Belly Bands for CD or DVD Packaging


Outer Wrap around an LP, a DVD, or Slipcase Set

Belly bands ("obi strip" or "Tasuki" in Japan) are a wonderful way to handle those pesky bar codes, web site addresses, prices, and other promotional information that you don't want permanently stuck on your title.

  • Bellybands make your title retail ready—localize for target markets!

    You can't have a user experience without a user buying experience! A belly band maximizes the buying experience, putting your merchandising up front on the outer wrap, where it needs to be to get your title into your users' shopping carts. Let your music and beautiful packaging design get into their heads. Let the belly band help get it into their hands.

    SteveBallSketchBox1 cd box set 4disc 4pp digipak wirebound book slipcase vinyl leaterette debossing bellyband posters, 4disc, 4pp, binding Cloth, box, embossing, gloss lamination, leatherette, slipcase, digipak, vinyl, wire binding
    Steve Ball: Sketch Box 4-disc box set in a vinyl leatherette Slipcase

    Belly band wraps are also a great way to custom target other markets with your product, while leveraging a higher replication and packaging quantity. We can custom-assemble for separate shipments—one to the USA and one to Germany, for example.

  • A vertical belly band? Shouldn't you call it a sash?

    Maybe. How about vertical outer wrap? Whatever you call it, there are some real benefits to going vertical. One is that you can hide the barcode on the bottom.

  • Stickers are an option, too!

    Stickers can be just about any size or shape, and they're placed over the shrink wrap (belly bands are generally put under the wrap). A sticker can be as simple as a black-only barcode, or as complicated as a custom shape, with foil stamp and multiple colors.

  • With every project…