Multidisc Sets 6 to 8 Discs,
Six to Eight CDs or DVDs, Packaging & Replication

  • Photos of Multidisc Sets, 6 to 8 Discs, CD or DVD
    Multdisc Packaging Options: Box Sets, Slipcase Sets, Digipaks, Jackets, Books

  • Disc Replication: CD, DVD5, DVD, DVD10, Mini, Clear, Recordable and USB Media

    Replication can be with any combination of the following disc types: CD, DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, Recordables, Mini Discs, and speciality versions of these such as clear substrate or vinyl discs.
    Recordable discs are also available, if you have a special need to burn thee yourself.
    Disc replication includes a glass mastered test disc for each master (fully printed) so you can verify that the discs play as you intended them to, and that the art is as you intended.
    Disc printing is up to 5C offset or silkscreen.

  • Multi Disc Set Digipak Packaging With Plastic Trays

    Available with 5inch Trays, 7inch Tall Trays, or 7inch Double Disc Trays
    ~ Add pockets for literature
    ~ Add Slipcases to bundle the set or multiple volumes
    ~ Add companion books, notebooks, or instruction manuals
    ~ Consider special closures like magnets and velcro
    ~ Includes PIPS (Printed Inside Pockets & Spines)
    ~ Special Eco Friendly Recycled & Fiberboard Options.

    8 cd dvd Multidisc set package 8 disc trays digipak cd dvd 10inch height packaging
    MultiDisc Set, 8 disc MegaTall digipak
    8pp Mega Tall tray Packaging, Two 5inch trays per panel, Slipcase
    6dvd set multidisc digipak packaging slipcase set with 6 cd trays, booklet, literature pocket, slipcase, 8pp Mega Tall Digipak
    MultiDisc Set, 8 disc MegaTall digipak
    8pp Mega Tall tray Packaging, Two 5inch trays per panel, Slipcase
    6disc multidisc set packaging double disc trays  8pp Tall Digipak
    Multidisc Set - 6 discs using Double Disc Trays
    8pp Tall digipak Packaging with Diagonal Pocket and Slipcase
    6cd set multi volume multidisc digipak packaging, 3 volumes, 4pp tall digipak with two trays slipcase set
    Multi Volume Set - 6 cds Set, Three Volumes in one Slipcase
    4pp Tall digipak, two Trays (7inch) per volume
    6cd set multi volume 2 cds per digipak, slipcase packaging set
    Multi Volume Set - 6 cds Set, Three Volumes, Individual Slipcases
    8pp digipak with two Trays (5inch) per volume
    cross shaped multi disc tray pack for 4 cds
    MultiDisc Disc Set
    10pp Cross shaped multi disc digipak
    Multidisc 4 disc tray pack
    MultiDisc Set, 10pp Tall digipak
    Tall tray Packaging, 7inch trays, Diagonal Literature Pocket, slipcase

  • MultiDisc Jacket Packaging - Using Pockets or Hubs to Hold 6 - 8 Discs

    Multidisc Jackets almost always vary from project to project, depending on what the client needs. For dimensions:
    ~ Midheight Jackets/ 5 inch,
    ~ Tall Jackets / 7 inch,
    ~ Extra Tall (9-10inch)
    ~ Extra Wide (landscape)
    ~ Extra Small, special 3 inch versions for mini discs.

    ~ Many pocket styles or hubs (foam or cork)
    ~Special Eco/Recycled & Fiberboard Options.

    4dvd multi disc tall jacket, 6pp, slot pockets, booklet, slipcase booklet
    4-DVD multi disc Jacket, Discs in Slots
    slipcase, booklet in Slot Pocket
    4cd set, multidisc 4 disc jacket, 8panels (8pp), 5inch height, four pockets
    4 cd set
    8pp Multidisc Jacket with four pockets, 5inch height
    Unique Multidisc packging,  4disc cross shaped 10pp jacket for four cd discs, booklet slipcase
    4 Disc Set, Unique Multidisc Packaging
    10pp cross jacket 4 cds, booklet slipcase

    Multidisc Jacket for 3 cds or dvds, 6pp tall 9inch height, curved slot pockets, pinch pocket for bookletmultidisc 14 cd dvd set packaging with 6pp tall jackets, two foam hubs plus staggered inserts in a slipcase setMultidisc jackets and Slipcase Set, Packaging and Disc Replication


  • Add a Belly Band or OBI Strip for Retail and Bar Code Information

    Bellybands are a great way to put the retail information you want on "non permanent packaging". Usually it goes on over the main packaging and under the shrinkwrap.
    Belly band with bar code retail info on cd dvd box setBellyband retail strip with bar code on dvd packagingBar code printed on bellyband on dvd packagingOBI Strip on cd LP packagingOBI band on cd LP shown with inner sleeve and disc


  • Multi Disc Portfolio or Folder Packaging with Manuals and Notebooks

    Available any height
    ~ Frequently used with 8.5 x 11 literature, perfect bound notebooks or instruction manuals
    ~ Pockets or hubs to hold discs
    ~ Literature pockets available
    ~ Velcro or magnetic closures

    CD DVD Portfolio, Multidisc Set Box Folder to hold 1 to 8 discs
    cd portfolio box set, velcro closure, multidisc packaging
    cd 2disc portfolio folder
    DVD portfolio folder, multi disc set, magnetic closure

    Perfect bound notebook, cd foldermanual or notebook in cd dvd packaging

  • Foam Trays and Inserts in Multidisc Packaging

    Perfect for additional merchandise such as USB items
    ~ Custom made for your specification
    Foam is ideal for custom configurations. We've used foam for making foam trays to holds discs and USBs, and foam wells to hold items.
    ~ Custom made for your specification

    cd dvd box for use with foam insert to hold usb or discsCD box with usb foam insert, packaging with foamfoam tray for usb and disc, cd dvd packaging


  • Multidisc CD and DVD Plastic Cases

    ~ Double jewel cases, slim or with tray card, or multiple volumes
    ~ Amaray type cases, disc on each side, or flipper style or two overlaying
    ~Black cases available with recycled plastic
    ~ Clear or frosted cases available
    ~ May we suggest a slipcase to dress up the packaging?
    dvd box set, five cases and 4C slipcase, multidisc set, 5dvd set, 5cd set packaging

  • Multi Disc Box Set Packaging - Custom for 6 to 8 cds or dvds

    Custom made boxes, any shape or dimension, such as hexagonal or like hat boxes
    ~ Rigid or lightweight material
    ~ For deeper boxes, discs can be held with foam hubs or foam tray inserts
    ~ For thinner boxes, discs can be held in paper sleeves
    Custom made boxes, any shape or dimension, such as hexagonal or like hat boxes
    ~ Rigid or lightweight material
    ~ For deeper boxes, discs can be held with foam hubs or foam tray inserts
    ~ For shallower boxes, discs can be held in paper sleevesMultidisc box set, chipboard slipcase set, vinyl leatherette with debossing
    CD Box Set, multidisc packaging
    cd software box manufacturingMultidisc set box with cds or dvds packaged in paper windows
    multi disc box set, LP size, sleeve insert to hold mutiple discs
    cd box set, 5inch chipboard box with lid, multidisc packaging, cd or dvd


  • Slipcase Sets - Great for MultiVolume Disc Collections

    Slipcases are made for any height or width, to hold one or multiple titles
    ~Single or double walled
    ~ Top, side, or bottom loading
    ~ Box with one or two walls or tube
    ~ Thumb notches available
    ~ Available with inside lining or printing
    ~ Die cuts & Special Printing Effects are frequently used like embossing, foil, spot gloss, and either matte or glossy lamination.

    Multidisc Slipcase Set, 3 volume ox setMultidisc set packaging, multi volumes 4pp Tall tray packs with 7inch clear plastic trays, slipcase set
    Multiset slipcase box set for cds or dvdsMultidisc slipcase set packaging, double disc volumes, 4pp tall tray packs with two trays3cd slipcase set, multi disc packaging, 3 cd setsMultidisc cd dvd set packaging Slipcase set multi volumes


  • Digipak with 7 discs? For Odd number of Discs, we use a Printed Foam Panel

    What happens if you want an odd number of discs in a multidisc digipak? Say you want to do something like a 10inch MegaTall Digipak with two 5inch trays per panel, but you have an odd number of discs? We can make a printed foam panel where the odd disc would be....Foam panel on multidisc digipak packaging off number of discsMultidisc Digipak with foam filler panel odd number of discs
    Multidisc Digipak with odd number of trays foam filler panel

  • A Few Conceptual Sketches of Multidisc Digipak Packaging Layout

    Please note that ALL of our projects are customized, so any feature or size can easily be adjusted and we likely have already done it once. If not, you just made our day! These are just a few sketches that come up a lot as starting points.

    Tall 6 disc tray pk 6pp.gif
    Tall 6 disc Digipak 6pp
    Tall 6 disc tray pk 8pp.gif
    Tall 6 disc Digipak 8pp
    Tall 8 disc tray pk 8pp.gif
    MegaTall 8 disc Digipak 8pp
    tray pk 6 disc cross shape.gif
    6 disc Digipak cross shape

  • With Every Order...Templates, Proofing, Replication.