CD/ DVD Tall Jacket with foam hubs or pockets-
7 Inch, Recycled stock, 4pp Tall Jacket Folder Packaging

  • Holding the Disc- Pinch Pocket Jackets, Slot Pockets, and More

    Pinch pockets are probably the most popular option for tall jackets. These neatly keep the disc in the center of the pocket. Other options include slot pockets or thumbhole style cut outs.

    4pp tall dvd jacket pinch pocket ramset3 4pp Tall CD Jacket Recycled Stock
    Dr. Bronners 4pp tall dvd jacket, PIPS CD tall jacket 4pp pinch pocket, recycled stock, high post consumer waste percentage


    The above title has a die cut window branding the company icon, and a window that spotlight the name on the business card. Disc goes in the top slot, and business card is held below.

  • Foam Hub Tall Jacket Folders

    Another option is to use a foam hub to hold the disc. We can order them in black or white to match your art! Just let us know if you have a preference.4pp Tall cd / DVD Jacket with foam hub, slot pocket with insert bookletDVD Tall jacket, 4pp, foam hubCustom packaging, tall dvdr jacket with two business card slots and insert , cause and effectCD Greeting card, tall jacket with foam hub, envelope4pp tall cd jacket with foam hub and disc6pp Tall cd / dvd jacket with foam hum, eco-friendly cd packaging with recycled stock

  • Foam Trays- Made to Hold Discs, USBs, and other Retail Items

    We have another variation – yep, you knew it, custom-r-us. We can do foam trays. And the foam trays, can hold things. Yep, things. Like USB things. And discs of course.
    Check out this title; 2 USB dongles, a recordable disc with serialized printing, and bonus printing behind the disc.
    Custom USB and CD Jacket with foam tray - shows full color printing behind discClose up of packaging made to hold two USB dongles, custom made foam trayCustom USB Jacket, showing the foam disc tray with disc cut out in place
    USB packaging, custom foam tray, made to look like cassetteUSB packaging, Duotone, foam tray made to hold the usb in shape of cassette packageUSB packaging that looks like a cassette, retro!
    Featured Title Image Content
    USB packaging with foam trays

  • Booklets and Perfect Bound Books

    Most people are familiar with booklets. Ours are generally full color 4C/4C , they can be stapled or gatefolded, or poster style. And they can be attached in many different ways. You might put he booklet in a slot pocket, or a tube pocket, or a diagonal or curved literature pocket.
    Tall 4pp jacket for disc, with curved literature slot pocket -- 4pp Tall Jacket with Literature Pocket

    Tall jackets don’t frequently have a Glued Booklets or posters but it can be done!

    Perfect Bound Book Examples – 28+ pages. These have thicker cover stock and are perfect bound books.
    DVD Film Reel with perfect bound bookExamples of 3 perfect bound books, avail 28 page +

  • 2 disc Versions

    You can certainly put a disc on each side, but did you think of two discs on one panel? You can, the seven inch height is tall enough or we can make a taller height.
    2 disc portfolio, foam hubs, literature pocket, business card slot, tall 9inch height

  • Special Paper stocks- Uncoated, Recycled, Fiberboard

    Our standard paper stock – contains, 20% recycled content. Recommend for special effects printing.

    Our Truly Eco paper stock – contains 70-80% recycled content and post consumer waste. A bit softer.
    Recycled Stock Tall CD / DVD jacket, using Truly Eco 70-80% recycled content
    Our fiberboard stock – lovely unbleached , brownish material, slightly fuzzy texture, uses end of chain material/pulp so very Eco.
    Brown fiberboard material disc jacket, tall, inside view with full color printingTall Fiberboard Jacket, 4C printing, front view, cd / dvd

    Uncoated Papers – for that matte, feel me touch me look.Uncoated Paper Stock Disc Packaging, matte paper stockClose up of uncoated stock disc packaging and booklet

    And we can do all kinds of thickness too. If you need additional choices, ask, but these cover just about everything you might want to create. What don’t we use? We don’t use individual sheets of paper that you might pick up in a stationary store, for example. We use big rolls of paper.

  • PIPS (Printed Inside Pockets & Spines) or Reverse Inside Printing

    Jackets are generally printed one one side of the paper. When that paper is folded up & glued, it forms the inside panels. So the inner spines are the reverse side of the paper, along with the areas under the pockets. We do a special trick called PIPS – Printed inside Pockets and Spines. We thought of LIPS, lovely inside pockets and spines, but it was voted out. The other name for it is RIP, reverse inside printing, which is an accurate term but 1) has an unfortunate acronym, and 2) means a lot of other things in the printing world. So…PIPS. This needs to be added to jackets if you want to have that area between the spines, and inside the pockets printed. This is something we can help you with on the template.
    Tall 6pp dvd jacket, full color printing, PIPS or reverse inside printingTall fiberboard jacket, 6pp, with inside spines printed6pp tall jacket for cd, showing reverse inside spine printing

  • Magnetic Closure

    We have a new twist – a magnetic closure.
    Oversized Disc jacket, fiberboard stock, magnetic closure, pantone colorslarge fiberboard jacket for disc, magnetic closure folder
    DVD jacket with magnet closure, fiberboard stock, PMS color printingTall Fiberboard jacket for dvds with magnetic closure

  • With Every Project, Test Disc (glass mastered)
    and Color Matchprint for Printed Packaging

    test disc and color matchprint set, included with replication