CD DVD Eco Friendly Packaging Green Jackets & Sleeves


Recycled Paper Disc Packaging, Soy Inks, Environmentally Friendly Plastic Free

  • Examples of Eco Friendly Green CD DVD Disc Packaging

    Recycled Eco Friendly CD DVD packaging
    Recycled CD DVD disc jackets
    Eco friendly recycled cd dvd jacket packet packaging
    Recycled dvd jacket packaging
    Eco friendly disc sleeve done eco friendly
    Recycled mini cd wallet
    Eco dvd jacket with recycled paper packaging
    Green cd packaging with recycled paper tray
    Eco friendly dvd jacketEco friendly wide dvd jackate caseRecycled fibre board disc sleeve with insertGreen cd dvd package with recycled paper tray pack
    cd packaging recycled tray pack
    Tall eco friendly cd jacketRecycled fibre board cd jacketEco friendly dvd jacket with a pocketRecycled dvd tray pack

  • Truly Eco Paper Stock—70-80% Recycled Content and Post Consumer Waste.

    Our Truly Eco stock contains 70-80% recycled content, and the post consumer waste portion is about 80%. That’s very high in the industry! You can feel confident that this paper stock meets anyone’s criteria for being Eco. This level of recycled content does make the paper stock softer, so it may not be for every project. But if you are looking for Truly Eco – recycled paper that is truly eco and not just promoted as it, this is the way to go.

    Recycled album cover jacket with pocket
    Patagonia Mountain of Storms DVD, 4pp jacket recycled, uncoated
    Eco friendly album cover cd packaging
    environmentally friendly dvd packaging with recycled jacket

    Sometimes clients ask us for 100% recycled content. We have ordered it and used it before, but we strongly discourage it as it is very soft. The point thickness can still measure high, but if the recycled content is too high, that paper is almost too “flimsy”.

    What is Recycled Paper? How is it Defined?

    If you are eco –conscious, you should be aware that many of the stocks out there that are promoted as “eco –friendly” and “recycled paper” stock, but they only contain a small percentage of recycled stock. Actually, all paper contains some amount of recycled stock, but it doesn't seem fair to promote regular paper as suddenly being recycled paper. That’s a bit misleading, we feel.

    Is there a standard? Well yes, the EPA set one. They say that recycled paper is defined as containing over 50% recycled content. So we feel that our Standard stock (even though it’s much higher percentage than proclaimed “recycled stocks”) doesn’t meet the criteria. We have a special stock of paper we do feel comfortable calling Eco,, and we call it Truly Eco. That’s our own name for it, but we feel it needs distinguishing from some stocks that do not meet the EPA criteria.

  • Jacket , Wallet, Sleeve, Cover, LP? What's the Difference?

    The definition doesn’t appear in Wester's, so you’re right to ask. And the answer we’re going to give you is that they are whatever you want them to be. Here’s roughly what we think after our 18 years making them:

    • ~Jackets – Usually 4-panel and up, nice spine thick enough to hold print. The disc can be held with pockets or foam hub, basically anything but a tray - in which case we call it a digipak.

      favoriteColor5 4pp tall hub jacket fiberboard silver foil stamp
      Tall recycled disc jacket
      Tall eco friendly cd jacket with diagonal literature pocket
      Eco friendly cd jacket with recycled booklet
      4pp tall disc jacket with recycled booklet
      Tall recycled fiber board cd jacket
      Tall eco friendly cd jacket cover with pocket
      Tall dvd case with eco frindly case
    • ~Wallets- same thing. Sometimes people refer to wallets as bifold or trifold, and usually they don’t have spines?

      Eco riendly cd wallets with soy ink
      Recycled cd wallet cover
      Recycled cd wallet with eco friendly ink
      Eco friendly soy ink cd jacket
      Eco friendly soy ink cd packaging
      Recycled cd wallet with soy ink printing
      8 panel eco cd walletTall recycled cd jacket with hubEco friendly cd sleeves with soy ink
    • ~Sleeves?– In our minds these are usually 2pp (2 panel).

      Eco friendly dvd sleeves with soy ink printing
      Eco friendly dvd sleeves with soy ink printing
      Eco freindly disc sleeve printing
      2pp recycled disc sleeve eco printing
      Eco friendly mini disc lp sleeve
      Recycled cd lp sleeveet
      Recycled cd lp style sleeve
      Eco friendly dvd jacket with spine
      eco friendly mini disc sleeve

    While we’re at it, how about covers? In our mind, covers are kind of representative of LP covers, which is a special style like a jacket with a thick spine and maybe an inner sleeve?

    We don't actually mind what you call them.

    Eco freindly mini lp jacket with spine and eco friendly ink
    Eco freindly mini lp jacket with spine and eco friendly ink
    SuperAquello1 2pp sleeve jacket slipcase booklet
    oriablue2 4pp jacket glued in booklet debossing

    LPs- definitely has a retro feel to it. We've made these 2pp, 4pp, and 6pp. Usually has a pocket opening outward. May have a inner disc sleeve like the old albums. Often is uncoated matte, and may be 5 inch or full 12 inch like the old ones. We also do these with book binding which is WAY authentic and cool, albeit more expensive. Here is a page on LPs, just for you LP nuts!

    NTremulisPinky2 6pp miniLP jacket gloss booklet 2pocket
    NTremulisPinky2 6pp miniLP jacket gloss booklet 2pocket
    AndrewSong1 4pp miniLP 2pkt bookbind chipboard matte lamination cd booklet
    AndrewSong2 4pp miniLP 2pkt bookbind chipboard matte lamination cd booklet
    AndrewSong3 4pp miniLP 2pkt bookbind chipboard matte lamination cd booklet
    AdamRose2 4pp miniLP jacket sputtering
    mimicrySecretChiefs4 4pp miniLP jacket PIPS inner sleeve
    mimicrySecretChiefs4 4pp miniLP jacket PIPS inner sleeve
    RileyBunn8 4pp jacket fiberboard 2disc miniLP

    Without getting too far into it, here is a small sampling of popular types that fit into this description - YES WE HAVE MORE.

    2pp miniLP w sleeve.gif
    4pp 2pkt jacket 2007.gif
    4pp 2pkt jacket 2008.gif
    4PP JACKET 1disc hlfmn.gif
    4PP JACKET 1disc hrgls slot.gif
    4PP JACKET 1disc hrglss.gif
    4PP JACKET 1disc wide.gif
    4PP JACKET 2disc hlfmn.gif
    4PP JACKET 2disc hrglss.gif
    4PP JACKET 2disc wide.gif
    4PP JACKET 2003.GIF
    4PP JACKET 2006 icon.GIF
    4PP Jacket Hub icon.gif
    4PP JACKET toned icon.GIF
    4PP mini hub jacket.gif
    4PP mini slot jacket.gif
    4pp miniLP 2disc w sleeve bookbind.gif
    4pp miniLP 2disc w sleeve.gif
    4pp miniLP glued booklet sleeve top load disc page.gif
    4pp miniLP glued booklet sleeve top load.gif
    4pp miniLP w sleeve bookbind.gif
    4pp miniLP w sleeve.gif
    4PP oversized CD jacket.gif
    4pp wide jacket postcard.gif
    5IN MINIJACKET toned icon.GIF
    6pp 2pkt jacket 3003.gif
    6pp 2pkt jacket hlfmn.gif
    6PP Jacket Hub icon.gif
    6PP JACKET toned icon.GIF
    6PP mini hub jacket.gif
    6PP mini slot jacket.gif
    6pp miniLP ctr glued booklet right sleeve top load.gif
    6pp miniLP left glued booklet sleeve top load.gif
    6PP oversized CD jacket.gif
    6pp wide jacket postcard.gif
    8PP Jacket Hub.gif
    8PP mini hub jacket.gif
    8PP mini slot jacket.gif
    8pp roll up jacket.gif
    businesscard cd wallet icon.gif
    CD Jacket 6pp 3000 icon.gif
    mini cd wallet icon.gif
    tall foam hub jacket 6pp.gif
    tall hub jacket 6p c pocket.gif
  • The Spec for Eco Jacket Disc Packaging

    We don't actually mind what you call them. The technical spec is what's really important. Although we do want to know about the look and feel you are trying to achieve because we have great suggestions to help you with that. You know we're all about options, right? Here is what we'll need to quote something of the cover-jacket-wallet-sleeve-LP nature:

    • Qty:
    • Disc:
    • Packaging:
      • Printing:
      • Paper Stock:
    • Booklets/Inserts:
    • Assembly:
    • Shipping:

    Let's go over that in a bit more detail:

    • Qty: 500+
    • Disc Type: cd, dvd, multi disc, etc.
    • Packaging: #panels (2pp, 4pp etc), height(approx 5 inch, 7 inch, etc)
    • Printing: 4C/0C or 4C/4C (PIPS),
    • and type of ink (soy inks, pantone etc)
    • Paper Stock: recycled (20-30%, or 70-80%), coated or uncoated, fiberboard, etc.
    • and thickness if need something special - otherwise we'll suggest our standard
    • Booklet: # pages, usually C/4C, usually stapled, sometimes folded, if large, let us know if perfect bound
    • Any other inserts or inner disc sleeves, etc
    • Assembly: insertion, and usually shrink wrap or tab seal
    • Shipping: we'll include (let us know addr if outside of US)

    Sample Spec, 4pp Tall Eco Jacket with a DVD5:

    • Qty: 1000
    • Disc: DVD5
    • includes disc manufacturing and full color disc printing, up to 5C offset or silkscreening
    • Packaging: 4pp Tall jacket (approx 7inch) with pinch pocket
    • Printing: 4C/4C - includes inner spines and behind pocket
    • Paper Stock: Uncoated matte, recycled 20-30% pcw
    • Booklet: none
    • Assembly: insertion& shrink wrap
    • Shipping: included, one addr US Continental
    • Proofing:PDF, Test Disc (data & print) & Color Matchprint

    These things comes-with:

    • The disc manufacturing (these are pressed discs, replicated, glass mastered)
    • Full color disc printing, up to 5C offset or silkscreening - let us know if more than 5C
    • PDF proofing for all artwork
    • Test Disc- glass mastered & printed (Yes- we make you one actual disc to check over)
    • Color Matchprint - hardcopy print out, sent with test disc
    • Films, set up cost, etc- all of that is included unless you need to submit new source material after it is made.

    FYI, these item do not affect cost:

    • Type of paper stock: 20-30% or 70-80% pcw recycled, coated or uncoated white fiberboard
    • ! Spot gloss or matte on the disc - if you are not more than 5C, we can throw this in at no charge
    • ! Vinyl look disc printing -- no charge if you want to go retro
    • Soy inks
    • Pantone spot inks if you do 2C instead of 4C/cmyk, no charge
    • Sometimes the Die Style - if we already have the tooling, you can use it so you have a good variety to choose from. If it requires more paper or different construction technique, then there may be more cost involved. But for example, the style of the thumbhole will not affect the cost, as long as we have that thumbhole in one of our existing die cutting fixtures.

    And if you want something other than the cover-jacket-wallet-sleeve-LP style, don't be afraid to ask. We have more dies and options than you would believe possible.

  • Lots of looks, Dozens of dies, and pockets a-plentiful

    Bottom line- you tell us what you want and we can do it. You don’t want to know how many variations of a 4pp jacket we have. Dozens and dozens and dozens….no kidding. We like to customize and think outside the box, so we do. Perish the thought of ordering one type off a catalog page that looks like everyone else's. Heavens, just tattoo a number on your forehead and get it over with. We have tube pockets and slit pockets and slot pockets, thumb holes wide and deep and shallow, specially shaped guitar thumb holes, diagonal literature pockets, rounded pockets, squared pockets, invisible pockets, vertical pockets, flap pockets, and on and on and on.
    We. have. lots. of. pockets.

    NBPC_PMC7 4pp tall jacket diagonal pocket
    National Black Programming Consortium—4pp tall jacket diagonal pocket
  • Cork or Foam Hubs on Your Cd or DVD Eco Jacket?

    You bet, foam hubs come in either black or white, and now they're available in natural Cork.

    homepower09nr2 4pp hub jacket embossing matte lam spot gloss 32pp poster
    homepower09nr2 4pp hub jacket embossing matte lam spot gloss 32pp poster
    homepower3 4pp jacket poster
    swanslanding4 4pp jacket foam hub poster
    4pp tall foam hub jacket artshow1 literature pocket
  • How does an Eco Jacket differ from a regular jacket?

    All of our jackets, wallets, and sleeves are very Eco Friendly to start with. They don’t use any plastic. You can hold the disc with a foam hub or just use pockets (and you know that we have a huge variety of pockets, right? Don't forget the pockets. You mustn't forget the pockets.) The paper stock is a wonderful recycled stock paper with 20% - 30% recycled content. And that’s our STANDARD stock. We should talk for a minute on recycled paper, but we’ll do that below. Just know that our STANDARD stock is more than most “recycled paper” stocks out there, which actually have just a teensy bit of recycle content in them. The papers come from FSC certified paper manufacturers, which means, Best Beloved, that they come from paper manufacturers that care.

    Cahill_Dayshapes3 4pp tall hub jacket uncoated
    Dayshapes, a DVD in a 4pp tall hub jacket, Recycled, uncoated

    The finish we prefer is generally aqueous as it’s earth friendly. We even have non-toxic shrink wrap or can use tab seals to close the package too. We have magnetic closure, as well – surely magnets are earth friendly? Ours are free range (as far as we know) though. So overall you already are using plastic alternatives, FSC paper with recycled paper with a fairly high percentage of recycled content, good earth friendly finishes, and sealing it in a responsible way– that’s good. You’ve made wonderful choices.

    • - No plastic
      - Our Standard Stock = 20% - 30% Recycled Content, FSC certified
    • - Our standard finish = aqueous, Earth Friendly -Non Toxic Shrink wrap or shrink wrap alternatives

    Can they be *even* more Eco Friendly? Yes. For those who want to go one step farther along the Eco edge, we can do it. And we go there all the time.

    Ah, we have additional eco-friendly features that you’re going to love. We’ve researched some special paper stocks that are even “eco -ier” than our Standard stock. And we can print with Soy Inks.

    - High Percentage Recycled Paper Stock (over 70-80% recycled content and post consumer waste)
    - Fiberboard Paper Stock (contains recycled content, end of chain, pulp paper, and is unbleached)
    - Soy Inks (vegetable inks)

  • Recycled, uncoated -- waaay matte

    Many of our clients also prefer a matte look to their projects. Recycled, uncoated is a great way to achieve that:

    alison crockett4 bare 4pp jacket recycled uncoated
    alison crockett4 bare 4pp jacket recycled uncoated
    alison crockett3 bare 4pp jacket recycled uncoated
    molly zenobia7 4pp jacket recycled uncoated
    molly zenobia4 4pp jacket recycled uncoated
    SunCelebration 4pp jacket STDTH recycled booklet uncoated 2
    SunCelebration 4pp jacket STDTH recycled booklet uncoated 1
    MrMrsMays slit pocket booklet 4pp Jacket Hub CD
    MrMrsMays 4pp Jacket Hub CD foil matte


  • Fiberboard Stock, FSC Certified Paper

    Fiberboard is another level of eco. It uses the end of the chain material – also called pulp – that can’t be used anywhere else and combines it together in a paper stock. The pulp nature gives the paper a texture – kind of fuzzy. The paper is unbleached, so it’s brownish, like kraft paper or a paper bag. Overall it has a very organic look to it, and this paper stock is what we think of first when clients tell us they want an organic look to their title. Because the paper stock is brownish, you need to remember that printing on it will affect your colors. If well thought out, this results in a nice muted tone.

    geoffHarrington1 4pp foam hub jacket fiberboard 2xwhite
    geoffHarrington1 4pp foam hub jacket fiberboard 2xwhite
    RileyBunn5 4pp jacket fiberboard 2disc miniLP
    magicmama2 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH
    cass 4pp foam hub fiberboard 1

    See Magic Mama, an audio CD for children, with eco-conscious packaging packaging design

    We mentioned above that our papers are FSC certified. What does that mean? Forest Stewardship Council means that they are involved in good practices that encourage longevity of the forests.

  • Soy Inks, Earth Friendly Finishes

    Not a problem. We carry soy inks and print with them frequently. They are less toxic overall – less processing involved in the manufacturing , less clean up environmentally, and easy on the degrading process. We haven’t seen any drawbacks to these yet. You can’t do a pantone match like Coca-Cola Red #xyz, but that seems to be fine to most folks. If you want to see how it’s coming out, we can send you a press proof.
    inlakech3 4pp digipak recycled uncoated

    We like to do aqueous as our standard finish. You can see from our product shots that it’s beautiful, and we feel good about less impact environmentally. Aqueous flood coats seal in the ink to keep it from smudging – printed packaging does need some form of sealing – and we think this is the most environmentally friendly one.

    For our many of our eco oriented clients, it’s important to not use UV. UV coating is a plastic coating that is cured by UV light. It’s wonderful for certain effects (we use it on titles with special effects like spot UV gloss and matte lamination, absolutely stunning! ) but it doesn’t break down. So unless there’s a special effects need, we opt for aqueous floods. If you have a preference, let us know!

  • Closure : Non Toxic Shrink wrap & Tab Seals

    If you do want shrink wrap, that’s ok. Our shrink wrap is non toxic.
    If you prefer to avoid shrink wrap altogether, you might like a tab seal.

    magicmama3 6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal closeup

    And we have one other unique form of closing that’s neither of the above - a magnetic closure!

    This is our Moxie, a very popular Film Reel.

    moxie2 magnetic closure 4pp tall jacket foamhub
    moxie2 magnetic closure 4pp tall jacket foamhub
    moxie magnetic closure 4pp tall jacket foamhub
  • How long have we been doing Eco Friendly?

    We started exploring eco options over ten years ago, long before other replicators and printers started reworking their web sites to make themselves look like environmentalist groups. We've worked very hard to find resources that met our and our clients’ criteria , and best of all – we’ve had lots of experience manufacturing with them. That’s why you see so many pictures of them on our site.

    We want to make a good impact on the world, and we hope our practices and features reflect that. Everyone has a different eco focus it seems (like how some folks prefer paper or plastic in grocery bags – both for good reasons) . With discs and packaging, for some it’s the paper, for some it’s the plastic, and for some it’s the chemicals and finishes. Rest assured that no matter what features you choose on your project with Megalodon, you’re already much higher on the eco friendly scale than you would be elsewhere.

    It’s good to see the rest of the world becoming more eco conscious, but it would be better if it weren’t just marketing hype, huh? Some of these clean footprints are looking pretty dirty to us. So we urge you to check the facts, and read the fine print. There’s eco marketing hype, and then there’s what we call truly eco.

  • Did you forget the Pockets?

    No? Good. You mustn't forget the pockets.
    We. have. lots. of. pockets.

    nash2 VernGosdin 10pp cross jacket PIPS 4disc booklet slipcase
    How's THIS for pockets??
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