Megalodon's Pop-Up Pak
Dynamic CD / DVD Packaging

  • Unique CD and DVD Packaging - POP Up Paks!
    ...a proprietary Megalodon design!

    Remember those pop-up books you loved as a kid? Well, so do we!
    This unique packaging lets you showcase your disc and you will find that people find the design irresistible. Open. Close. Open. Close. We've designed and finessed our popup paks over years for maximum performance. They come shrinkwrapped initially and we attach a velcro closure so they can be resealed.

    cd pop up pack unique cd packaging foldingCD pop up packaging closure
    Unique cd packaging cd wedding invitation pop up packUnique dvd packaging dvd pop up pack 3D fold out
    promotional CD packaging for childrens titlesDVD Invitation 3d unique disc packaging DVD pop up packagingPop up pak mailer cd packaging

  • Hook and Loop Velcro Closure - so you can reseal the packaging!

    The great thing about the Pop-Up Pak is that everybody will want to try it out, which only increases your audience. With that in mind, you'll want to consider what kind of closure is right for you.

    Hook and loop style closure, such as Velcro™, is great for discs that you expect to get carried around and shown to lots of people.

    popup pack dvd velcro closure
    Black hook and loop material
    cd pop up pack mailer
    White hook and loop material

  • Pop Up Pak Disc Mailers with Zipper Rip Strips!

    The classic "rip strip" flap keeps the jacket closed for mailing, and allows the package to be distributed without shrinkwrap if desired.

    popup cd mailer with zip strip
    Looks like an ordinary mailer...
    CD Mailer with fold out CD popup pack with zipper strip

  • Add a Pocket for a Booklet

    ...or another disc, or maybe TWO more discs!

    PopUp CD Pack with pocket for literature 3D CD fold out packaging
    Pop Up Pak with literature Pocket
  • Add a Business Reply Card

    Want that card to be noticed? This will definitely do it!

    Promo CD Packaging pop up disc mailer with card
    pop up mailer with card
    unique cd mailer with pop out cd panel and business reply card
    pop up mailer with card
  • Tall (7 1/2 inch) Pop Up Jackets

    Want bigger panels? Do you want your package sized like a DVD?
    We can do it.

    Unique dvd mailer with cellophane window and rip strip zipper
    6 x 9 inch Pop Up Mailer, with Diecut Cellophane Window, Literature Pocket, Rip Strip
    Tall popup pack DVD Mailer unique dvd packaging with diecut cellophane window
    Inside View
  • Other Unique CD DVD Covers

    If you are looking for some fun ideas and elements to incorporate in your design, check out this page which highlights some very creative things we have done for clients!
    Unique CD Covers