Multidisc Set Packaging CD DVD USB Book Sets


Multisc Packaging Options Shown for 2 up to 24 Discs

  • Multidisc Set Packaging - Replication & Manufacturing
    CD DVD USB Sets

    Multidisc manufacturing has a wide variety of packaging styles including slip case sets. Below are numerous multi disc manufacturing projects that incorporate a slipcase into the design that keeps all the titles, jackets, and digipaks in one stylish package. And keep in mind any project can be easily altered to fit your needs. Check out our whole page dedicated to multi disc slipcase sets!!!
    multidisc set packaging 9 discs cd dvd manufacturing with booklet, slipcase, and digipak.Multidisc set packaging cd dvd slipcase set
    Other 6-8 multi disc manufacturing sets
    multidisc set packaging cd usb sets
    Multidisc dvd usb sets box packaging
    See other custom USB set packaging

    Multidisc set packaging cd slipcase with jackets and 4 replicated cdsmulti disc cd slipcase with jackets
    Other 4-5 multi disc manufacturing sets
    multidisc packaging and manufacturing slipcase box set with jackets and art cards
    Multi disc manufacturing slipcase & box sets
    multidisc manufacturing set with a slipcase, tall jackets, and bookletmultidisc cd set packaging  slipcase set with foam hubs, jackets, and a bookletMultidisc set 5dvd digibook 5disc setMultidisc digibook 5dvd set packaging
    multidisc set packaging 12disc wallet rivets
    Multidisc Set Packaging  Box set top loading 12 disc collection

    Multidisc packaging and replication 3 tray pack setmultidisc set packaging cd slipcase set manufacturing replication
    multidisc set packaging replication with 2 cd digipak slipcase booklet setMultidisc sets cd slipcase manufacturing 2 disc with booklet
    multidisc cd set packaging replication set with slipcase diecut window and booklet

    Multidisc Set Packaging Portfolio Box with Velcro Tab, 5 disc set
    5dvd box set perfect bound book velcro 5disc booklet box closure companion perfect bound velcro
    multi disc packaging box set cd dvd replication manufacturing
    multidisc set packaging cd dvd replication box set

  • Multidisc Box Sets - Rigid Boxes, Chipboard Core, Fabric, Material or 4C Printing

    Box sets are made with a thick core material called board material or chipboard. The core material is wrapped with either a material, fabric, or a 4C printed paper.
    Fabric (linen, hemp, etc) can be printed but usually only a 1C silkscreen will look good. Foil stamping is a good choice on fabric. Leatherette and vinyl types of material can't be printed, but look great with a deboss or foil stamp.
    multidisc set packaging cd slipcase box set manufacturing with booklet and digipaks
    multidisc cd set packaging slipcase boxset manufacturing with disc replication

    multidisc packaging and manufacturing slip case box set
    multidisc box set packaging 4C printing
    Multidisc box set packaging Top loading cd box set  12 cd set or 12 dvd set

    Please see:
    Box Sets Wrapped with Fabric or Leather

    Printed Box Sets

  • Multidisc Slipcase Sets - Paper Stock Slipcases

    Slipcases bundle together things like multiple volumes of digipaks, jackets, and/or books. Sometimes they go over just a single volume to help dress it up. We make these with a 15/16pt paper stock on up to 21pt stock thickness. Various type of papers are available. It is very common to have slipcases laminated to give them a either a matte or shiny gloss protection.Multidisc Set Packaging 10 to 12 discs cd dvd slipcase set eco-friendly
    multidisc set packaging slipcase with jackets dvd set

    TED Spec - Multidisc Slipcase set - Cost Effective and Eco Friendly
    Individual 2pp Jackets to hold Discs

    multidisc slipcase set packaging DVD box set multi 5 disc slipcase double wall with embossing 5disc 5dvd
    5 DVD box Set, Slipcase Set for 5 amaray Discs
    double wall Construction, with embossing

    slipcase box set multidisc

    See our special page on plastic cases: Jewelcase and Amaray Slipcase Sets.

    multidisc cd slipcase set manufacturing with window diecut

    Slipcase Set with Die Cut Lettering
    Digipak underneath with Spot Gloss & Matte Lamination

    Special effects like window diecuts can be added to any manufacturing project adding eye catching flare to your CD or DVD multi disc set. Take a look at our special effects and die-cut page for some ideas that can be added to your next release!

    multidisc slipcase set 6disc digipaks and slipcase set
    multidisc slipcase box set packaging dvd digipak boxed set 4disc 4pp slipcase perfect bound book
    multidisc slipcase set multi volume cd digipaks

    SEE: CD / DVD Slipcase Sets

  • USB Set Packaging Options

    If you have a USB to hold as well as a disc, consider a foam tray.

    SEE ALSO Featured Title Image Content

    USB Sets box set packaging foam trayUSB Disc Set Packaging DVD USB Drive cardboard shelf

    See Custom USB Packaging for more examples!

  • Custom Multidisc Manufacturing, Made to Order - 2 to 12 disc sets!

    Most of our packaging is made to order. We make the packaging to fit the needs of our client's job so it can hold any number of discs you would like it to, and in just about any way. Common ways to hold discs are by pockets, plastic trays, paper trays, foam tray, or in boxes. Holding literature or inserts is usually dependent on how big (how many pages ) the literature is and how many pieces. We can do inserts, cards, special retail items, and books. If you see features you like on a title, please let us now and we can incorporate those features into your spec. It generally is cheaper to use an existing die, but a new die is really quite reasonable in cost, so it is worth consideration to make it an exact match, unless you are on the strictest of budgets.

    Multidisc Set Packaging 4disc Custom 4DVD set packaging 4 disc set Unique Digipak die cuts DieCut Slipcase matte lamination
    Custom Multidisc Set Packaging
    6pp Tall Digipak for 4 discs, Die Cut Slipcase, Spot Gloss, matte lamination
  • Exploring MultiDisc Manufacturing and Packaging by Number of Discs

    We've done all sorts of multi-disc sets. Go to these pages for examples grouped by the number of discs they were made to hold but don't forget, we can customize any project for your exact number of discs:

    2 Disc Multidisc Sets

    3 Disc Multidisc Sets

    4 or 5 Disc Multidisc Sets

    6 to 8 Disc Multidisc Sets

    Larger Sets, 10 - 12 Disc and up Multidisc Sets

    Remember that every spec is going to be different. Some packages may hold literature or have a different type of finish or paper stock than you want. Tell us what it needs to hold, and features you like as well as features you dislike, and we can build your spec together.

    Double CD LP album miniLP 2cd set, 2disc set
    2CD set with LP packaging 2 pocket
    4disc packaging Tall 6pp Jacket for 4 cds or dvds tall booklet slipcase
    4disc set 8pp jacket for 4 cds multidisc set packaging
    2CD Book digipak inner pages uncoated stock
    slipcase box set 6disc set packaging 3 double disc tall digipaks slip case box set
    multidisc box set 5 dvds fiberboard wrap vellum sleeves chipboard box
    Multidisc set packaging 5 disc plus booklet custom box with velcro tab
    multidisc replication 8disc box set slipcase set with 8 individual jackets 8dvd set packaging
    2CD Set with slipcase Double disc 6pp Tall digipak with diagonal pocket booklet spot gloss and matte lamination
    5 disc set cross shape jacket 5disc 5cd multidisc jacket packaging
    multidisc packaging 6cd or 6dvd 8pp megatall tray pack with slipcase and diagonal literature pocketbooklet
    multidisc tray pack for 2 dvds tall trays tube pocket speckled paper stock
    multidisc LP with swinging sleeve jacket 2cd
    multidisc set 3cd or 3 dvd in megatall digipak packaging with foam filler
    Double disc packaging 8pp fiberboard digipak 2CD set pacakging with spot gloss
    Multidisc packaging 2cd 8pp digipak double CD 2disc
    multi disc dvd digipak boxed set packaging 4disc slipcase perfect bound book set
    2CD set with die cut window slipcase 6pp digipak multi disc diecut
    Multidisc packaging 4disc set 10pp 4 disc digipak
    2CD Portfolio Folder packaging 2disc hubs diagonal literature pocket for manual
  • Multidisc set Manufacturing with Trays - Paper or Plastic

    Plastic trays (new or recycled) are great options for adding sturdiness and long life to a multi disc set. It is probably the most popular option among our clients. You still are using less plastic than a full plastic case, and you have the option of using recycled paper and sometimes, recycled trays. We can build these using 5inch or 7inch height trays.

    6pp multi disc tall digipak diagonal pocket slipcase business promo
    anna sui 6pp multi disc tall digipak with diagonal pocket, in slipcase, 2 disc business promo

    Go to this page for lots of examples of multidisc digipaks and to see what options you have: multidisc digipak packaging for cd and dvd sets

    Consider also using paper trays, 100% recycled compressed paper with cork hubs.

    paper tray eco cd dvd pacakging, cork hub recycled paper 100%
    Natural recycled paper tray, with cork hub

    SEE ALSO - Paper Tray Packaging

    LEO Featured Title

    Paper Tray DVD Eco packaging with 1100% recycled paper and cork hub


  • Examples of Multidisc Jackets using Pockets & Hubs

    We can create jackets to hold almost any number of discs using pockets or foam hubs.

    Multidisc Set Jackets Tall 3disc set packaging, 3cd or 3dvd set
    Multi Disc Packaging for 3 cd or dvd dics, tall 6pp jacket with curved slots and a pocket for booklet
    Multidisc packaging for 5disc set, cross shape jacket,  5disc cd set
    Multidisc Jacket 3CD set packaging, 6pp jacket with three pockets
    Multidisc jacket packaging with 2DVDs pacakging, 2disc set, tall folder

    See this page for options and lots of examples—multidisc jackets

    Multidisc-jacket packaging for cd and dvd sets

  • Eco-Friendly MultiDisc Set Manufacturing Options, plastic free, recycled material, soy inks

    Multidisc set jackets for CD and DVD are the lowest impact method of housing your discs. It uses just one sheet of board stock and nothing elseóno trays to add weight and expense. Pockets can be full (with standard or custom thumbholes) or you can go with slit pockets. Slits pockets are great for getting more discs into a smaller panel.

    4dvd multidisc slipcase packaging, 4disc set with 4dvds, 6pp tall jacket slot pockets and slip case
    4 dvd multi disc Set, 6pp jacket with slit pockets,
    booklet and Slipcase

    Eco-Friendly hub jackets are a great option when you want low impact, but need the maximum flexibility in disc placement. Plus, they look pretty cool. You can put a little foam hub in more places than you can practically put pockets, and they add only a tiny amount of additional weight to your package.

    melinameza1 6pp tall hub jacket
    melinameza1 6pp tall hub jacket

    Recycled paper stocks are available with a moderate amount of post consumer waste (20-30% pcw) or a higher 70-80% pcw. We can do these white coated or uncoated (matte). e also have fiberboard stock, which is unbleached, recycled material. Soy inks are available for printing as well. We have a non toxic shrinkwrap that can be used to seal it, or a sticker tab seal if preferred.

    favoriteColor3 4pp tall hub jacket fiberboard silver foil stamp, 4pp, fiberboard, foam hub, foil, jacket, recycled, tall, uncoated
    favoriteColor3 4pp tall hub jacket fiberboard silver foil stamp, 4pp, fiberboard, foam hub, foil, jacket, recycled, tall, uncoated
    favoriteColor6 4pp tall hub jacket fiberboard silver foil stamp, 4pp, fiberboard, foam hub, foil, jacket, recycled, tall, uncoated
    4pp jacket fiberboard 2disc miniLP 2disc endPocket recycled uncoated
    6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH tabseal closeure children
    6pp hub jacket fiberboard recycled booklet pocket HGTH children
    4pp tall jacket business promo documentary pinch pocket rip PIPS
    6pp tall digipak recycled uncoated
    4pp tall jacket

    Consider also using paper trays, 100% recycled compressed paper with cork hubs.

    natural digipak paper tray cork hub recycled
    Natural recycled paper tray, with cork hub

    SEE ALSO - Paper Tray Packaging

    LEO Featured Title

    <pencilLoop papertray 6pp booklet companion debossing diecut window double wall slipcase fiberboard halfcircle HCTH Matte Lamination perfect bound rip PIPS slipcase spot UV tall digipak
     recycled paper tray digipak matte uncoated
  • Cross-shaped Jackets and Digipaks - Great for 4 or 5 Discs

    Who says all the discs have to be in a row? A cross or plus shape is ideal for 4-5 discs!

  • Examples of Hinged Box Sets

    Hinged Boxes are popular for multidisc sets. These are made with a chipboard core and wrapped with a laminated 4C wrap. Inside can be printed or unprinted. Disc are sometimes packaged inside with thin paper sleeves or vellum sleeves, or thicker stock jackets.

    SEE our Multidisc Box Sets Page for options and examples of multidisc manufacturing

  • Companion Books & Booklets- Saddle Stitched & Perfect-Bound

    Many multi-disc sets have an accompanying book. You need something that can stand alone. The best way to start is to size your book to match the disc packaging.

    Unlike saddle stitch, in which the entire book can be bound using a couple of staples driven through the common "saddle," Contiguous pages are gathered into "signatures," the signatures are printed, folded, then stacked together into a block, with all pages appearing in reading order.

    Perfect binding is the process used to make square-backed books using glue. Stitched binding is used when the book needs to lie flat.

    multidisc set box shelf to hold discs 5cd 5dvd
    multidisc packaging box set to hold 5 discs
    slipcase set with perfect bound book
    notebook uncoated animation flipbook, 6pp, booklet, companion, debossing, diecut window, double wall slipcase, fiberboard, halfcircle HCTH, Matte Lamination, perfect bound, rip PIPS, slipcase, spot UV, tall, digipak, ,
    perfect bound book uncoated pages
    perfect bound book softcover
    perfect bound book inner pages
    multidisc set with perfect bound book
    perfect bound book cinema, ,
  • Minimum Quantity Order for Multidisc Manufacturing

    The minimum cost effective quantity is usually 500 units and it gets much more cost effective per unit as you get over 1000 units. Sometimes 300 qty saves a little on the total, but the cost is usually very close to the 500 qty total cost. In manufacturing, the per unit price goes down the more the make.

    Question - Can I buy just 10 or 100?

    Answer - Yes but your total cost would be the same as 300 - 500 qty. This is due to set up costs. In the manufacturing world, it takes time and money to set up a press so making just a few really isn't economical. Offset printing and disc manufacturing are not geared towards small runs. We have had clients who needed professional sets but only a small number of them. We can do this, but understand the price tag is about the same as a larger qty. Buying 10 or 100 will not lower your total.

    Question - Can I have packaging made unprinted?

    Answer - Yes, but #1) you would have a hard time printing them as they are assembled/glued, #2) these are made by our printer so you may not find it very cost effective. We actually do have some surplus items occasionally, so it's ok to check in and see if we might, or might be able to fit it in with another run. Check out our Surplus Unprinted CD and DVD Packaging page.

    Suggestion - If you do want to have these made unprinted, perhaps so you can resell them, consider putting a die cut window in the front where a printed insert/booklet can serve as the customization. Or a photo (great for photographer presentation packages).
    Unprinted Fiberboard CD DVD Pacakging with Photo Cutout Window, Photographer Pacakge, easily customized

    Question- Can I have these made without discs?

    Answer - Yes although may not be very cost effective. Unless you have a special need, it is better to get a complete package.