CD / DVD Jackets Cross or Plus Shaped,
Unique Disc Packaging, 1 - 5 Disc Sets, Custom Made!

  • Unique Folding Options – Cross digipaks, Plus Shapes

    Cross CD/DVD Jackets, Plus Shapes, X, L ...

    Want something really unique? With Megalodon, if you can imagine it, it can probably be manufactured. For a change from the standard straight-line approach, you can arrange your disc pockets or hubs in just about any shape you want. Try a cross. See what we made for Christree:
    (Featured: Christ Tree Cross-Shaped Multi-Disc).
    Custom cd packaging, 4 disc cross shaped folding tray pak jacketunique cd packaging for 4disc set, cross shape tray pak packagingCross shaped cd packaging, unique folding for 4 disc setUnique cd covers, custom cd packaging for 4 disc set

    If you'd like the jacket with trays, see Cross Shaped Tray Paks.

    To make a more traditional cross, you would put a panel off the bottom leg. By using four equal legs and turning your art 45 degrees, a plus sign becomes an X. Pretty neat.

    Need trays instead of pockets? Check out our examples of Cross or "X" Shaped digipaks!

  • Multidisc options, location of pockets, adding a booklet

    You can have a pocket on every panel, or you can leave certain panels blank. None of these are off-the shelf items. We custom manufacture them to your spec.

    Booklets can be added to an end panel in a tube pocket, a slot pocket, a literature slot, or simply be glued onto a panel - just about any type of pocket. We have one exception….see below!CD Cross jacket with bookletunique cd covers, cross shaped cd jacket

  • That pesky center panel – odd man out!

    Clients often ask if a disc can be placed on the center panel – sure that’s not a problem. We can adjust the spine to allow for the folding of it. One problem we do have is making a pocket on the center panel (there’s no adjoining panel to fold over to create one!). The solution we generally recommend is gluing a pocket or a foam hub on the center panel if you need a pocket. So if you want to have a booklet on the center panel, it’s best to either leave it loose or glue it in place.
    Cross shape cd pacakging, unique cd coversunique cd covers, cross shaped folding jacket

  • How do they fold up?

    Well, it depends. Our graphics people typically have a layer of crumpled paper on the floors under their desks. And guess why? They make paper folding prototypes to see what works. If you have a certain preference on how it should fold up, let us know. This will be especially important in the final assembly and we suggest a diagram to make sure the order is clear. Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget the disc insertion order.
    Unique cd folding packaging, custom die cutunique cd packaging, plus shaped jacket with clear trayUnique folding cd packging, cross or plus shaped jacket

  • See More Examples of Unique CD DVD Packaging

    If you are looking for some fun design elements to incorpoate into your design, check out what we did for these clients:
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    Unique CD Covers, Custom Packaging

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