Multi Disc Set Packaging 10 - 12 CD or DVD Sets
Box Sets, Slipcases, Digipaks, Jackets, Books & Replication


We've made lots of multi disc sets. Here are some of the examples we can give you for 10 to 12 discs. As with all of our titles, these are made to client specs - so the dimensions, number of discs, and contents can all be adjusted to your project. Min order is about 500 units and includes disc manufacturing.

  • The TED Spec - Slipcase Set with individual Jacket Volumes
    Cost Effective, Compact and Eco Friendly Solution for MultiDisc Set Packaging

    Who is TED? They do wonderful short talks ( on innovative topics - you need to check it out. They are relevant here because we worked with them to develop a 10 disc set spec that that has become increasingly popular with our other clients. True to form , it was an innovative and eco-friendly spec. The package is a powerhouse and fantastic was to present a 10 or even 12 disc set. It also happens to be relatively inexpensive.

    Please note, the quantity needs to be at least 300 sets. Making 300 is almost the same cost as 500, and that's not far from the 1000 qty manufacturing costs. It's all set up costs at this quantity. You will save a little on the shipping for the smaller qty's but not much.

    Multidisc Set Packaging 10 to 12 discs cd dvd slipcase set eco-friendly
    Multidisc 10 DVD Box Set with Slipcase and Jacket Volumes Cost effective and environmentally friendly
    TED2009, Multi Disc Slipcase Set with multi-volume 2pp jackets
    matte Finishes, Pantone Printing, Recycled Paper, Plastic Free
    multi dvd set packaging slipcase box set pantone ink matte
    TED multiple DVD slipcase Set matte aqueous, Single Pantone Color

    *Because this set has 10 unique jackets, you can lower the costs by sharing a pantone ink if you want to use Pantones. Let us know the details of what you are thinking of!

    Multidisc 10 11 or 12 14 disc slipcase set
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  • Multidisc Wallet Set with Rivets - shown with 12 discs

    A riveting product, for sure! Multidisc wallet holding 12 or so discs, held together with rivets.
    multidisc wallet set 12 dvd cd discsmulti-disc wallet 12dvd set 12 disc Multidisc wallet with rivets12disc wallet multidisc12 cd set multidisc wallet packaging12 disc set wallet with pockets12 dvd set wallet jacketriveted multi disc wallet set collection

  • Chipboard Box Set with Detached Lid, Top Loading

    Here is a sturdy box set, chipboard core / laminated 4C wrap and detached lid. This one loads from the top. We packaged the discs in 2pp printed jackets, and there's a booklet in there too.
    Box Set with detached lidTop loading cd box set  12 cd set or 12 dvd setDVD Box set top loading 12 disc collectionDVD Box Set top loadingCD Box Set rigid chipboard stock top loadingMultidisc box set 12 cd or 12 dvd set chipboard stock
    multi disc box set with inner sleeves

  • Tall Slipcase Multi Disc Set Packaging

    Another approach is to do a slipcase set, with multiple volumes:

    multi disc dvd digipak boxed set slipcase collection with book
    multi disc dvd boxed set
    with Individual Volumes and Perfect Bound Book

    In this example, there are 4 discs shown (2 tall digipaks and one book), but it would be easy to use double disc trays, and add a volume for more discs.

    multidisc pacakging dvd slipcase box set with digipaks and book
    multi disc dvd digipak volumes slipcase set
    multi disc dvd slipcase box set packaging
  • Portfolio Box Sets -great for MultiDisc Sets and Books

    We created portfolio boxes several years ago to meet our client's needs. They have a shelf for the discs (usually held in paper windows) and a booklet or other items (postcards, art cards, etc) to go inside.

    multidisc 5dvd box set perfect bound book velcro tab shelf for discs
    multidisc set packaging 5 disc cd or dvd with book and shelf
    multidisc set packaging 6disc cd dvd custom box velcro wide insert booklet
    multi disc  cd dvd box portfolio folder velcro tab closure art cards

    Consider also, a fun 5inch box like this:

    multidisc box set fiberboard wrap chipboard core 5disc 5 disc cd dvd
    multi disc box set with vellum sleeves open lid 5disc box set fiberboard wrap
    fiberboard box set multidisc pacakging 5disc cd dvd with vellum sleeves
    fiberboard box set for multi disc replication

    Software boxes, of any size, also work:

    multidisc software box for 12 cds multi disc packaging
    cd software box packaging small size
    software box packaging large size
  • Mega Tall digipaks, 10 inch Height Packaging!

    digipaks use a clear tray to hold the disc. We can use two 5inch trays per panel (gives the package a 10 inch height) to create a package to hold 2 to about 12 discs. We do recommend a slipcase with this product to hold the package snugly together. You can use a panel for a booklet if you like. If you have an odd number of discs, we can create a foam panel filler that we wrap with paper and print!

    Multidisc set tall digipak 10inch 4 trays tube pocket die cut hole slipcase
    4disc set packaging custom digipak with 4 disc trays booklet slipcase
    6 disc set packaging with booklet and slipcase
    8disc tall digipak with eight clear disc trays and slipcase
    3disc packaging slipcase set with tall digipak 10inch height foam filler
    9 disc cd packaging tray pack with slipcase box set 9cd
    Tall digipak 10 inch height for 7 discs slipcase set
    7disc set pacakging with booklet and slipcase
    multidisc set packaging 7disc set 7cd 7dvd
    multi disc cd boxset packaging with workbook
  • Multidisc Tall digipaks, 7 inch height!

    We can use either single disc 7 inch tray, or a double disc tray, and create tall 7inch digipaks (finished size is closer to 7.5)

    If using single disc trays, you would need two -three volumes to hold 10 discs.

    4disc set multidisc packaging with slipcase and 7inch tall trays
    4disc packaging 8pp gatefold tall digipak slipcase aqueous
    4disc multidisc set 8pp tall tray pack copper metallic ink
    4disc set 10pp 4 cd or dvd set digipak packaging with diagonal pocket and booklet
     multi volume set multidisc packaging slipcase box set

    If using double disc trays, you could use one 10pp Tall digipak, or use the multi-volume approach.
    Double disc digipak for 4 discs multi disc set packaging

  • Midheight digipaks, 5 inch height!

    We can use 5 inch trays as well and the resulting package is a bit more compact - a 5 inch height. Booklets with this configuration would also want to be a similar 5 inch height.

    multidisc set packaging 8pp digipak double CD
    multidisc digipak packaging double CD 8 panels 8pp
    multiple disc 6 dvd slipcase set 3 volumes
    multiple disc 6 disc slipcase set 3 volumes
    Slipcase set 3 volumes 6cd set
    multidisc fiberboard packaging dual disc 2disc cd set
    10pp 10 panels cd digipak set packaging
  • Pockets or foam hub packaging instead of tray packaging?

    No problem at all. Pockets and foam hubs are interchangeable with trays. Any of the configurations we have discussed can be done with either method. Disc Pockets can overlap a little more than foam hubs. Foam hubs like to be staggered on panels if doing a larger height.

    3disc multidisc set pacakging showing curved pockets for three discs or more
    14disc set packaging 14 cds and dvds multiple tall jackets foam hubs and staggered brochure inserts in slipcase setmultidisc set packaging tall digipak slipcase box
    4disc jacket with booklet and slipcase 6pp tall jacket slit pockets 4dvd multi disc set
    4cd jacket multidisc packaging 8pp jacket with 4 pockets
    multidisc hub jacket 4disc set
  • Cross or Plus Shaped Jackets or digipaks

    As one other thought, you can also use a cross or tray shaped jacket or digi pack instead of going across in a straight line. If you did 5 or 6 discs per package, you would need 2 volumes to hold 10-12 discs.

    custom digipak packaging 10pp cross pluscustom shape
    custom cd packaging cross shaped digipak
    RobPaterson2 10pp digipak single plus x custom shape matteLam spotUV PIPS
    custom cd digipak packaging cross shape
    custom cross shape cd packaging for one or more discs
    10pp cross jacket 4disc booklet slipcase
    custom multidisc packaging cross jacket 4disc set slipcase
    mulitidisc 5disc packaging cross shape jacket
    5disc 5 cd multidisc cross shape jacket packaging
    multidisc custom packaging 4cd shaped multi disc digipak
    multidisc packaging custom 4disc set cross shape
    custom multi disc digipak packaging 4 cd disc set
    4disc set packaging multidisc set
  • Slipcase Set Packaging

    Made for any height or width, to hold one or multiple titles

    • ~Single or double walled
    • ~ Top, side, or bottom loading
    • ~ Box with one or two walls or tube
    • ~ Thumbnotches available
    • ~ Available with inside lining or printing
    • ~ Die cuts & Special Printing Effects are frequently used like embossing, foil, spot gloss, and either matte or glossy lamination.
    slipcase set packaging for 5 disc cases
    slipcase box set packaging multi cd individual jackets
    6disc packaging tall multi 4pp digipak slipcase box set
    multi 8dvd packaging slipcase box set jackets eco-friendlys
    slipcase set multidisc 5 dvd cases double wall construction
     Fabric linen wrapped slipcase set 4 volumesMultidisc slipcase set 14 cds or dvdsdie cut slipcase set packaging custom cd digipakCustom leatherette slipcase set packaging
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