Multi Disc Digipak Packaging, CD DVD Sets
Multidisc Digipaks with Clear, Recycled Paper Trays, or Foam


  • Multi Disc Digipak Packaging with Clear Trays

    Plastic trays come in a couple of different configurations based on size and type. Some of your options:
    5inch height - one per panel, 5inch height
    Using two 5" trays per panel (overall 10inch height "megatall" packaging)
    7inch height Double Disc
    7inch height Clear Trays
    Solid ColorTrays
    Fun and different:
    100% Recycled Paper Trays
    Foam Trays

    multi disc digipak 4disc slipcase set
    Multidisc digipak 6 disc slipcase set cd dvdMulti Disc Digipak Cross Shaped Fold up 4 clear trays bookletTall Digipak Box Set 9 disc packaging bookmulti disc digipak box set 9 cd dvd book slipcasemulti disc digipak 8 cd dvd trays
    multidisc digipak slipcase set 8 disc
    Multidisc digipak sets slipcase collection
    Tall digipak 3 disc trays foam panel slipcase set
    multi disc fiberboard digipak spot gloss
    multi disc Digipak, tall 4 tray slipcase set gatefold
    Tall multi disc digipak packaging slipcase set
    double disc digipak 8pp gatefold two trays cd dvd booklet
    multidisc digipak slipcase set3 cd dvd multi disc digipak three trays foam panel
    multidisc packaging tall digipak slipcase set
    8pp 2 disc tray pack inserts tube pocket stilllife2
    multidisc dvd digipak metallic copper ink
    multidisc digipak 4 dvds
    cross digipak folding panels

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  • Multi Disc Digipaks with Recycled Paper Trays

    Paper Trays are really wonderful components. They are made of 100% recycled paper and have a cork hub in the middle. They are quite the boutique item.
    recycled digipak paper tray 100% recycled material cork hub The demand for this tray has only been in the 5inch height so far so we have not been able to offer it yet in the 7inch height. If you have a large quantity on your order, it may make sense to make the new mold to create a taller size. Meanwhile, we suggest using the 5inch size creatively, like this:

    ultidisc recycled digipak paper tray
    multidisc digipak paper tray recycled packaging

    This Multidisc Digipak uses recycled paper trays, and one wrapped foam panel for the odd disc out. Extra panels on the Digipak create a fold up portfolio. The paper stock on this is fiberboard and printed darkish color. The gold foil is a nice contracts on the fiberboard. The die cut in the front panel is for a special commemorative coin.

    Recycled multidisc digipak fiberboard paperMulti disc Digipak 100% recycled paper trayspaper trays and foam wrapped tray recycled digipak packaging plastic freeRecycled digipak multi disc portfolio set
    Digpak slipcase setDigipak Set recycled paper tray spiral notebook slipcase

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  • Multi Disc Options for CDs, DVDs, and USB Sets with Foam Tray Packaging

    Foam trays are very useful for when you need to create a special size, hold multiple discs in a pattern, or hold a special item like a USB thumb drive. These are custom made, but it is not too expensive to make new molds. Foam trays can also go into the bottom of boxes. The foam color is black and is usually unprinted. However if you like we can use a foam filler and apply a 4C printed wrap to it. We tend to use this approach when there are an odd number of 5inch trays on a10inch package.

    foam usb box packagingfoam tray usb box packaging cassette lookdigipak foam tray usb disc set packaging
    usb digipak foam tray holding thumb drives and discmultidisc digipak 3 cd tray 1 foam tray paneldigipak set 3 cd trays foam panel slipcase tall

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  • How Many Discs Can One Package Hold?
    Individual Volumes - Multdisc Digipaks for 6 up to 10 Discs

    Well, theoretically a LOT; however, we wouldn't recommend going more than 10 - 12 discs in a package as it does tend to get heavy. An alternative to putting discs all in one package is to do volumes in a slipcase. But here we'll show you examples of 6 - 10 discs in one digipak package.
    multidisc digipak box set 9 cd dvd disc setDisc collection digipak box set 9 10 cd dvd discs

    multidisc digipaks 4 dvd slipcaset box setslipcase set digipak 6 cd dvd trays booklet diagonal pocket8dvd double tall digipak slipcase set
  • Multi Disc Digipak Volumes, Slipcase Box Set Collection

    Sometimes too many discs in one package become unwieldy. An option you have is to split up the discs per package, and create one or more volumes. For example, in the below title, the client split the volumes into two 2 disc sets, added a book, and packaged it altogether in a slipcase set.

    slipcase box set collection multidisc digipak volumesmulti digipak volume slipcase box setDigipak Collection multidisc set packagingmultidisc set collection digipak volumes slipcase box set
  • Starting a Quote, Spec for Multi Disc Packaging & Manufacturing

    Here is what we'll ultimately need to know to quote your project cost:

    • Qty: Minimum production quantity is typically 1000 finished sets.
    • Disc Types and Number of Discs per finished package:
    • Packaging:
      • (Height of packaging/Number and type of trays?)
      • (Number of panels? 4pp, 6pp, etc.)
      • Printing: 4C/4C including inner spines on all our digipak packaging
      • Paper Stock / Finish: (white, recycled, fiberboard, coated uncoated, thickness, etc.) (matte, glossy, aqueous, lamination, etc)
    • Booklet/Book: number of pages? Stapled? (for perfect bound see further below, these have some specific details)
      • Printing:
      • Paper Stock / Finish:
    • Slipcase: These are popular with multidisc sets.
    • Assembly: Usually insertion of discs, booklet, etc. and shrinkwrap
    • Shipping: we will include, one address US Continental, let us know if shipping outside of Continental US
    • Other things that help.... Look & Feel you are going for? Any preliminary art we can look at? Did you see titles on our site that you liked elements of?

      Don't know where to start? It seems like most projects are driven by the number of discs and the desired packaging height. The packaging height is often determined by whether it has booklets/books in it, Here's a page on MultiDisc Style that might give you some more ideas. (links to /Style/cd-dvd-multi-disc-sets-custom-packaging.html)

  • Examples of Multidisc CD Digipak Packaging
    Midheight / 5inch Trays, 4pp, 6pp, 8pp

    6pp Digipaks (3 panels front, 3 panels back, Trifold):

    cd digipak 6pp 2cd discs trifold foil
    double cd digipak 2cd set silver foil
    6pp 2disc digipak slot pocket booklet center

    8pp Digipaks (4 panels front, 4 panels back, Gatefold):
    Double Disc Digipak 8pp 2cd set matte lamination spot gloss uv bonus 2ppDouble disc digipak 8pp gatefold packaging two trays8pp digipak double CD fiberboardFiberboard double CD digipak double CD digipak 8pp fiberboard8pp digipak dual disc 2disc fiberboardDouble disc fiberboard digipak 2cd setDouble disc digipak 2 cd set fiberboard two trays
    digipak multiple disc dvd slipcase set 8pp digi 2disc digipaks slipcase sets collectionmultiple disc cd slipcase setDOuble CD digipak 8pp bookletDigipak double cd trays 8 panel gatefold

    4pp Digipaks (2 panels inside, 2 panels outside, Bi-fold), Double Disc Sets

    digipak 2disc glued 40pp center booklet fly sheets two trays 4pp digipakDouble cd digipak inner pages booklet center spineDouble CD digipak two trays 4pp center booklet attached to spineMeshe7 4pp digipak 2disc glued 40pp bookletperfect bound book fly sheets digipak 2disc 40pp booklet4pp digipak cd dvd double disc two trays

    Check out 5 inch Midheight digipaks for some variations

  • MultiDisc Cross Shaped Tray Paks that fold up to 5inch

    cross shaped multi disc digipak
    Christ tree 10pp x-shaped multi disc digipak

    cross shaped multi disc digipak set 4 discs
    cross digipak set 4 cd
    cross digipak 4 disc set x shape
     cross shaped digipakdigipak cross shape x digipak cross shaped packaging cd dvd disc

    Check out our Cross-Folding DVD and CD digipaks or Cross-Folding CD and DVD Jackets Pages for more on this exciting packing style!

  • Examples of Tall 7inch Height, Multidisc Digipak Packaging

    multidisc digipak set 6 disc slipcase box 4pp digipak volumes
    multidisc digipak 2 dvd 4pp dvddigi tube pocketdouble dvd digipak multi disc set 2 dvd tube pocket under tray
    Double DVD digipak 6pp multidisc slipcase setmulti disc tall digipak set 6pp two dvd discs slipcase booklet diagonal pocket
    4pp tall digipak 2disc
    Tall 4pp digipak double dvd discs inside printing
    slipcase set multi disc digipak tall Tall multidisc digipak 4 dvd slipcase set
    Digipak slipcase set tall 6pp digipak packagingslipcase dvd digipak set 6pp tall digipak two trays slipcase box set
    slipcase box set mulit disc digipak set
    multidisc digipak set 8pp gatefold 3 disc set slipcase
    tall digipak slipcase set 2 disc dvd
    DVD slipcase set multidisc digipak 6pp 2 dvd slipcase set
    multi disc dvd digipak boxed set
    3disc double tall digipak packaging emboss spot gloss slipcase tube
    gatefold tall digipak multidisc 4 dvds discs diagonal pocket booklet
    multidisc digipak tall gatefold 10pp 4 disc dvd slipcase set

    Check out our Tall CD / DVD digipak page for more variations on the theme, and don't forget too that you can use the tray sideways:
    WideScreen: Wide CD or DVD Packaging Layouts.

  • Want to do Pockets or Foam Hubs instead of Trays? MultiDisc CD & DVD Jackets

    If you would prefer to not use a tray, and use pockets or foam hubs instead, check our our Multidisc CD / DVD Jackets Page.

  • CD & DVD Box Set Packaging for MultiDisc Sets

    Another option is to put the discs into a more box-like package. We can do rigid boxes, fabric or leather wrapped boxes, portfolios, and software type boxes.

    Multidisc box set packaging 10 cds jackets top lifting lidcd box set packaging top lifting lidCD Box set packaging deluxe swing out sleeveCD DVD Box Set Packaging 8inch x 8 inchLeather wrapped multidisc box set packagingmultidisc box set leather wrapped digipak spiral notebook set
    Multidisc Box set packaging 2 piece lidCD DVD Box set packaging 2 piece lid 5 inchlinen wrapped box set packagingmultidisc box set linen wrapped
    cd dvd box set chipboard hinged lidcd dvd box set packaging vellum sleeves 5 discmultidisc box set packaging cd dvd vellum sleeves Portfolio Style Boxes:
     5dvd box set perfect bound book velcro tablBox set packaging 5 discs book
    cd dvd box set 6 disc setBox set pacakging 6 discs velcro tab flapmultidisc box set packaging velcro tab

    Software & Product Boxes:
    software box packaging multidisc 4pp front panel
    software box jewel casereail box disc and toycustom disc box packaging retail product disc cd dvd

    See also:
    CD DVD Chipboard Boxes (Rigid)
    Fabric Wrapped & Leather Wrapped Boxes

    CD and DVD Portfolios and Software Box Sets

  • Examples Slipcase Sets and MultiVolume Sets

    It's a great idea to add a slipcase when you have a somewhat unwieldy package, you need to secure it for retail, or if you have multiple volumes that need packaging in a set. We can make custom slipcases single walled or double walled (thicker) and can include fun features like a die cut windows and unusual thumbhole designs. And don't forget the special effects, like spot gloss over matte lamination, embossing, or hot foil stamping!

    die cut slipcase packaging
    tall slipcase die cut shape
    Slipcase set die cut window
    Slipcase inner printing cd dvd
    dvd box set slipcase
    dvd box set slipcase 5 cases
    dvd box set slipcase
    cd dvd box set slipcase
    CD DVD slipcase box set packaging 2 discs

    Check out our Slipcase Page:

    Can we make a slipcase set for you for your disc packaging that you already have? Yes, but it may not be the best solution. Making a run of slipcases for already made packaging is a little risky as it requires exact measurements, and we have to ship the slipcases flat to you (otherwise with nothing in them they would crumble). So, you're paying for extra freight—not to mention your or your employees' time stuffing them and (and shrink wrapping them, too??). So yes, we can do slipcases-only, but it is more economical overall to make a run of slipcases at the same time as the discs & packaging, rather than adding it on later.

  • Adding a Perfect Bound Book or Booklet

    It is not uncommon to have manuals with large disc sets. If you have a larger workbook or manual, please let us know the details.

    • Number of Pages:
      • Typically there should be at least 28pp (28 panels) inner pages, not including covers. Whatever the count, there must be an even multiple of four panels. Imagine one wide sheet, folded down the middle, forming four separate panels to print on. That's the basic unit.
    • Covers:
      • Can be printed 4c/0c, 4c/1c, 4c,4c
      • Stock can be coated or uncoated, bleached or fiberboard. Covers use heavier stock than inner pages (200 gsm is common).
      • Special effects: embossing, matte lamination and spot gloss, etc.
    • Inner Pages:
      • Typically printed 4c/4c or 1c/1c
      • Stock can be coated or uncoated, Kraft, Vellum, or clear plastic. Thinner typically than covers (100 gsm is common). Use uncoated if it needs to be written on.
    Creative DVD slipcase set disc notebook paper tray pencil vellum flip book die cuts
    note book dvd digipak set
    DVD set notebook
    JimCapobiancoLeo2 6pp tall digipak companion perfect bound book vellum booklet slipcase cutouts matte lam spotUV gloss deboss, band, diecut window, paper digipak, pencil loop
    CD Digipak perfect bound book double disc two cd trays
    digipak inner pages book perfect bound two trays
    perfect bound book box set
    perfect bound book cd dvd packaging
    digipak book perfect bound, slipcase double wall matte lamination
    perfect bound book cd dvd set
    digipak set book slipcase
    perfect bound notebook dvd set
    dvd digipak book set
    dvd digipak book
    dvd digipak book set slipcase
    perfect bound books in cd dvd sets

    If you have a booklet that is under 28pp, we can do stapled/saddle stitch booklet for you. If it's on the smaller end of that, we can do a folded (gate fold, etc) or just an insert.

    We an also do things like staggered inserts or business reply cards.

    cd dvd set staggered literature
    cd dvd sets staggered booklets
    tall dvd slipcase set with staggered inserts
    staggered inserts cd dvd set
  • Plastic Cases and more links…

    Yes, we can do the plastic cases too. Clear plastic, black plastic, multi disc. We try to steer towards eco options and less plastic whenever possible so we don't do as many of these as we did in past years.

    goldfever4 double wall slipcase, amaray slipcase double wall emboss
    goldfever3 double wall slipcase, amaray slipcase double wall emboss
    boogiewoogie clear amaray 2disc, ministries
    asitwas 4 amaray slipcase, ministries, 4disc
    2 DVD amaray box with insert handlordzXB2, sports
    DVD amaray box with insert handlordzXB2, sports
    dvd box amaray 2 disc cd swissfest1, multi
    DVD box slipcase cgtoolkit6, software

    More Links: We've done all sorts of multi-disc sets. Go to these pages for examples grouped by the number of discs they were made to hold:

    2-Disc Sets

    3-Disc Sets

    4- or 5-Disc Sets

    6- to 8-Disc Sets

    10-Disc Sets and up