Magnetic CD or DVD Jacket Packaging- it's a Snap!


Are you also looking for really unique disc packaging that'll astound your users? Are you looking for a simple way to keep your CD or DVD jacket closed? Well, look no further! With magnetic closure, we insert a set of hidden magnets in the panels so that the jacket snaps closed. It's a pretty neat trick.

  • Extra heavy fiberboard stock and a foam hub keeps 'em guessing!

    The first thing people say when they see it is "Wow! Magnetic! But where's the magnet?"

    Our magnetic closing jackets are made from extra heavy, laminated board. The inner layer has a special cavity for the strong little magnets, so there's no telltale bump to give it away. The heavy board also gives the panels a lot of stiffness, so it's just hard to really tell where it's happening. Many people think it's the "magic hub" that also holds the disc. The special (and totally optional) receiver hole on the opposite panel reinforces the illusion. There's nothing "magic" about the hub, it's just an ordinary foam hub—the same hub we use on all our foam hub eco jackets.

    DVD Jacket with magnetic closure, fiberboard stock, foam hub
    Tall DVD Jacket with Magnetic Closure
    Fiberboard Paper Stock & Foam Hub
  • Strong Magnetic Closures and Less Strong Magnets in the DVD Folders

    We can use either strong magnets, that make quite a thunk when the jacket is closed, or a weaker magnet that closes more softly. The weaker magnets are a bit less expensive, if you are budget conscious.

  • Custom CD or DVD Packaging - Standard Die Cut or a Unique Size or Shape

    Jackets can be made in any size. This is an example of a DVD height (approx 7 inch) jacket:

    moxie3 magnetic closure 4pp tall jacket foamhub
    magnetic closure
    4pp tall DVD jacket

    We made this title extra big and wide:

    Magnet Closure on Oversized Fiberboard DVD Jacket
    Troika-- 4pp tall wide hub jacket, fiberboard 2x white, Business card slot, magnetic closure, fiberboard, foam hub, magnetic, oversized, recycled
     Disc Packaging with Magnetics, oversizedMagnetic Disc Jacket Packaging, Oversized DVD Packaging with Magnets

    Should you want to do a fun shape, that's an option too!

    Die Cut Shape DVD jacket packaging, uncoated stock
    Custom Shape DVD Jacket, uncoated paper stock
    Tall Die Cut DVD Jacket Packaging
    Tall DVD Jacket with custom die cut shape, foam hub, uncoated stock
    4pp Tall jacket with die cut shape and foam hub
  • Tall Jacket with Foam or Cork Hubs, Pockets or Trays to hold the Discs

    The magnets are actually hidden inside the panels, and as long as the magnets are a couple of heavy board thicknesses apart from each other, the package closes with a satisfying "snap.". Foam hub packaging construction, which uses a solid double-wall (the inside panels are folded in and glued), works best.

    Pockets can work too, as long as they work with the location of the magnet. Paper or Plastic Trays are another option, but because of the thickness of the tray, we may need to think outside of the box, and add a plumped up panel with one of the magnets hidden.

    Do you have an idea you'd like to try? Let's talk!