CD / DVD Minidisc, 3 Inch Jackets & Folders

  • Mini Discs – What are they?

    Mini discs are especially small discs – cds and dvds – that can be pressed, and if we have them on stock, recordable versions.
    We make the discs in round, hockey rink or business card shape, and rectangular.

    mini dvd warner Mini CD oxytr1 Mini CD Dillards 2

    cd bizcard freemotion1 CD Bizcard AMEX2 bizcard cd PCShow1

    cd biz card Shields1

    And we make the jackets to match!

  • Examples of 4pp jackets

    morley mini cd wallet envelope 1 mini cd 4p jacket creative1 cd bizcard 4pp jacket ecat

    mini cd 2pp wallet mltnm1 mini cd 2pp jacket mltnm1 Mini cd LaserTron1
  • Examples of 6pp jackets

    inspra 6pp minicd jacket 6pp mini cd hub quantum1 6pp mini cd hub quantum3

    mini cd wallet echair3 mini cd hub wallet echair2
  • Clear Substrate Discs

    One twist on this is a clear substrate disc – that’s a mini disc with clear substrate out to the edges. Clear substrate discs have one advantage over mini discs, and that’s that the universal size (universal? Guess so, at least Earth) does not have playability problems in slot disc players.

    SweetDreams Clear Substrate CD SweetDreams 4pp jacket Clear Substrate CD clear substrate cd sacks2

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