Slipcase Box Sets CD / DVD, digipaks, Books, Jackets

  • Slipcases for CDs and DVDs / Slipcase Box Sets
    Dimensions, Thumbnotches, Construction, Materials, Style

    No matter what product we are making for you, we can easily create a slipcase for it. Single unit slipcases help present a title and give it value (not to mention the fun you can have with effects!). Slipcases for multi-disc sets serve to bundle items together into one box set, providing a single, wide spine for titling.

    Slipcase Versus Box:

    We tend to define a slipcase as a paper stock enclosure (usually 15/16pt+) that goes around the inner packaging such as digipaks or jackets. The slipcase is usually collapsible. Slipcases can be made tube style, one spine exposed, or fully enclosed like a box. We also have rigid boxes, which are not collapsible.

    Custom Made - any Dimension
    These are made to order, but there are some popular sizes. We'll show you those below. 5"/cd, 7" dvd, tall jacket 7 - 9 inch, megatall 10".
    We can make these to fit any type of inner packaging - jewelcases, amaray cases, digipaks, books, albums, jackets, and so forth.

    With or without thumbnotches is fine, we'll let you know if we have the die or if we can make it for a nominal cost. In most cases, slipcases are custom dimension so the thumbnotch is no charge as it is a new die.

    Style - Tube style, one spine open, box style enclosed, open left, right, top or bottom

    Construction: single wall or Double Wall

    Materials - Full Color Paper Stock, Special Paper stocks like Fiberboard, special materials like linen and leather vinyl

  • DVD Slipcases - Approx 7 inch Height, Amaray Box Sets

    We really try to limit plastic and like to recommend Digipaks over Plastic Cases, but we know that many clients have amaray cases, so here are what slipcases look like for these types of products:

    DVD Slipcase Box Set for amaray plastic cases
    Slipcase  dvd box set 5 tall cases amarayslipcase box set double wall constructionDVD slipcase 5 case box set
    slipcase dvd box set amaray casesdvd slipcase box set 5 cases

    Comparing single wall and double wall construction:
    slipcase dvd single wall double wal printed inside dvd slipcase set five casesSlipcase set 2 dvds amaray casesslipcase set 2 dvd box sets

  • Slipcases Made for CD Digipaks & Jewelcases, Approve 5 inch Height

    CD size slipcases are generally about 5 inch height. Did we mention we love doing special effects on slipcases?
    cd slipcase die cut lettering spot glosscd slipcase digipak lettering cut out die cut spot uv glossslipcase cd digipak die cut out lettersslipcase set 2 cd digipak 8pp cd slipcase set digipak 8pp 2 disc setcd slipcase box sets digipaks 2 disc 8panelcd slipcase set die cut window 2 disc digipak 6panel

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  • Tall Digipak Slipcases, Approx. 7 inch Height

    Here are some examples of tall digipak slipcases. They can be made for one digipak or multiple volumes.

    Slipcases tall digipak box setsDigipak slipcase sets dvd tall heightdvd slipcase set tall digipaksSlipcase dvd printed insideslipcase set dvd belly band bar code
    Slipcase set cd dvd portfolio folder spot glossDVD slipcase set 2 disc tall digipak 6 panelSlipcase set spot gloss ink matte laminationSlipcase dvd box set digipak 2 disc tall 6 panel DVD slipcase set paper tray digipak plastic freeslipcase set spiral notebook slipcase set spiral notebook tall digipak paper trayslipcase set spiral bound notebook facing right cd dvd setSlipcase set double disc traysdvd slipcase box set 3 tall digipaksDVD slipcase box set packagingSLipcase set dvd tal digipak 6 panel 2 disc
    Tall slipcase set 2 disc cd dvd digipak diagonal pocket
    Slipcase sets cd dvd digipaks

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  • Slipcases made for CD Jackets - Approx 5 inch Height

    We can make jacket sets as well, with our without spines. These types of sets are very cost effective.
    CD jacket slipcase set 4 discs in jacketscd slipcase set 4 cd jacketCD slipcase set 4 disc jacketscd slipcase set recycled paper mattecd slipcase set recycled paper eco friendly CD slipcase album japanese styleslipcase set cd dvd eco friendlyslipcase set cd dvd 5inch height recycled paperdvd slipcase set jackets 5 inch heightslipcase set cd dvd cost effectiveslipcase set cd dvd 12 14 discs
    cd slipcase set cross shape jacketslipcase set cross shape cd jacket dvdcd slipcase die cut circle window holecd slipcase circle cut out windowcd slipcase die cut window round cd slipcase set die cut circle hole spot glosscd slipcase jacket set spot glossslipcase cd jacket 5 inch height spot gloss inkcd slipcase spot gloss ink 5 inch height
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  • Slipcase Sets, Tall Jackets - Approx 7 to 9 Inch Height

    Jackets can be made in any size as they are not confined by tray sizes. Pockets, sleeves, and hubs are common to hold discs. Slipcases are made to snugly hold the inside items.
    slipcase set tall jacket cd or dvd multidiscslipcase set multidisc cd dvd collection notebookSlipcase box set tall jacket cd dvd Slipcase box set cd dvd foam hub tall jacketSlipcase set tal jacket hubs cd dvd notebookDVD slipcase set 6panel tall jacketTall dvd slipcase over 6panel jacketSlipcase Set tall jacket literatureslipcase set foil over tal jacket goldSlipcase set jacket spot gloss gold foil slipcase intricate gold foil spot glossTall slipcased dvd jacket foam hubsTall slipcase set dvd jacket 2 disc setSlipcase set tall cd dvd jacket Slipcase cd dvd set 4 disc bookletFiberboard slipcase box set cd dvdSlipcase cd dvd set tall jacket recycled paper

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  • Very Tall Slipcases 10 inch Height MegaTall Digipaks

    When we use two 5inch trays per panel, it creates a super tall product. These are great packages for multidisc collections and shelf presence. We have both clear plastic and recycled paper trays.
    very tall slipcase box set 10 inchtal slipcase box set 10 inch height digipakTall slipcase set multidisc digipak 7 disc setVery tall slipcase set cd dvd 10 inch height Slipcase set 10 inch tall multidisc box settall slpcase set cd dvd church christian mediaTall slipcase set cd dvd 10 inch setTall slipcase box set 10 inch highSlipcase box set cd dvd 10 inch tall heightTall Digipak slipcase set cd dvd 3 disc

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  • Flattened Slipcases - Ready for Shipping

    Although it is not our preference, we can make you just the slipcases, in case you are adding on to another already made product. We will need exact measurements, or if the inner packaging is a standard item like a jewel case or dvd amaray case with no other items, we can calculate it for you. To ship these, we simply flatten them. No glue or tap is needed for these type of slipcases as they readily collapse.
    cd slipcase flattened for shipping

  • Box Sets CD & Vinyl made with Chipboard, Rigid & Non Collapsible

    This client did monthly releases of their albums & art cards, but had us create a box set in advance of all the albums being done. Because the box cannot be collapsed, and all the products were not made yet, we needed to create a foam filler to protect the box during shipping.
    cd box set linen slipcase set multi jacketslipcase box set linen wrapped gold foil slipcase box set foam filler for shippinglinen cd slipcase box set foam blockslipcase box set blue linen wrapped gold foil Vinyl slipcase box sets cd linen wrapped vinyl slipcase set cd linen boxes

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  • Leather Material Box Sets

    Leather Material (vinyl) is another popular box set material. If we make all the components inside, it is easy to ship. Although this type of construction is not strictly collapsible, we have found a special way to make them that involves peel and stick tape assembly, in case you need just the box.

    Leather slipcase box set cd dvdleather slipcase box set digipaksleather slipcase box set cd digipaks

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  • Add Die Cut Window Slipcases - Shapes, Letters

    You can choose any design — tube, box, top-load, side-load - and single walled or double (lined).

    Height is usually 5 inch or 7.5 inch for Tall digipaks or Widescreen digipaks, but can also be 10 inch for Mega Tall digipaks, and can have custom widths, too.

    Don't be afraid to ask about adding diecut windows to your slipcase. We do it all the time.
    slipcase box set lettering die cutcd slipcase die cut letters spot glossslipcase set cd digipak die cut letters spot gloss

    Slipcase die cut shapes circle holes
    mega Tall Digipak, DieCut Slipcase,
    Tube Loading matte lamination
    slipcase die cut window cd digipak
    Die Cut Window (quite literally) in CD Slipcase
  • Slipcases Printed Inside? — Double-Wall Construction

    Would you rather have a slipcase that is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside? Not a problem! Just make it lined by using double-wall construction!

    Slipcase set printing inside double wall

    The packaging for Leonardo—makes use of a lined slipcase, and with custom diecut windows to add to the fun. With the digipak in place, you see the bird (itself a view into a window on the digipak!)

    slipcase set inside printing printed double wall

    Take out the digipak and notebook, and Leo is looking out the window at you! Maybe he's studying YOU!

  • Adding Slipcases to a Hard bound CD / DVD Books

    Some products, like linen and leather, cannot be full color printed so a good add on is a slipcase to add that color. Hardbound books are already rigid, so a lighter weight slipcase is often a good match.

    Slipcase 4C for cd book linen
    slipcase dvd book hardbound
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  • Add Matte Lamination and Spot UV Gloss to the Slip Case

    Add Matte Lamination or Spot Gloss:
    Matte lamination adds a beautiful "vellum like" quality to your slipcase. Ever see the box Apple puts their iPhones in? That's matte lamination. Add spot UV Gloss over the matte lam and you have a really top notch look.

    slipcase dvd set spot gloss matte lamination

    This slipcase and digipak have embossing, matte lam and spot UV gloss. See that white splotch on the upper, left corner, behind the vampire?

    tall dvd slipcase set spot uv gloss

    Well, turn the piece a little and now the splotch is black! Why? Because the splotch is spot UV gloss, that's why!

  • Adding Foil and Other Effects to Slipcases

    Foil is always a striking effect on packaging, and don't forget about embossing, debossing, and spot gloss.
    Slipcase set gold foil spot gloss embossingFoiled slipcase set cd dvd spot uv gloss embossedDVD slipcase set silver foil

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  • Fiberboard Slipcases - Change up the Paper Stock

    Try using a fiberboard paper stock for a different look and feel:
    fiberboard slipcase box set

    fiberboard dvd slipcase set
    Cannibal Flesh Riot—6pp tall jacket with slit pocket, slipcase, mini newspaper

    We don't discriminate against the, um, dead? Do *not* ask for a close up of that one. But taste aside – ew, sorry- it’s a fantastic looking title with a fiberboard slipcase. Even has spot gloss on entrails…EW!!!!! Sorry again.)