Double Disc Digipak Packaging, 2 CD DVD Sets

Including CD DVD Replication
  • Examples of Double Disc Digipaks - Double CD or DVD Sets

    2 CD Set two tall trays trifold tall digipak2 dvd Set trifold Packaging two  trays slipcase rich black printing foil2 Disc Packaging two plastic trays inner pages die cut slipcase spot gloss matte lamination2 CD Eco Packaging 8 panel tray pack recycled paper soy inksDouble disc Album two trays booklet die cut window slipcase
    Double dvd packaging slipcase set bifold tall digipaks 7 inch trays perfect bound book set2dvd set tall digipak packagingcustom dvd taypack Slipcase Set packaging 6 panel trifold tall digipak diagonal literature pocket booklet 2 tall trays
    double disc digipak packagingDouble disc digipak tall white fiberboardtall double dvd digipak packaging two trays no bookletTall Digipak 2CD Packaging Booklet SlipcaseSlipcase set for double cd tall digipak packaging
    Double CD tall digipak packaging 6panelDouble disc Set Tall Digipak 6panel Slipcase

  • Double Disc Digipak Sets (Infinite Variety?)

    These are very popular, so we have lots of examples. You can vary the number of panels, the placement of the trays, and add pockets & booklets in an almost infinite way.

    Ok- well, the geeks here object and want to check that -

    Number of Panels - 4 panels, 6panels, 8 panels, 10 panels (could go higher but we’ll stop at 10 for this example)…so say at least 4 variations.
    custom digipak 2 trays mat lam 6 panel digipak trifold 2 disc traysCustom 2 disc digipak slipcase packaging

    Tall trays:
    dvd digipak slipcase setTall dvd digipak trifold 6 panel diagonal pocket
    4 disc 8 panel gatefold tall digipak slipcase set aqueous
    10 panel 4 disc digipak slipcase set

    Number of Trays - 2 discs …2 trays, but two different heights 5 inch or 7 inch = 4 variations.
    2 cd digipak set slipcase  tall trifold wallet DOuble disc tray digipak packaging

    Types of Pockets - Slot, Thumbhole, Thumbhole Wide, Thumbhole Deep, Half moon, Literature Pocket, Tube Pocket (stopping here but there are LOTS more)…so at least 7 variations. (WAIT- what about glued? Ok, forget glued booklets for this example) So let’s see, that’s 4 x 4 x 7 = 112 varieties off the top of our heads.

    Some standard thumbholes (but don't let that limit you!)
    Thumbhole deep.gif Thumbhole halfmoon.gif Thumbhole hourglass.gif Thumbhole std.gif Thumbhole wide.gif

    Some pocket styles (just a small sampling!):
    4PP tray pk Pocket icon.gif 4PP tray pk tube pocket.gif Pocket diagonal.gif pocket simple outside.gif pocket slot.gif tall hub jacket 6p c pocket.gif tall tray pk 6pp pocket.gif

    Media - …cd, dvd5/9/10, clearsub, recordable, vinyl style, flexible dvd
    Oh dear, that’s 9 more
    112 x 9

    Slipcases….tube, box, thumbnotch, no thumbnotch, die cut window.
    112x 9 x 5
    cd digipak slipcase set tall  dvd 6 panel dvd taypack slipcase set trifolding BugProject2 6pp Tall digipak DieCut Slipcase matte lamination Stranger 6pp midheight digipak multi disc diecut slipcase 1 10pp 4disc traypk verisyse3 goldfever4 double wall slipcase

    What if we did a plus shape? Or a cross?
    ... turned the trays sideway?
    ... used different paper stock?
    ... added embossing?

    Um, for the purpose of this exercise, we’re going to not. But you can.

    tray pk 3 disc cross mid3.gif tray pk 3 disc cross top3.gif tray pk 4 disc plus shape.gif tray pk 5 disc plus shape.gif tray pk 6 disc cross shape.gif digipak 4 disc L shape.gif digipak 5 disc t shape.gif digipak 5 disc X shape.gif  

  • NEW! PaperTrays with Cork Hubs

    Paper trays are made form recycled paper pulp, with a color similar to our fiberboard stock. You can use them wherever you'd use a plastic tray.

    natural recycled paper cd tray for digipak
    sample1 natural digipak paper tray cork hub recycled
  • Digipak Slipcase Sets

    Slipcases can be added to any project—one disc or multiple disc sets can have a slipcase.

    2 disc tray pack dvd slipcase 4 disc set
    Little Laureate—Digipak multiple disc dvd slipcase set
  • Digipak Templates

    Do we have part numbers for each of the above? No. Actually we don’t have part numbers at all. Everything we do is made to the client’s spec. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it.

    It’s probably best if you don’t ask us for a "2-disc digipak template" without telling us some detail, or you’re likely to hear the above mathematical discussion of how many we have.

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