CD / DVD Multi-Disc Slipcase Box Set Packaging

  • CD DVD Slipcase Sets, Single or Multidisc Set Packaging
    with Disc Replication

    No matter what product we are making for you, we can easily create a slipcase for it. Single unit slipcases help present a title and give it value (not to mention the fun you can have with effects!). Slipcases for multidisc units serve to bundle them together into one box set, providing a single, wide spine for titling.
    CD DVD Slipcase Sets Box Set PackagingDVD Slipcase set for two dvds, 6pp tall digipak, single wall dvd slipcaseSlipcase sets for 4cds, slipcase set packaging, cross or plus shaped fold jacket, 4disc setDVD Slipcase sets, movie packaging, double wall construction slipcase with thumbnotchCD Slipcase sets, 6disc cd dvd set, booklet, slipcase box set packagingFiberboard slipcase sets dvd packagingDVD Slipcase sets with foil stamping, spot gloss matte lamination, embossed printingCD Slipcase sets multidisc packaging  childrens packagingDVD Box Set Slipcase packagingCD Slipcase sets with diecut circle windowCD DVD Slipcase sets die cut slipcase
    cd slipcase flattened 6 disc set

    Slipcases can be added to any type of packaging we make for you.
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  • Slipcase Styles

    There are several styles of slipcases:

    One Wall Open, Side-Loading Slipcases—These are what we normally think about when we think "box set." The full slipcase has one long spine, which is usually a tuck-in flap, and the packaging slides in from the side.

    slipcase sets 2disc amaray set
    Slipcase with 1 wall (spine) open
    Two Disc Amaray set

    Tube, Side-Loading —These are great for dressing up a thinner package, such as a single tray digipak, which has a spine of about a quarter inch.

    Slipcase sets tube styleDVD Slipcase Sets with foam hub jacket matte lamination
    Pass Thru Tube slipcase,
    Side Loading or Top Loading

    Box Style Slipcases, with all walls enclosed can also be made.

    Box style slipcase multidisc set
    Box Style Slipcase
    All walls enclosed

  • DVD Slipcase Sets — Usually 7inch Height; Amaray Cases,Tall Digipaks, DVD Books
    Custom Made to hold Any Number of Discs, Any Type of Packaging

    Slipcases can be made to hold any type of packaging, and any number of disc volumes. Common inner packaging options are DVD Amaray cases, Tall Digipaks and Jackets. Slipcases can be single-walled or double walled for more thickness. No problem with different types of thumbnotched. if we don't already have the die you want, we can make it.
    DVD Slipcase box set, 5 dvd set, amaray casesDVD Slipcase Box Packaging for 5disc setMultidisc Slipcase set tall jacket volumes workbokDVD Slipcase Sets Tall Digipak Tall DVD Slipcase set digipak spiral bound notebook Tall dvd slipcase digipak matte lamination thumbnotchDVD Book Slipcase SetMultidisc DVD slipcase set tall digipaksDVD Slipcase set tall Digipak slip case box style 1 wall openDVD Slipcase Set 4 discs tube style slip case over 6pp tall jacket 4 cd dvd bookletDVD slipcase set tall digipak 2 disc 6pp digipak booklet literature pocket

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  • CD Slipcase Sets - Usually 5 inch Height; Jewelcases, CD DIgipaks, Books, LPs,
    and Jackets. Custom Made to hold Any Number of Discs, Any Packaging.

    Slipcases made for "cd height" or 5 inch height products can hold any number of discs and any type of packaging - as always, these are custom made.

    It is most cost effective to have us make a complete package for you (discs & inner packaging & slipcase), but if you already have individual volumes and need to bundle them together in a slipcase set, we can make you just the slipcases. Min order is 500 units. The slipcases can ship flat.

    CD slipcase sets for jewelcases digipaks 5 inch 5 disc setCD Book slipcase set tube style slip case cover linen bookMultidisc cd slipcase set 4 discsCD slipcase sets digipaks slip cover packagingCD slipcase set spot uv gloss matte lamination digipak CD Slipcase set LP cover japanese release styleMultidisc cd slipcase set jackets 14 discs eco friendlyRecycled uncoated matte slipcase set cd digipakCD slipcase set die cut window digipakMultidisc cd slipcase set 2 disc 6pp digipak die cut window

  • Custom Size Slipcases, Tall & Oversized 9 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch
    Multidisc, Portfolio with Workbooks, Vinyl

    And of course, we wouldn't be us if we didn't have completely custom sized slipcases. Here are some examples of 9 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and custom fold slipcases.
    Tall Slipcase Box 10 inch height multidisc workbook notebookTall portfolio slipcase oversized 9x12 inch to hol 8.5x11 inch bookVinyl slipcase cover 12 inch height linen wrapped setTall slipcase set dvd jacket multidisc setcustom dvd slipcase set tall 10 inch multi disc die cutCustom slipcase cross shaped jacket 4 disc setMultidisc set 6 cd dvd set tall height oversized 10 inchTall slipcase set multi disc 10 inch heightMultidisc cd DVD 3 disc slipcase setTall slipcase multi disc set 8 cds dvds Multidisc slipcase set 8 cds dvds slip case packaging

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  • Die Cut Slipcases, Diecut Windows, Knock Outs, and Lettering
    Spot UV Gloss, Matte Lamination, Embossing or Debossing, and Foil Stamping

    For a really deluxe feel, you can make the slipcase walls double thick, with full printing on the inside.

    You can add custom touches, like diecut windows that reveal artwork on the packaging inside (for lined slipcases, you can put special art on the inside if the slipcase that only shows when you take the package OUT of the slipcase.
    Diecut DVD Slipcase, custom dvd packaging
    die cut lettering multidisc cd slipcase set manufacturing with window diecutdie cut window slipcase jacket spot glossCD slipcase spot gloss uv matte laminationDie cut slipcase packagingCustom Slipcase foil stamping spot gloss embossing bedossing tall dvd heightSlipcase gold foil stamping foilingcustom slipcase die cut window digipak two discs cd dvd

    Special effects like window diecuts can be added to any manufacturing project adding eye catching flare to your CD or DVD multi disc set. As you can see above, it is really common to combine a die cut with another special effect like spot UV gloss or long term strategic planning /vision and roadmap creation, . Take a look at our special effects (foil stamping, spot gloss, embossed / debossed, metallic ink) and die-cut page for some ideas that can be added to your next release!

  • Deluxe Slipcase Box Sets — Rigid Boxes (Chipboard)
    Vinyl Leather & Linen Fabric Available!

    If you'd like to go with a more rigid box set, we can use a chipboard core and create a box set for you. The chipboard can be wrapped with a 4C printed wrap, or fabric or a leather or vinyl like material.
    Leather CD Box Set Chipboard slipcase vinyl material wrap and deboss multidisc set packaging 5inch heightLeather vinyl slipcase box set multidisc 3 digipaks soiral notebookmultidisc set packaging cd slipcase box set manufacturing booklet digipaks

    linen box set multidisc deluxe set gold foil boxes
    multidisc box set packaging 4C printing
    Multidisc box set packaging Top loading cd box set  12 cd set or 12 dvd set

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