom cd digipaks with die cut outscustom cd digipak die cut shape packagingcustom cd digipak with paper tray die cutsdie cut custom cd digipak with paper tray packagingcustom cd digipak eco friendly with paper tray cd packgingcustom cd digipak slipcase die cut letters spot glosscustom cd digipak with slipcase packagingcustom cd digipak with uncoated matte stockcustom cd digipak cross shape packagingcustom 2 cd digipak packaging matte finish book likecustom cd digipak with 2discs boklet in middle 2cd setcustom cd digipaks with die cut letteringcustom cd digipak flap fold over panelcustom fiberboard cd digipak with silver foil cd packagingcustom cd digipak with diagonal literature pocket uncoated stockcustom matte cd digipak with uncoated paper packagingcustom cd digipak cross shaped digipak for 4cd or dvd set packagingcustom cd digipak red foil stamping on packagingcustom cd digipak matchbook style cd packaginguncoated custom cd  digipak packaging for cds or dvdscustom cd digipaks slipcase set 4 volumes leatherette vinyl box

  • Basic Terminology of Digipak Packaging:
    Number of Panels 4pp - 10pp Horizontal, 10pp - 14pp Cross
    Height of Panels 5inch, 7 inch, 10inch
    Types of Trays Plastic Single, Double, and Paper Trays

    There are numerous features that can be varied when making a digipak:

    • ~ Number of panels (count the number of panels visible on one side. Each panel can hold a tray, or a pocket, or just be a solid panel)

      4pp digipak 2cd set 2 trays 6pp digipak packaging8pp digipak packaging10pp digipak packaging
      4-, 6-, 8-, and 10 Panel Digipaks

    • ~ Height of panels (usually the panel width/height matches the tray size)

    • uncoated paper digipak with slipcase 5inch clear traypaper tray digipak eco cd packagingfiberboard digipak eco cd packagingfull color printing cd digipak 6pp
      5inch Height Trays/Panels:
      Clear Plastic or Recycled Paper Trays

      custom digipak with paper tray on 7inch panel
      5inch Height Trays/ 7inch Panels:
      Example of 5inch Paper Tray on 7inch Panel
      The space above was used to hold a flip book

    •  10inch Tall Digipak with 4 clear traysmulti disc digipak set for 6 cds using 6 trays tall 10inch height
      5inch Height Trays/10inch Panels: two 5inch trays per panel
      MegaTall Digipaks 10inch Height

    • landscape mode digipak using 5inch tray black
      5inch Height Trays/Panels; Landscape Mode (sideways tray)

    • Tall Digipak Pacakging with 7inch clear tray full color printing uncoated stockcustom digipak with die cut window spot gloss matte lamination 7inch traycustom digipak 2disc plus booklet and slipcase 7inch traysmultidisc digipak with 4 tall trays 7inch height
      7inch Height Trays/Panels; 7inch Single Disc Trays

    • double disc tray digipak for 4 disc set
      7inch Height Trays/Panels; 7inch Double Disc Trays

      foam tray digipak for usb disc and booklet
      7inch Height Trays/Panels; Foam Tray
      Foam Trays can be made any size!

      landscape digipak sideways tray 7inch wide
      7inch Height Trays/Panels; Landscape Mode (sideways tray)

    • ~Folding Configurations
      (like gatefolds or even more wild- SEE CROSS 10pp or 14pp)

    • cross shaped digipak packagingcross shape digipak cd in center
      10pp Cross Shaped Digipaks
    • Paper trays are made from recycled paper pulp, with a color similar to our fiberboard stock. You can use them wherever you'd use a plastic tray. Available 5inch height.


      paper tray digipak packaging 100% recycled paper cork hub
      natural digipak paper tray, cork hub
      100% recycled Paper

    • ~Paper Stock (We have fantastic ECO OPTIONS for paper stocks- SEE ECO digipaks with recycled stock (ahem, we mean really recycled) coated or uncoated, and FIBERBOARD digipaks in a brown texture, and thick or thin.

  • Different Types of Digipak Pockets
    for Booklets, Posters, Photos, Art Cards

    ~ Pockets (oh wow, get ready - we must have some 30+ variations of pockets already made, and special die cut pockets are not a big deal for us. Tube pockets, slot pockets, diagonal literature pockets, Wide Moon Pockets, Deep Thumbhole, Shallow Thumbhole, Business Card Slots....on and on):
    4PP Pocket Diagonal Literature Icon 4PP tube pocket icon Pocket diagonal icon pocket simple outside icon pocket slot icon tall hub jacket 6pp center pocket icon tall digipak 6pp pocket icon
    Some pocket styles (just a small sampling!)
    digipak with diagonal literature pocket for bookletdigipak with tube pocket for booklet fiberboard stockcustom die cut window pocket for booklet cd or dvd packagingdigipak diagonal pocket for poster uncoated paper packaging
    digipak with business card slot in diagonal pocketcd book with top thumbhole pocket for booklet or photoscurved pocket on fiberboard cd packagingTall dvd packaging with staggered literature in slot pocketcurved literature pocket on tall dvd packaging with foam hubcurved pocket on cd packaging for bookletcustom pockets on cd packaging curved 2disc setslot pocket on cd digipak 2disc set packaging


  • Booklet Options

    We can we do booklets...any size. Stapled, folded, attached to spine, weird folding, gluing to panels,stapled stitched perfect bound, etc etc. Note that booklets come in 4pp increments. We can also use different types of papers and finishes to achieve a matte or glossy effect. Here are a few examples:

    Recycled booklet glued in cd packagingattached cd booklet in album with swinging sleevevintage cd booklet with uncoated distressed look paper cd albumuncoated stock cd packaging with booklet inserted in digipak pocketcd perfect bound book with covers under tray fly sheetsvellum flip book in custom cd dvd packagingperfect bound book with black ink animation custom dvd packaginguncoated stock cd booklet matte recycledperfect bound book in cd digibook packagingspiral bound notebook in custom dvd packagingstapled cd booklet attached to spine in cd bookglued poster in eco friendly cd packaging recycled stockfolded poster in eco friendly cd packagingfolded poster in custom dvd packaging placed in die cut literature pocketbooklet attached to spine in cd book packaging digibookcd notebook with disc pocket

    Variations on a 8pp booklet:

    8pp booklet gatefold icon8pp stapled booklet icon
    8pp rollup booklet icon8pp gatefold insert icon8pp accordian fold bookleticon

  • Full Color Printing - Reverse Side of Paper 4C/4C
    Printed Inside Pockets and Spines (PIPS)

    We print our digipaks on both sides of the paper so that you get full color, continuous art printing across the inside of the packaging. This is especially important if you have vibrant colors or need to make a big impact. Specialty paper stocks like fiberboard digipaks are generally not printed 4C/4C as the fiberboard is brownish and doesn't result in a glaring white spine if left unprinted.

    Notice the Continuous Art in these Examples of PIPS on White Stock :
    Digipak with full color printing across inside 4C/4Cfull color digipak printing inside spinesdigipak with inside spines printed 4C/1Ccd digipak with continuous printing across inside vintage look paper
    full color printing cd digipak 6pp

    Without PIPS, the inner spine (which is white on white paper) shows:
    trayapk printed 4C/0C

    With Fiberboard Stock, it may or may not matter to have PIPS in your design. Here are some examples of PIPS and No PIPS on Fiberboard Stock:
    fiberboard digipak with 4C/4C printing reverse side of paperfiberboard digipak with 4C/0C printing
    Art is generally printed in 4C (that's cmyk). If one side of the paper is printed, this is referred to as 4C/0C. If both sides are printed, we refer to it as 4C/4C. We can also do just 4C/1C if your primary inside color is black. Alternately if you are not printing in cmyk but prefer pantone inks, we can substitute 2PMS colors instead of 4C cmyk.

    One other fun trick with PIPS is printing behind the pocket, like this secret message:
    cd album with printing inside pocket reverse side of paper printed

  • Examples of Special Effects Printing and Paper Stocks

    Take a look at some of our favorite Midheight Digipak examples:

    custom cd digipak spot gloss silver metallic ink matte lamination


    Subswara - These beautiful waves of spot UV gloss and matte lamination and pearlescent effect, set this title apart. SEE the FEATURED TITLE PAGE
    custom cd digipak embossing and spot gloss printing special effects

    - a masterpiece of spot gloss, embossing and debossing to create wood grain.

    ~Bling Factor or Special Effects Printing (Spot UV Gloss, Embossing and Debossing, foils - YOU HAVE TO SEE FREEZEPOP), Glossy, Matte, Laminations and don't forget the die cuts windows and shapes, oh what fun we have)
    red foil stamping on cd digipak special printing effects

  • Special Paper Stocks- Fiberboard, Uncoated Matte Digipaks

    SEE ECO digipaks TOO!

    fiberboard cd digipak with silver foil stamping custom printing

    STS9 -what a fun client, always eco conscious with fun effects. Their music is famous, but it doesn't hurt that their packaging is award winning. (We just love it when our clients get awards.) SEE FIBERBOARD digipaks

    uncoated matte cd digipak custom packaging

    In Lak Ech
    - Look at the beautiful effect of the soy inks on uncoated, matte paper.

  • Dress it up with a Slipcase

    Slipcases can be added to any project—one disc or multiple disc sets can have a slipcase.

    custom cd digipaks slipcase sets
    multiple Volume CD Digipak slipcase set
    custom cd digipak slipcase for 6pp digipaks with cut out lettering and spot gloss matte lamination
    Die Cut lettering on Digipak Slipcase
    showing Spot Gloss/Matte Lamination Underneath

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