Custom Die CD DVD Jackets and Packaging


Cut Out Shapes, Lettering, Windows

With Megalodon, you don't have to spend a bundle to have a totally custom jacket. Ask about getting a custom die cut for your project.

  • Photos of Custom Die CD DVD Jackets and Packaging

    When we say "die cut" jacket, what we mean is that a special cutting and scoring fixture (aka: die-cutting fixture) was created to give that particular disc packaging its shape or make special features like windows or letters. Take a look below at some fun projects we've done:
    custom die cut lettering on cd jacket slipcase
    custom die cut shape cd dvd pacakging slipcase Custom die dvd acket spinny wheelcustom die cd jacket with envelope tuck flapcustom die cd jacket shape cut outcustom die lettering cd jacket packagingcustom die cd music packagingcustom die dvd jacket packaging diecut window custom die dvd jacket fiberboard stock disc booklet cutout pocketcustom die jacket with cut out shapescustom die cd jacket music packaging curved pocketscustom die dvd book window

    custom die shape cut out cd packagingcustom cut hole dvd pacakging to hold coincustom die windows dvd digipak paper traycustom die cut window cd packagingcustom die cd digipak window for insertcustom die cd packaging box disc and yo yocustom die window cd music packagingcustom die cd jacket pocket notch cutoutdie cut slipcase cd dvd jacketcustom die hole dvd packaging
  • Die Cutting Fixtures - here's how we make the shapes

    Disc packaging is made by printing onto a single sheet of board paper stock (cardboard thickness, usually 15/16pt), and then using a die cutting fixture to cut out and score the flat shape of the packaging. It is then folded and glued to create the final piece that you see. This is what a die fixture looks like:

    die cut fixture custom cd dvd jacket packaging
    Die cutting fixture for a double-wall DVD slipcase
    die cutting fixture cd dvd jacketsdie cut fixture for cd dvd jacketsdie cutting fixture cd dvd jacket packaging

    When you view your color matchprint, you will see the die lines where the cuts ultimately will be made. It is a great idea to do some folding along those lines to make sure your art is lining up the way you envisioned it.

  • 4pp Die Cut CD Jackets - 5 Inch Height

    Here are some examples of the many 4pp jacket/ wallet/bifold type designs we have done. We have an extraordinary number of designs, and we make more all the time. Note that adding a hub or a tray does not affect the basic design at all.

    custom cd album cover jacketcustom dvd die cut pack shaped cut out jacketcustom cd cover printing cd jacket packaging4pp cd  dvd custom jacket with diecut
  • 6pp Die Cut CD Jackets - 5 Inch Height

    These are great examples of 6pp jackets (trifold) with custom dies. Set yourself free.

    custom dvd cover with die cutdvd disc packaging custom cd jacket with cut outcustom shape dvd packaging cut out cd jacket packagingcustom die disc jacket circle cut out window
  • Tall DVD Jackets (or CD Jackets) - 7.5 Inch Height or Taller

    This shows a few custom jackets at the standard DVD case height (7 1/2 inches) and bigger:

    custom die dvd jacket pack die cut out windowtall dvd pack die cut windowcustom shapetall dvd custom packagingcustom dvd jacket die cut out packagingcustom dvd packaging with cut out windowcustom tall dvd jacket packagingtall custom dvd jacket packaging with cut out window
  • Die Cut Lettering Cutout Examples

    Die cut lettering examples....
    die cut lettering cd jacket custom die lettering cutout cd jacketcustom die cut lettering on cd jacket slipcasedie cut lettering cd music packaging

  • Die Cut Shapes & Cut Outs

    Die cut shapes can be in just about any form. We want to make sure we leave enough paper so the packaging is sturdy, but other than that, feel free to design away!

    die cut shape cd packgingdie cut shape in cd digipak packagingdetailed die cut cd digipakdie cut shape dvd packagingdie cut shape dvd digipak packaging open viewdie cut shape cd music packaging eagle shapedie cut eagle shape close up cd packagingcustom die cut music packaging guitar shapedie cut guitar shape cd digipakdie cut cd jacket custom mushroom shapedie cut shape cut out dvd packagingdie cut shape dvd packaging inside view

  • Die Cut Windows

    Die cut windows can showcase all kinds of goodies - an insert/booklet, an art feature, it can be a square window, a round name it.die cut window dvd jacket packaging booklet insertdie cut window on dvd packaging showing booklet photodvd jacket with die cut window booklet insertdvd book with die cut window string tiecustom die cut dvd packaging window dvd die cut packaging custom window cut outcustom die cd packaging window cut outs digipakdie cut windows on cd recycled digipakdie cut window dvd jacket cellophane mailercustom dvd jacket pop up cellophane window die cutcustom die cut dvd jacket fiberboard stock insert pocketcustom die cut dvd jacket windows fiberboard stockdie cut cd slipcase digipak set two cd discscustom die window cd slipcasedie cut circle hole cd sllipcasecd slipcase with die cut circle spot gloss

  • Die Cut Pockets, Notches, and Business Card Holders

    We can do almost any kind of pocket shape using custom dies, or hold literature or add in business card slots. Let us know what you need.

    custom die cd jacket with curved scalloped pocket for disccustom cd jacket die with tuck flap envelopecustom cd jacket notch pocket rectangular thumbholecustom die cut cd jacket thumb hole notch

  • Die Cuts Used to Hold Items in a Package - USB, Pencils, Coins, etc

    We can do die cuts to hold lots of interesting items; pencils, coins, usbs, cards, toys, etc. custom dvd packagingcustom die dvd packaging circle cut for coincustom dvd packaging die cut for coindie cut packaging disc and toycustom cd box to hold disc and toydie cut disc packaging to hold pencil in loop
    custom cd packaging with usb die cut

  • Custom Die Cut Pop up Paks - 3D Disc Holders

    Megalodon's proprietary POP UP Pak...a 3D disc holder! We can make these in 5inch, 7inch heights, with booklet pockets, mailer strips, add business reply cards....lots of options. We make them with a velcro tab so you can open and close them as much as you want (because it IS fun).

    custom die disc packaging popup pakdie cut cd packaging popupcustom die pop up disc packagingcustom die dvd pop up pack die cut dvd pop up 3d packagingdie cut dvd pop up packaging mailercd popup mailer packaging address uncoated areacd pop up die cut pacakging frontdie cut cd pop up mailer with cardcustom die disc pop up mailer with carddie cut cd invitation packagingcd packaging with Velcro Tabcustom die disc pop up packagingdie cut cd packaging pop up with bookletdie cut cd pop up packagingcustom die packaging 3D disc holderdie cut packaging 3D disc holder3d disc packaging die cutvecro tab cd dvd packaging
  • What do you want to add a die cut to?