Multidisc Digipaks 10" Height Mega Tall for Multidisc Sets
CD and DVD Multidisc Set Packaging Solutions

  • Multi-Disc Digipak Tall Packaging Solution for 2- to 12 Disc Sets

    Multidisc digipaks megatall are made using two 5 inch trays placed vertically on the same panel, so guess what? The height is over 10 inches and the presence of these packages is incredible. These will really make your title stand out. Very popular with self-help, educational and religious or spiritual projects.
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  • Foam Panel Fillers on Digipaks for odd number of discs

    So you might be thinking, ok these are placed 2 up per panel so I need to have 2, 4, 6, 8, etc discs, right? Ah, Necessity is the Mother of Invention (Have you seen the SchoolHouse Rock Video – if not, You Tube it). We had a client with 3 discs and what would we do with the awkward spot out? We made a nifty foam filler tray – fully printed. Here’s what it looks like:
    multidisc digipak foam panel

  • Multi Volume Set Digipaks- Can these go higher than 12 discs in one package?

    Well, we’re not sure. We’ve done a lot of 8 disc sets (informally we call these a wall of discs) and they do well, and we've done 10 sucessfully, but we haven’t tried a higher number. At some point, it may be better to split them off into volume sets for ease in handling.
    multidisc digipak set packaging 10 inch tall 10 discsmultidisc digipaks sets 10 inch tall disc packaging 10 cds dvds
    multidisc 9disc digipaks set split into 3 volume

  • What if I have a booklet- these are so tall?

    You know we have solutions, right? Very common option is to make a literature pocket smaller than the panel so it can hold a “standard” size booklet, like amaray case height. But if you want to go taller on the booklet height, that’s not a problem for us. Also, using a tube pocket see BUG is a great option and you really don’t even have to worry about the booklet height.Booklet in tube pocket in 4disc set 10inch high packagingMultidisc digipak Tall booklet 6disc set 10 inch height packagingmultidisc digipak set 8 cd dvd disc trays

  • Most of these show Slipcases, are they needed?

    Slipcases are almost always purchased with these packages. Some how they just seem to call for it. But if you want it without, we can certainly oblige. We generally shrinkwrap these to help protect them in shipping, so they are fully sealed (unless you are inserting recordables in which case we’d leave it off). You can do tube style, or fully enclosed like a box. Multidisc Digipaks Slipcase box set packaging tall 10inch cds dvds

  • Alternates to Plastic Trays - Paper Trays, Pockets, Hubs

    If you want to go plastic free, may we suggest paper trays? Or pockets or hubs (foam or cork) work well. Here are some examples:
    multidisc jacket sets 10 inch tall 4 disc packaging multidisc jackets sets 10 inch tall 14 disc collectionmultidisc jacket sets 3disc packaging curved pockets bookletmultidisc double disc tall jacket foam hubs staggered literatureMulti disc jacket set 4 cd tall 10 inch disc packaging pockets booklet slipcase

  • Other types of Multidisc Packaging - Boxes, Books, Slipcase Sets, Portfolio Folders

  • Selling a retail product along with your disc?

    If you need to add a USB Dongle or Download Card, we can have some fun with foam trays and create a custom well to hold it. Let us know the dimensions. CD USB Digipak with custom foam tray to hold usb retail toy and disc packaging yo yo retail product digipak multidisc packaging


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