CD Greeting Card Jackets and Envelopes


DVD Shorts, Church Christmas Carols, Company Holiday Greetings

If your company is looking for a way to send out holiday greetings, this is a great solution for you. Or if your church wants to send out carols, or if you;d like to make a retail card, this concept is a good fit. As with all our projects, we can make packaging any size and style, but the popular trend for cards seems to be 7inch tall, 4pp jackets with a foam hub. We'll make the matching envelope and print them with your return address for easy mailing. We also have poly bags if you'd like those for stores.

  • CD or DVD Greeting Cards -- Your Art, Your Content

    You can send your own personalized media content (carols or images or whatever you might want to send) and artwork design. We'll manufacture the discs, press the data (or do recordables so you can burn the data), make and print the jackets, and print your envelopes with a return address so they are ready for you to send out. If you need, we can also do address labels for you.

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  • CD Party Invitations or Wedding Invites?

    Yes, it can work for wedding invitations too, but please remember the minimum order is based on 300 units. We do not have to make 300 units, but the total cost would be very similar to a run of 300 units.

    cd wedding invitation pop up package
    cd pop up pak mailer invite
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  • Pressed or Recordable Discs

    Pressed discs are what we do most of. These are glass mastered/ pressed discs that we replicate with your data on them. Pressed discs are generally suited for large, commercial runs. They are less expensive than recordable, less work for the clients, and exact copies of your master manufactured without error.

    However, should you have a special need such as customized data, recordables might be the best way to go. We manufacture recordables during slower times of the year, and can print these for you - ready for you to burn the data onto.

  • Full Size Discs, Mini Discs, or Clear Substrate Discs Available, Too

    Discs are generally full sized, but if you have a smaller amount of data, we can make a mini disc or a clear substrate disc for you. Let us know what your data size is and we can help.

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  • Greeting Card Jackets with Foam Hub or Pockets

    Usually we do Greeting Cards with Foam hubs, but we can also do them with pockets and other items such as business cards slots or trays. Let us know what you need!

    CD greeting card hub envelope HealingHearts7
    cd card jacket and envelope
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  • Envelopes for CD Cards, Return Address Printed - Made to Fit

    We can make envelopes (white or colored stock) to fit the jackets and print them with your return address. We usually leave it to the the client to address the envelopes. If you need address labels printed, please let us know and we can do that for you.

    DVD mailer and envelope piritual Cinema
    DVD with mailing Envelope — spiritual Cinema
  • CD DVD Mailer Zipper Strip Versions

    Or you can make a mailer version with the back ready to be addressed. Be sure to let us know if you need a portion left unvarnished to allow for address printing.

    mini cd wallet mailer
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