Wide Spine CD Covers- 2pp Sleeves / Jacket Packaging

  • Photos of Extra Wide Spine CD Sleeves and Jackets, 2pp (2 Panel)

    2Panel Jacket with wide spine - LP style:
    cd sleeve wide spine vintage lookCd spine close up LP cover packagingwide spine cd sleeve fiberboard stock packaging

    CD LP jacket 2pp with inner sleevecd sleeve with wide spine inner sleeveSpine on cd sleeve extra wideCD sleeve 2pp jacket inner sleeve 1C

    To see 4pp Jackets with Spines, check out this page:
    Spine cd jackets wallets books cd packaging


  • Japanese Style 2pp Albums

    Japanese style jackets (usually oversized, thick paper stock, OBI strips and resealable bags) have become a popular version of 2pp Jackets. Be sure to check out our page on releasing your Japanese LP style title :Japanese-LPs-CD-Jacket-OBI-PackagingJapanese style cd jacket with OBI stripCD LP oversized wide spine packaging

  • Holding Inner Sleeves or a Small Booklet

    If you need to include a booklet or an inner sleeve, the extra wide spine really comes in handy.
    2pp miniLP w sleeve.gif

    Inner sleeves can be white windows, or plain white, or we can do colors (black and parchment are popular), and we can print the sleeves 1C or 4C.

    2pp mini lp sleeve savu1 crostabucaro1 2pp mini lp disc face simulated LP 45 single hopejoy2
    Check out our special LP Page for packaging features and options
    and our LP/Vintage and LP/Retro
  • Gluing booklets to Sleeves

    minijacket booklet inova

    One doesn’t normally think of gluing a booklet to a 2panel, but it certainly can be done. Note that the jacket is just a bit oversized to accommodate it. Optionally the booklet could be a touch undersized.

  • Fiberboard Uncoated Paper Stocks

    Our standard paper stock – contains 20%-30% recycled content. Recommend for special effects printing.
    Our Truly Eco paper stock – contains 70-80% recycled content and post consumer waste. A bit softer.
    Our fiberboard – lovely unbleached, brownish material, slightly fuzzy texture, uses end of chain material/pulp so very Eco.

    DubConscious 2pp Minijacket 2pp fiberboard cd minijacket LP style spot white ECOseeds3

    Uncoated Papers – for that matte," feel me, touch me" look.
    Or matte lamination with spot gloss:
    Matte CD Sleeve spot gloss

    And we can do all kinds of thickness too. If you need additional choices, ask, but these cover just about everything you might want to create. What don’t we use? We don’t use individual sheets of paper that you might pick up in a stationary store, for example. We use big rolls of paper.
    Here's some additional information on paper stocks :
    Art Department: Special Paper Stocks
    Featured Title- Molly (uncoated paper stock with soy inks)
    Featured Title - Magic Mama- fiberboard stock
    Shop by Packaging: Eco Jackets
    Shop by Packaging: Fiberboard Jackets
    Style: Eco & Organic

  • Mailer Versions with Zipper Strips

    For USPS mailing, you can actually just shrinkwrap a jacket and mail it, or you can consider using a zipper strip. SEE our MAILER PAGE for more examples.
    Some key considerations for you are – how will you be doing the addresses?
    Handwritten? On sticker or on jacket?
    Ink jetted Printed directly on jackets? Or printed labels?
    Let us know so we can guide you on the details and help you as much as possible.

    We tend to call jackets that have a special zipper pull, mailers. These too come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

    2pp mailer irs eitc notredame1 cd postcard 2pp wide mailer notredame2 cd postcard 2pp wide mailer
    You may want to see our special mailers page for packaging features and options and of course, photos!
  • Special Effects: Metallic Ink, Foil, Embossing, Spot Gloss

    Example: Hot Foil Stamping:

    4pp fibreboard traypk stss4 Mork2 digipak silver foil
    NPundt2 4pp jacket fiberboard foil freezepop 4pp digipak matte lam red foil 1

    Example: Metallic ink
    (very matte)and embossing.

    cd jacket embossed seb2 sebastion embossing detail
    Featured Title FreezePop has some great hot foil stamping effects.

    Example: Spot Gloss

    4PP jacket vorusb matte lamination spot gloss metallic lowlifi2 2pp jacket spot gloss matte lam subswara6 6pp digipak spot gloss silver metallic ink
    Featured Title Subswara has some ebautiful spot gloss examples in it.

    For more examples of special printing effects, check our our Art Department - Special Printing Effects page.

    Disc Varnish:

    logan4 4pp tall digipak matte lamination spot gloss UV disc face closeup matte varnish

    See Art Department, disc printing - for tips on how to set this up in your artwork.
  • Media – Discs Types & Proof Sets & Schedules

    We can do cd, dvd5, dvd9, dvd10, clear substrate discs, vinyl discs, recordables, mini discs, and even flexible dvds! USBs as well.

    Mini CD Jacket oxytr1 Mini CD oxytr1
    SweetDreams 4pp jacket Clear Substrate CD flexdvd2

    Our replication includes a glass mastered test disc, fully printed. We’ll send that along with a color matchprint of your jacket. It takes us about a week to make the glass master, set up the press, run one, print it, and FedEx it to you. During that time we also print out the jacket matchprint. So if you have time, allow for a week in your schedule so that you can test your replicated disc, and make sure the printing is coming our right on the disc and packaging.

    Production only takes about a week. The discs go very quickly and the 2pp jackets about 5 days.
    Assembly & Shrinkwrap are included, very roughly that takes another day.

    We generally say that projects take 2-3 weeks – some art editing, the pdf proofing, the physical proofing, the production, and the shipping back to you. If you have a particular in hand need date, just let us know. We don’t charge for rush schedules and we’re very good at making them happen. We may need to adjust the proofs and bypass them or do emails only. Art ahead of master gives us extra options to play with.

    By the way, discs include 5C offset printing - the very highest quality there is, and it comes-with.

  • Fun Retail options

    gangstir 2pp sleeve booklet vinylsleeve hangtag

    We’ve had a lot of requests from clients who want to hang a disc in some sort of package off of a piece of clothing. Here’s a special hangtag we can recommend. This one was done with a printed sleeve and a booklet, in a vinyl sleeve:

    We can also do bottle necks, for bottle of course.

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