Wide Digipaks, Landscape, Elongated, Horizontal
Using 7inch clear trays turned sideways

  • Examples of Wide Digipaks - Elongated 7inch, Landscape Mode CD DVD Packaging!

    Use a tall or standard tray to create the look by putting the spine at what is normally the top or bottom of the tray and letting your art run 90-degrees from the normal direction.
    Wide digipaks spot gloss matte lamsideways wide digipak 7inch tray promo envelopewide digipaks with 7inch tray
    wide digipak 7x5inch sideways elongated
    Landscape Digipak 7inch tray horizontal

    You can add custom "widescreen" booklets or slipcases with companion booklets. A really unusual look.

    Sideways Digipak Slipcase Set with book
    sideways long digipak slipcase
    wide digipak with perfect bound book
    sideways wide perfect bound companion book
  • Sideways Digipaks - 5inch Trays turned 90 degrees

    They look square- kinda. Look closer, they actually aren’t. If you want a twist to your digipak, we can turn the tray and it becomes a taller version.

    4pp digipak DustinEdge
  • Sideways Digipaks - 7inch Trays turned 90 degrees

    Taller Trays are very obviously rectangular. And if you turn them sideways, you have a very definite, elongated digipak.

    hSitaras3 4pp tall digipak landscape matteLam spoUV
  • Matchbook Digipaks - Printed Vertically

    Don’t forget that you can make the digipaks print vertically, too— matchbook style, literally, in this client’s case:

    Matchbook Digipak

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    If you know what you want to manufacture, send us the specifics and we can help you with the costs. Send us an email with the following info:

    Qty: (300/500 min order)
    ...Paper Stock:
    ...Special Printing Effects or Die Cuts:
    Assembly: insertion & shrinkwrap
    Shipping: standard 5 days, US address (let us know if different)

    Email to us: hello@megalodon.com

    Example Spec:
    Qty: 1000
    Disc: CD
    Packaging: 4pp Wide Digipak, 7inch tray turned sideways
    ...Paper Stock: white coated 15/16pt
    ...Printing: 4C/4C
    ...Special Printing Effects or Die Cuts: spot gloss / matte lam
    Seperate Book: 5x7 Notebook, 4pp covers + 44inner pages, uncoated stock for writing
    Slipcase: 4C to hold wide digipak and notebook
    Assembly: insertion & shrinkwrap
    Shipping: standard 5 days, US address